Lilith Invocation

Greetings Lady Asenath

I am new to the left hand path and was drawn to Lady Lilith, I read some literature about her to and decided to do my FIRST invocation with Lady Lilith, i would love your opinion if she is a good first ?

I was very undisciplined with my thoughts when going into the ritual but I had a very positive experience with her over the 2 weeks after the ritual.

I gave her offerings of incense, red wine and a cigar ‘personal touch’. I also dressed up as if i was taking her out on a date but it was meant as a sign of humility and respect.

I had painted her sigil in black paint with a small amount of my blood onto a piece of parchment. Lit a red and black candle and chanted her enn ‘Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lerach’ my spelling may be wrong as its from memory.

I had been building up charge or energy during the upcoming weeks, minding her sigil while running through her enn.

During the ritual I only received feelings and impressions, however she smoldered the red candle while imparting the feeling that this journey will take work and as I reached that understanding it returned to full illumination.

Later on I asked her for signs that she is with me and she gave me signs of owls and even her name in a legal document i was reading.

As embarrassing as this is to admit, i new very little about Invocation vs Evocation, so at that stage i didn’t comprehend i’m actually calling her into me.

Is this a bad thing, should I do something ?

I tried a second Invocation with her and the best way to describe it is “Static” not receiving anything ?

I thank you for the time considering my question


She heres you she will come to you when she is ready dont give up even if you dont get results right away she does here you. Im positive that she does just give her trust and faith show her you are ready for her to help you. She is truly amazing she like fruit and coffee from what i know i mean im sure you wont read that anywhere else but im not the average joe that stays with traditional things. Give her time she has a very strong presence you will know when she is with you just ask her for the rigjt things. Not like some people think and feel about her as a sex slave cuz she isnt can she be sexual yes but that relationship with her has to build at least with me the things that i have said relates to me from my experience with her and our relationship we have together. Keep Your Head Up


I love invoking her.


It must be very impressive to see her appears. What does she look like ? I Always Wonder.


Thank you for that. I will add the fruit and coffee.

I truly feel she is a lady, I approach her with Humility and Respect, nothing sexual.

I’m strangely drawn to her energy. I will keep working with her.


Hi Brothers and sisters

What’s your opinion on my setup and offering for Lady Lilith


Interesting sigil, I’ve never used that one for Lilith before! Thanks for sharing


Its the Dukante one. There’s some others at this site.

I noticed a Samael one as well.

But the one at the top of the site is entirely new to me so custom perhaps for them:

How about the Grand Seal of Lilith?


Yes this is the one I use, interesting, thanks!


many many forms, dude.


Nice setup and offering, though I might suggest a bowl of red wine offered as well. As an addition to the setup, I might suggest a statue of Lilith. It doesn’t necessarily have to be made by you, though it is a nice touch to show you care. For the appearance of the statue, let your intuition guide you, make its shape a representation of what Lilith is to you. That’s a bit abstract sounding, I know, but bear with me. Deep down in the core of your being, you already have a connection to and with Lilith, which is why you’re working with Her (metaphysics stuff), let that deep connection inspire your temporal self and let the art flow through your hands to shape what the statue looks like so that it feels right to you.


Awesome i Never try to invoke this deity


This is a beautiful offering Sir.


Hi Lucius.

If i may ask, why not


Thank you


Well to be honnest i never thought about invoking Her. I suppose Lady Lilith is invoked about matter of love ? And all things around that?


Not necessarily just love, though She also does do that. In my experience, Lilith is also invaluable in matters of wisdom, knowledge, strength, discipline, and understanding, as well.


Ok. Just like the mother Goddess. Lilith really is vert impressive. By the way thank you very much for the informations.


Do you know the sigil Kenneth Grant gave for Lilith? That one with the turtle. Never forget, Lilith is a qliphothic deity. That’s the interesting part for me. She’s imo important on the Draconian path.


go give Lilith an offering. think of something clever. then think of something clever to give it with. then be smart and don’t repeat what I said