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For some time now i have noticed that many people on this forum, seems to dislike the Rhp, this left me wondering why, what is the difference between them?
My view of people on this forum, especially those that have been here for a while, is mature, serious practitioners, who just want to improve themself and eager to help others do so. This is also the view i have with every RHP practitioner i know.

Actually i hate to label stuff, and limit them, but my path is what most people would call RHP. I continue to climb the tree of life, but to do that i must also explore it’s dark roots. The difference between an initiatory order like the golden dawn, vs what ea teach here, is that initiation is done in a slow controlled manner. This is why a neophyte does not evoke a demon, not cause it’s forbidden, but he may not be able to handle it. It may cause trials he is not ready for, thereby screw the neophyte up more then necessary.

Instead the neophyte pass through grades, and in each grade his whole life and himself is transformed into someone who is ready to take on the mysteries. Then after a point, he can pass no longer until he start to work with demons and face the trials, and teaching the demons have to give. After that some people makes the choice to work mainly only with demons and that is equally valid as to work with only angels. At this point the old neophyte now the magician is equipped with the tools to work with whatever he wants.

In the golden dawn system magicians are not forced on dogmas, they are frameworks to do magic in, some may be Egyptian, christian, pagan etc. As you pass through the grades you learn to work with the forces behind the system. If you stay in a religion your experiences are limited by the boundaries of that religion.

Just cause E.A went through other initiatory systems, learned the skills, found his path, and then decided to skip the mouth to mouth initiation thing and publish his teaching wide open, for anyone interested to learn, this was a good thing i respect his work for it. This does not make other initiatiory system bad, or useless, in the same way that mit opencourseware or moocs does not make going to a univeristy usless.

To me BALG is similar to a mooc, (masive open online course). While being physically initiated into an order, working through their system is akin to going to a university. Both type of options have their uses and are up to the one learning what is the best way to learn.

I hope people could help me understand this LHP vs RHP i must be missing something, thanks :slight_smile:


Very interesting Biosynth, if that is what most people call RHP, then orders like the golden dawn is not RHP, sure light is key, but being religious and just accepting on blind faith is not what I’ve seen. People work with godforms in the same manner as people work with demons, but use mainly invokation. Not many people would invoke a demon right away, but many would invoke certain god-forms. You get to know the godform, sure mythology help to get the initial contact, something for your mind to focus on, ea refeer this to Preparatory Immersion.
Then you get to know the godform, not following strict dogma, mythology is a tool. I actually dont see much difference between things like golden dawn uses and what ea teaches. But in the golden dawn system things take slower, but some things is best not to rush. So maybe golden dawn is not Rhp. But if every useful system of magic is LHP does’nt that classification becomes useless, cant we just differate magic by magic or non magic?

You didnt get it. You are trying to use a system and their symbols without understanding them. You are basically enslaved to their system because you have not figured out how to masterfully navigate it without being bogged down by their rules. LikenI said, there is no RHP or LHP. It is all biology and science mixed in with the use of magick. When you lewrn about their system then you figure out ways and what to do…in other words you figure out how to bend the rules (or utterly destroy and replace them) which is basically an Act of Magick. I of course cannot tell you how to do that because it takes alot of experience to know. Meaning you can only know by going there, much like one can only know the Abyss by going there.

Actually i can not claim to be an expert, not by a long shot. But i’m certainly not trying to use a system without trying to understand the system or the symbols. The whole point is to master the concepts, deepen understanding of the system, thereby seeing the veil behind it, the gears that make it work.

But it’s that a system, and the deeper you get to know it, you learn to work with the forces behind the system. Of curse during grades, one should focus on that grade and it’s system, it’s a pathworking. But the point of the golden dawn is that the higher grades you go, the more you invent your own system. It’s like a university, first you have the basic courses the undergraduate work, then you begin the graduate work. During the graduate work you learn how to teach yourself, and how to acquire any knowledge you want. The point with the phd is to teach the student how to research in places where little or no information exist, the frontiers of the domain of that field, and ultimately contribute to it.

If you want to become a mathematician, and you go and study an undergraduate program, is this being a slave to this system? Then you begin graduate unto post graduate are you still a slave. Sure you learn stuff in a certain order, but you are free to learn what you want on your own.
It’s really hard to become a mathematician purely by self study books, you can do it up to the level of lower graduate. Then at graduate level most, there are exceptions, need someone to teach them one on one how to do research how to think like mathematician etc.

The same way in magical study, and walking a path. You can do it alone, but it is much, much easier to learn personally from people who know what you aspire to learn.

And think about if you are going to bend the rules, you haveto know them, and that takes time. If i would take any magical system without knowing deeply of it, and just say ignore this and that. How do i know if that i threw away as an unnecessary rule, was not summation and point of that system.

A couple of weeks ago I started a thread regarding the Left-hand Path and the issue of ascent. I was interested to know how members of the forum personally define these terms. Here it is:


Your only a slave to it if you dont understand it. At the end of the day, you must question isnif what your doing is useful and if there is a better way. Thats where you question your role in the System.

There are some people that have entire careers built around a System…even an Organization… Then they go through Stages:

  1. Anger/Frustration/Rebellion = they become the Anti-Thesis Adversary of their Role.
  2. Vision = While being the Strongman against what they dont sit right with‚Ķ This is where their Dominance against their outlived role is either begun by or is inspired to Produce what I call a ‚ÄúSafe Vision‚ÄĚ which is considered the Thesis of their Anti-Thesis rebellious anger. Usually you will see thisnin Activist movements or politics‚ĶBUT‚Ķsome people could care less about that (like me) and instead see it as a process to getting where one wants to go. In this Stage is usually where one finds allies or like minds that Support ones vision.
  3. Lone Path = usually people associate this stage to entering the Abyss or becoming a Monk or Hermit. This is pretty much just the stage where you learn to work with both the Destructive and Creative Forces simultaneously to Empower your Vision…forming a Synthesis…basically this stage is the Level of a Peace with the process one has attained.
  4. The Abyss - This is just a more Advanced Stage of the Prior 3.

The problem most people make no matter how adept is that in a system sometimes they get so entangled with the symbols that they get lost to the process, possessed by it, and then enslaved to it. If you want a perfect example…just look at the Warring Triad of the 3 Religions. Now…the enslavement of it? Well…how many people love the Wars becausr they say they Make alot of Money off of it? Who here is RICH? LOL. That will answer alot of questions.

Now Ive been around awhile, enough to know certain important things. One doesnt mecessarily have to know everything, but can know certain important key things which allows them to know other things or other things more in-depth such as being able to read certain symbols and seeing many layers of information. Another example is could take a common human value such as Sex, or Material Wealth…and through Logic Validate something like say Sexual Alchemy… Then take a look at a system and see if it logically makes sense or not. Basically what ain saying is certain key knowledges open doors to knowing other things.

This is how one can read the Bible and pick certain things out. This is because they have Occult Eyes and just know. Now of course this is where it becomes a Maze…because in the symbolic arena you can create a Web of Symbolic Validations that creates a sort of Entity or Structure. The question for you is…is such a thing useful? If its not useful to your cause…them all you are doing is is being trapped in an Endless Spiral of Information. This is what I call learning hownto Navigate the energetic dimensional frequencies of Language. I once met an entity that became trapped in this dimension…wanna know what he said? He learned the Language.

biosynth, I wanna know what knowledge you got in there(that which troubles your thoughts), if you don’t mind. In simpliest and shortest words of course.

Nothing. I am but a Vessel perfecting the process. Before one takes the first action for anything, one must first conjure the proper thought…when ready it turns to emotion…then to action, then it evolves. Rinse and Repeat.

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