Letter Thorn


I didn’t find out about letter Thorn until earlier this year.
I might be behind the nerd curve on this, but I know several well educated people who had no idea until I brought it up.

Thorn has a very interesting story that is relevant to anyone who speaks or writes English. I will post some information I’ve seen, but I am interested in what the Heathens of BALG might have to tell on this subject.


So, some guy in Austria didn’t have the right die for his press, so the people of England dropped one of their favorite letters and started calling each other ‘you’?

I’m not convinced. Smells like Christians.


Thorne comes directly from Thurisaz

I made this symbol a little over two years ago. It was just a simple Aries rune turned sideways layed across a vertical number line. I saw it as a flag/weapon that represented an army of “selves” that I belong to.

Weird wild stuff right?


yepp, good work.

I recommend you utulize it!

Ask Toth for help,
if you don’t know how.

But i recommend you use it in your Magician name,
or something similar valuable.

I personally had very good success,
with something similar,
and i’m well known for utilizing my classic ¥ Symbol.

These instructions will help you,
on finding the right method for you.

I also added the Emerald Tablets,
since in case you’re not familiar with them yet,
it might be very helpful for you,
to have access to them.

The 7 Hour version,
can be utulized either as a subliminal
(having it on low volume running while you’re sleeping),
or by pausing it and doing it in sections.
(that might be more difficult,
since you need the timestamps,
where you left of,
kind of “bookmarking” where to continue.
Simply write the timestamps on a document or paper,
when pausing.)




In Iceland this letter still be in use till nowadays https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icelandic_orthography . Yes, it is surely came from Thurisaz Rune. I have read about this letter also in the book by Geza von Nemenyi.


This is great stuff. I’ve always been a litrature nerd.

You guys know that thing that happens. You casually dabble around with a certian goddess, then you see a few interesting things, so you dig around and do some reading, and realize that you’ve been totally set up. They already taught you, you already work for them, this was always inevitable.

If you speak English learn this one rune at the very least. It’s a strong one.