Lilith as a godess

Is Lilith as a godess different than Lilith as a demon? I was reading into lore and she popped up in Ancient Sumerian and Ancient semetic religion. Is that the same deity or another figure? I am interested in finding out.


They’re the same thing.

Lilith is the Queen of Sitra Ahra of the Nightside. She does have different manifestations of herself such as Naamah, the Lady of the Gate who waits for the Initiate at the beginning of their journey through the Dark Tree. There’s Eisheth Zenunim, the Red Scarlet and consort of Samael in Gamaliel, the kingdom of Lilith, and Agrat bat Mahlat who I think at times is seen as a sihoulette of Lilith. I work with her and she can be very helpful when one is starting their journey into magic with. She’s someone I admire and respect greatly and can spark powerful flames of passion in the initiate. Like how she sparked the fire to become greatly independent within myself.


Agrat can spark things alright. She’s the only female spirit so far that has been able to excite me enough consciously, after I’ve called her to give me a full ejaculatory orgasm w/o any touch to myself :wink:

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Actually; I was referring to Lilith in that last part but I get what you mean, lol. :wink:

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I’m going to have to do more research about her. I’ve been seeing references to her pop up a lot lately

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