Life changing favor (help wanted)

Hello everyone, some of you reading this are experienced magicians/practicers etc. I’m asking you to manifest/help me move to city Golden-olorado where my best friend lives , I’m asking this because I am not in control of my current circumstances as far as making the decision to move. Also I live in Alabama which is far away. I really want this to happen and I know it would make my life so much better.

Reply down below or direct message me?

Thanks so much

Practice yourself in order to be able to the things you want to do.

Use the search bar and begin your path of enlightenment.


There’s only so much the daemons can do - you have to do the legwork to create the opportunities they can influence to reel in for you. You can’t just ask a demon to make miracles, you have to work with them.

Don’t be the guy that asks to win the lottery and never buys a ticket.

Can your friend put you up on their sofa while you find a job and apartment? Pack a bag, get on a Greyhound and go.
Take a look at the local job market online and start applying, look up house shares or rentals - be serious that you want the jobs: you are setting up the energy patterns to make the connection between you and you moving to that place as a serious proposition. There’s basic magic in that alone. Put the energy out there that this is what you want and call the opportunities to you by doing so.

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I don’t do magic but I’m a living goddess and I’m giving you my blessing.

thank you

Thank you