Liber Lilith (Is she anything like she is in this depiction?)

I’ve been very interested in Lilith and I’ve taken a break from Goetic entities for a while and read the book Liber Lilith by Donald Tyson several times. This book was recommended as a credible source of information and I’d like the opinion of those who have worked with Lilith before.

What the fuck? It seems like Karl Steiger put an incredible amount of effort into his evocation and in return went off the deep end, spiraling into insanity in his later entries. Is Lilith truly like how she is depicted in the book, and if so why bother getting involved with her? The pros are heavily outweighed by the cons if this is the case.

I’d very much appreciate insights from anyone who’s worked with Lilith or also read this book.

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Um…no. The Karl Steiger stuff is pretty much made up.

However, Lilith does have her darker aspects, as do all spirits, and it can cause fear in the unprepared.

It was Steiger’s own dark side, particularly his penchant for obsession, that did him in. He could not handle his own Shadow when it emerged because he was unprepared for it.

That’s why shadow work is important, and Lilith is a great aid in that.


I work with Lilith as she is depicted by Asenath Mason. I’ve found that a lot of people, specially new people, seek her as a mother and are afraid of her as a lover because of moral reasons. I can only say that, despite all the writen approaches, in my particular daily practice she is like she was my lesbian friend, or maybe my bisexual friend who is more into women. Sometimes I want to talk to Azazel and she takes over the comunication channel to laugh at all the horrid stuff that is happening in my country, so I wouldn’t care about that stuff either, like medics of urgency who are always telling jokes because with so many people dying and nothing you can do for them, what else can you do in order the accomplish the Law of Thelema? I love her a lot. She accepts sexual approaches but never initiates them and is perfectly okay with me being a redpiller, she even encourages that in me. I’ve read books with her explaining me the stuff via K&C. Qabalistically, she is the ruler of Gamaliel, the most powerful sphere according to me, and her sons and daughters have made me happy like no human partner could ever do


Thanks for the info, I’ll check out Mason’s book on Lilith. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


I have not yet worked with Her dark aspects.

When I evoked her she appeared as a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, with a playful attitude, and only a very subtle hint of sexuality, kind of like a teenager with a crush. It initially threw me off because it was not what I was expecting at all lol

But oh, was she ever loving and lovely.


Asenath talks about Lilith as the mother of abortions, which means the use of sex as a mean for spiritual development. Asenath also favors solitary practice. By following that doctrine, you can have a sustainable source of energy that also feels great :slightly_smiling_face:


I can agree with the above poster, I work with her mostly will Aseneth’s stuff and it’s very well written and effective. The only point I really disagree with is that all female God’s are a mask of Lilith, and all males Lucifer/Samael. Lilith is her own spirit, as are her sisters and are not some interchangeable mask.

Lilith will make you uncomfortable. That’s part of what she does, confront you with issues, opinions, prejudice etc, and getting you to examine the root of why you feel this way. In a word I’d describe her as “challenge” to everything you thought you knew or were so sure that you were as an individual.

I can also confirm she will take over if she wants to talk. She comes in for me and will push all others aside, they don’t seem to have a problem with it. They either stay until she’s done, or they leave and come back later.

For me she talks either over or with the other spirits I work with. Or they seem to speak as one entitiy for a while, then switch off throughout. Almost like someone with a split personality, where one might take over for a while.


Asenath really says that? Wow, that’s some of the sloppiest oversimplification I’ve seen.

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She leaves a lot of wiggle room to make sure you are free to believe as you wish. Much of the material is presented in that way. Naamah, Eisheth, and Agrat are presented as different aspects of Lilith. Asmodeus as an aspect of Lucifer/Samael etc. Other than that though her work fits me very well.


Lilith is really a nice lady, just misunderstood. That Liber Lilith guy is a perverted, suicidal nut.


Would love to work with Lillith, she is certainly powerful.


Just read it through from cover to cover - WOW. What a treasure trove of occult wisdom. As interesting as a psychological story about obsession as it is about genuine spirit work. Having worked with Lilith for about two years now I can certainly concur with some of the metaphysical mechanics herein, not least in the nature of sex. However, everyone’s experiences will be different to some degree: when you work with Lilith you are plugging yourself into a nuclear reactor of power so you need to be sure your psychic capacitors are up to the job, or you could just get fried like this poor soul.


Totally agree. Very bubbly and playful. Beautiful. Definitely a tall drink of water. Love Her to pieces.


What would you recommend to build your capability to handle more energy than, or rebuild a fried nervous/energy system?

@MysticNick Karl Steiger is a tragic fictional character used by tyson in the novel. There is a workable magick system hidden in the novel. The rituals when tweaked by experienced practitioners can be worked to create an living effigy of lilith and samael as well as various other rituals e.g. opening the mouth of said effigy. Ect…

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I haven’t personally read Liber Lilith, however from other people’s accounts I’d disagree. Lilith to me was very loving, warm, and motherly. (Again just my personal experience). So from my experience, (And I didn’t experience her dark side) no she was not like Liber Lilith.

I was asking about advice to build more capacity to handle energy and or repair one’s nervous system, not on the efficacy of the grimoire, but thanks for the info, anyways.

In my own very limited experience working w/ Lilith so far, she has presented many sides to me.

Sometimes she’s all business, sometimes very loving, she tests you to see your mettle.

She has also shown a nice sense of humor to me.

She has put the song in my head from Alanis Morrissette called "I’m a Bitch"to describe her personality to me.

Just take a look at the lyrics and you’ll get a good idea of what she brings to the table in a relationship. :wink:

She causes you to face your fears and just inviting her energies into your life seems to start working on your shadow self, so many hidden aspects of your repressed psyche start to come to the surface on their own volition.

For instance, when I first started doing dreamwork w/ her, she had me go through a dark murky water in a sort of cage w/ sharks around me in the water from time to time(the movie jaws and the subsequent trauma from seeing that as a kid has stuck w/ me over the years)

In another dream, she stood in the distance and wanted me to come to her, but I had to cross over on an iced over lake that had very big writhing creatures underneath and the ice started cracking as I started rushing across.

Still another dream I had to reach her as the earth quaked around me and I also had to drop down perilous looking slopes as the very foundations of the landscape fell off into an abyss at certain points.

There’s more about this I’d like to write, but I have other things on my plate right now.

So, until then.

@MysticNick sorry my bad that was ment to be for the OP @Smolk lol. I clicked the wrong name.

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No worries.