Lilith is the goat

Lilith has helped me in great lengths in my love situation and after the last help she gave me i promised to make her a thread of her own. She came to me herself the end of last year (which, by the way, is that common? does anybody else have experience with a spirit doing that?) and has done much for me. I just want to show her how appreciated her help has been and how i wish to continue working with her and inspire others to do the same!


she came to me thrice, in dreams mostly, or through my pendulum. Lilith is an energy only people who deal with her understand. There’s not book that really speaks about her doing her any kind of justice, you need to live her, feel her, let her consume you.
I congratulate you, I will upload my lilith mass as soon as I can type it.


I’ve had the privilege of feeling her amazing energy as well as having her visit me in a few of my dreams. I look forward to growing my relationship with her. Please do continue to write your experiences. There certainly isn’t enough positive information of her. Thank you for loving her and sharing.

Be blessed.

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Dude, you gotta stop begging people like that.Flagged.


She came to me on her own as well. She’s such a beautiful enigma :slightly_smiling_face:. I am happy that Mother has helped you tremendously.


update: she continues to assist me and in return i update you all in hopes to reach out! she’s currently helping me with a love issue. i feel as though so many people are scared to speak with her but as long as you are genuine and respectful there should not be any issues, just like with any spirit.

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