Lilith attacked me

So I don’t understand why Lilith attacked me! I’ve always seen her as a mother figure and loved her. I tried to summon her using enns and a meditation it worked. I heard a feminine attractive voice saying: Are you ready? And I couldn’t move in bed just my eyes. I was like for what ready? And I felt a strange vibration like something sucking the life force out of me! I really felt like dying. Then surprisingly I escaped. Is this normal?

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Sounds weird, are you sure it wasn’t a parasite?

Also please do make a post introducing yourself, it is a rule of the forum to do so before posting ^^



Well, I’d suggest banishing ✓

And btw are you a newbie? Cause if I’m right I’d also suggest working first on improving yourself and refining your potential as a magician before contacting any kind of entity, learn the basics, energy manipulation, protections, train your psychic senses, divination…

And any kind of entity or being can be capable of doing whatever they want, it’s not like they’re going to be light and love at all times, so it’s possible encounter with well know names that can be total assholes if they want, and that’s okay, might be just their own freewill… But also it can be ‘just’ a parasite, so that’s why I’m suggesting banishing as a viable option cause who knows :woman_shrugging:t2:


Did you maybe experience sleep paralysis (for the first time?) and it freaked you out? We can communicate with spirits / leave our bodies easier when we are in liminal states. If this was not a parasite, maybe Lilith (or one of her legion / children) was helping you to reach an altered state, and the sensation was new and overwhelming.

Please do this. We can answer your questions better if we know your magical/spiritual background and experience :slight_smile:

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My money sits on this being 100% a parasite that has latched on. I am VERY close with Lilith and was told many times that if she doesn’t like or agree with someone she will merely ignore and elect to never deal with that individual.

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Imo Banish the place and call her again
Ill suggest use this chant its powerful will call samael to clear ur space

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Exactly! I’ve always called her a sister. She doesn’t just attack people, it takes a hell of a lot for her to decide to attack. Especially when it comes to this world. It’s just not worth it.


I vote for sleep paralysis also. Your body may also have been trying to astral project and what you thought was your life force trying to get sucked out was actually you leaving your body.


Na she attacked him he didnt have good intentions

Everybody is Lilith’s personal ambassador and mouthpiece this week :roll_eyes:


It’s normal, (in a sense) and something to be expected again, after you have the intiial experience. Chances are it will happen again, and more than twice. Almost all of the experiences I have heard of seem to end the same way with each incident. It’s intensely frightening, because it always catches one off guard. (In your sleep, of course) You have to be in a deep sleep state to experience it, it’s never something that will happen even if you’re semi awake.

In your sleep is where you are most vulnurable. It’s an exercise you should become intimately familiar with. Like a lucid dream, you have to get good at controlling it. Mainly you control this through strength and determination, Know what forces to call, (not therapy) and at least in my estimation, you can rid yourself of it permanently, but I have not lived long enough to know if this won’t effect me or you again.

Rule # 1, never fear it, never fear anything

If I’m going to attack someone I won’t use a harmless but warm phrase such as “are you ready?”

I’m not saying sh!t. And if I do it will be something like “time to learn some respect”, “humble yourself”, “pay what you owe”, “your ego will be the death of you”.

“Are you ready” is something a parent would say to a child. That statement and my own experience with sleep paralysis is why I leaned more towards that rather than an attack.

One possibility could be that you hold residue of negativity towards her (as in “demons are bad”). In case you havent cleared that up completely it could have happened that you projected an inner fear.

Lilith like most parasites tends to do this most probably don’t sense or experience it directly but tend to get hooked and take different views while still being leeched upon. I have no love for Lilith or her ilk but the dark edgy crowd love her and that has led to an unfortunate popularity and misconception that she exploits quite readily to get followers and harvest energy with little but psychopomp in return.

In order to really get along with Lilith you have to be a predator like her and of similar mindset so the more vampirically inclined are more commonly on actual good terms with the entity.

What is driving this weird need to:

  1. Assert a close relationship with Lilith
  2. Definitely speak about her involvement after reading a single paragraph about someone else’s experience??

It’s a shame Lady Eva isnt around these days, but she left this gem:


That’s a very absolute statement.

I’m not here to defend Lilith (she can perfectly do that herself if she deems it bothersome). But me being very close with Lilith I can definitely tell you that I don’t go around being a menace to other people, quite on the contrary I’m quite helpful with people.