Leviathan Cross + introduction

I saw the Leviathan cross in my mind this morning while still half asleep. It was like someone was drawing it. What does it mean? Besides the obvious…sulfur, the sun, the soul, etc.? Why was it put in my head?

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Welcome jest-er. It is a rule of this forum to introduce yourself.
How long have you practiced magic?
What is you experience in magic?


I haven’t really practiced anything, I’ve just read random material on different paths. I have no experience. It’s easier for me to understand magic that has a more scientific approach. Electromagnetism interests me. I been playing with magnets trying to see what I can figure out about my own energy field but that’s pretty much it.


Also to give extra context, I’ve read more about the left hand path and I have an affinity for chaos. I keep myself balanced but unpredictability excites me, I welcome the unexpected.


Hey @Jest-er welcome to BALG! I myself am fairly new as you are. I have not myself worked with Astaroth. But from the little research I did, Astaroth seems to be one of science. I could be mistaken so I recommend you do your own research. However if you feel the call Astaroths enn is [Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth] you can meditate on it via this audio

Hope this helps.

Be blessed

I hope you don’t mind my rambling thoughts, but I was just reading yesterday about the way Thelema breaks down time into different Aeons with different magical energies. Astaroth (Inanna) seems to have started out as a ancient Mesopotamian Goddess during the time when matriarchal energy was more revered. After that, around the Medieval era when Christianity and patriarchal energy were on the rise, they started depicting Asteroth as a male demon because she was a Pagan deity. Astaroth seems upset about being misjudged and will gladly tell you their side of the story, and the story of creation. Sounds like someone I would enjoy communicating with. Thank you for your input on my question.

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Welcome @Jest-er

Where do you hail from?

If you don’t practice magick, what brings you to BALG?

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I hail from the boondocks, and I’m here to learn. I’m not opposed to practicing. I think when I first started learning about magick, I got the wrong impression because I was reading material that didn’t really explain why it worked. It was more emotion based and my mind couldn’t grasp that. Now that I have more of a logical understanding on what magick is and the energies behind it, I feel like I can start practicing. Ever since I saw the Leviathan cross in my mind it’s like it activated a part of my subconscious to make me even more hungry for knowledge. Maybe it’s these trying times that we’re in, it’s obviously not the end of the world, but I feel a strong need to understand the universe around me better. It’s all I can think about lately.

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