Lilith: my unpopular RPH opinon

Hello kittens.

Today im gonna whip out the ruler ans smack some knuckles. Im a bit high of caffine so bear with me now.

In my studies, i have taken the stride to step ou5side my comfort zone. Learn new things.

A subject i have studied, now out of desire but more for education. Was thr icon of Lilith, i have heard of her and ignored her through my teens as just another feminist symbol.

A dark goddess.

A head strong, take charge, dont need no man. “Sexually liberated” “sex work is real work.” “Check out my only fans” blah blah blah.

Your Wrong.

Im saying this to and at every person who as used her as some icon of “insert latest revolution cause here”

Your Wrong

She is not some Whore demon, thristing after baby blood and man nut. She is not a sexy but psycho. Animal loving hippy. Dancing naked inder thr new moon etc

Okay, if she isnt all those things…what is she?

First. What is lust? Is it just craving sex? Or somethinf more.

The church descripes Lust as a uncontrollable craving. A burning passion thay consumes. Yes sex can be a
Part of lust.

One part.

But it is so much more. Is it desire. We all have desires. But when our desires overwhelm us, when we will do anything for our desires. Anything. That is when them become lust.

This is not liberation. This is enslavement to our own desires. And while most who teach the lhp say. “Indulge yourself.”

The purpose of vice is to tempt you. To test your resolve. Your will. Your ability to self disipline.

True freedom comes from virture. Your ability to not beholden to your cravings. To be tempted and be unpersuaded.

Lilith is Virtuous. Her will is not one of simple “fight the patriarchy.”

She is filled with passion. Drive and ambitions. What we see as savage lust (often through reverse Christian lens)

An artist with a vision of beauty. Painting the evening sky. Not some narrsessitic modern “artist” farting out turds on a white canvas.

A fighter for freedom of the individual mind. To think for one self. To come to ones own thoughts.

A teacher and a temptress. Not to seduce, but to show us where our vices lie and how deep they go.

To test our will, to know if we are slaves to our passions or masters of our sins.

She shows us how strong we can me, once we are fully free. Free from the tyranny of false law and free fromour primal cravings.

We are creatures of sin and vice. Only by mastering these things can we master ourselves.

Will and focus.

Desire and detachment

Yin and yang


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I agree on this point, only I don’t use the terms sin/vice.

I think it’s worth being kind to the monkey we incarnate into. It didn’t ask to be posessed by an immortal spirit, to be used as a vessel, and it has it’s needs. As much as I wish I was not a monkey, mastering myself is something I approach as an integration not a denial of that part of this variation of existence.

That said sex is for other physical monkeys not spirits that are not even the same species. Imo.

So this, to me, is about recognising the lust of the monkey is something you have, it’s not who you are in your higher aspects. It’s coming from part of you (as a human) that is valid and valuable, and can be managed kindly.

It doesn’t have to be a fight, something to shame or see as tyrannical: it’s not, it’s just you and part of being human. Its ok to feel, it’s what you do with that that matters.

Remember that what you deny and fight you make stronger because in the fighting you acknowledge it has enough power over you to be a worthy enemy. I think that’s not really true. It’s not your enemy, your attitude is.

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Basic what i said

Technically. She was poping eggs out of her cootch on to a white board but, you get my point

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Lilith is many things.
She simply cannot be labelled, much like the pombagira.
It’s why there are so many different perceptions, interpretations, and essays about Her.

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Yes, but the majority of them cram her into a symbol of “muh cause”