Light Worker and You

Being a Light Worker that heals and clears numerous aspects of one’s 5 body system is demanding and rewarding. We are all different and unique in what we may find disturbing or uncomfortable about ourselves and yet in my experience as a healer I have learned that our behavior and actions create much of what we want fixed. Magicians and those who work with the occult draw more dark forces then the rest of the population. The irony is that even those that work is limited to the angelic still attract many dark entities. During this super stressful time we are more then ever are vulnerable to clog our chakras, put holes in our auras, attach to non beneficial people, habits etc, and when the nasties are gone how do you keep it this way.

No we’re not. We are mages here, and we know, we choose these things. WE are the masters of our personal universes.

So, this is all very RHP, and fear based and I think you’re overstating the problem… which means you are propagating this fear energy to anyone who reads this post, unless they know how to shield from it.

This isn’t what light workers do, you know?

I mean, I grant you it isn’t easy with media selling fear like hotcakes, and many people are now facing real issues becuause of it, with millions losing thier jobs, but what you have to do is stay out of fear.

All these problems you state, would not occur if you don’t buy in to the hype, use common sense and get very stoic. Read some Marcus Aurelius, make plans to deal with practical issues. There’s no reason to add energetic ‘holes’ on top.

Yes and no - there’s zero irony here.

Apart from the idea that you think ‘angelic’ and ‘dark forces’ exist as dualistic things - that’s a human construction and simply untrue.

If you’re a light worker you should understand how to harmonise and stay out of judgement and fear no? So why are you building on these borrowed judgemental concepts?

Raising your activity in the subtle realms attracts attention regardless of whether you personally decide to judge it to be ‘good’ or not.