Liber Lilith sigil tattoos

I’m thinking of getting every seal/sigil in liber Lilith as tattoos, I’m hoping it will forever bind me to Lilith, and increases my connection with her. She has been in my life for about 7 years now, and I need an even stronger connection, my soul craves it. Would it be a good idea to get the sigils tattooed? I’m thinking it should have similar effects to the ritual in the book but Be More constant. What would be the best places to get them put on?

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Doesn’t matter so much where you put them as much as enchanting them after - otherwise ink is just ink.

Do you have any preferred method for enchantment?

I feel some symbols have power of their own without needing to be enchanted, but I’m planning to meditate with as much focusing as i possibly can on her enn while getting them. I still can’t decide what locations would be best, i’m Doing every sigil in the book including the necromantic sigil and May read the invocations aloud over the ink before its applied, but with the intention modified, the book attempts To bind her but I will say the incantations with the intent to bind myself.
Maybe if I get the black seal she can reanimate my corpse as her vessel once I die xD and I can join the leagues of the undead