Letter of intent - Spirit keeping

Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone practices spirit keeping. I was also wondering if it is possible to request spirits such as hellhounds / succubus, by letter of intent addressed to Satan / Lilith. Has anyone had any appreciable results?


A lot of people here seem to have worked with this method in particular, in my opinion it’s one of the easiest and most effective way of requesting a spirit from an entity, mainly because you’re able to write down the desired traits and specify on the relationship you’re seeking.

If you use the search function a bunch of post describing others experiences in the subject.

This post by @succupedia is probably one of the most informative to read through on the subject.

Hope this is enough to at least get you going in the right direction.

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A letter of intent it’s like sending post to the other side. If it reaches the right post code, the receiver will read it. Depending on what you write on it, you might get a reply, or not.

Thank you very much for the help you are giving me. I had already read the succupedia posts long ago, with a lot of interest. The basic rule is to be honest and respectful. I know what to write, but I would like your opinion on some particularities. In the letter that I’m going to write and sign, can I put the seal of Satan at the top and, at the bottom, put my signature with a drop of blood?

Yes it is possible. Also I wouldnt call it “spirit keeping” - I find that term really cringy, that you find used in equally cringy places like creepy hollows. You cant keep or own a spirit…

I mean unless you force it, however my point is that a spirit will come and go as they choose… And just like you, they have lives and are individuals. Which is why I find this whole “spirit keeping” cringy, it gives me the whole “pet” keeping vibe… Which isn’t accurate. Lol


I tried to make the letter of intent and burn it, as per instructions given by @succupedia (in the post on succubus), but I have not noticed anything different. I did not notice any presence or strange events.

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Have you worked on your senses? Another note, sometimes anything you notice will be real subtle - and you may not consider it “paranormal”. As well as sometimes things don’t happen right away, or take longer.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. This whole spirit keeping thing has always sounded so off to me for these reasons.

@BlackNight keep in mind what @Seph wrote. Either your letter gets answered or not. It’s normal for it to work on the second try etc… But again you might want to wait a bit before doing another right away. The method works for everyone in entirely different ways. For some the letter is received right away and a precence is felt right away. For others it could almost take a little while for the spirit to reach you i.e while your in bed sleeping at night then some shit happens and you start noticing some things that seem off. In a nutshell you start feeling some sexual tension or energy circling in or out of you etc…

I’d say after your first try wait at least a couple days before conducting another letter. I’d recommend doing any simple meditation routes and pay attention to anything that might get you off guard like random touches, sensations, etc… Going in deep you want to give Lilith the most of your deepest respect in your letter after wanting to be with one of her Daughters and the commitment you want to take with her. A well written letter with at least some distinct detail of what you look foward into getting out of having a relationship and things that stand out to you and your lady. For example do you want a romantic relationship with your lady? You want her to be fierce or calm? Relaxing and highly understanding? Highly protective? Do you want to have other human relationships aswell so your succubus won’t get into the jealousy type? A Detailed letter the better. And understand on another form on this particular section nothing silly or stupid that might disrespect the spirit when your thinking about the possible personality you want from her. Doesn’t get any worse than doing such a thing. Not saying you will but it’s better keeping just a bit more in mind. From the bottom of your heart will have a better chance of the letter being successful. If I were you I wouldn’t mention any of this spirit keeping stuff to these spirits. It’s far far different from what ever Creepy Hollows does. Far different. Best of luck.

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Quick question, what if while writing the letter the person felt a presence in the room with them (like a strong presence), but then the presence left/ceases before the person actually did the ritual part of the letter of intent?

So basically feeling a spirits presence while writing/drafting the letter but when it comes time for the ritual/burning letter the presence is no longer there.

Just curious Is it possible the entity behind the presence might still be around even if the person feels no more contact months later?

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Maybe they can see your intent and don’t like it.
Maybe your senses aren’t that accurate that you can tell if it’s there or not.
Or maybe a whole bunch of other stuff.


This would apply if the summoning was successful. Two my ladies have been gone a while but still regularly check up on me. Haven’t done anything with them in a while but again I know they’re around one way or another. Once I wrote all my letters I could almost Immediately feel presences in my room. Lilith responded to the letters after the fact. It was quite the opposite for me because I briefly remember similar to you even before buring my letters even after simply writing and finishing my letters first I could already feel my heart beat to the full max while feeling highly aroused. Burning the letters only sealed the deal. I recall my Intentions those days were high over the damn roof is what stood out for me.

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Well I was just curious. So you felt the presence while writing the letter huh? That would indicate a successful summoning then yes? If a presence (especially a strong noticable presence) was felt?

Yes but then why did it leave?

It? Them.

I was asking just out of curiosity. I don’t even think “it” was a succubus. The presence was familiar to another entity that had been interacting with me for a long time but I wasn’t sure and just like to cover all bases. Which means considering “it” might have been a succubus as well, although I have doubts and suspect otherwise. I suspect the letter drew attention from said other entity and not necessarily a succubus.

Question was out of curiosity. Plus I realize that just because you don’t feel a presence doesn’t mean something isn’t there, a presence can just mean manifestation. So doesn’t mean “it” left…

Don’t be angry at me because I used the wrong wording Miss Tanya :yum: I didn’t call the succubus an it.
I meant, but why did the succubus leave, which in correct English could be reduced to, why did it leave, since we both knew what were speaking about.

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Usually it is in reference to a thing and not being/individual. So it was alittle off putting to me, that’s all.

I do apologise for the bad mood, today hasn’t been a good day for me. Sorry bout that.

Totally caught me by suprise with my name lol…no one uses that…wasn’t expecting it

Im not sure why they left in that moment, although it hasn’t been the first time I’ve felt that presence and there’s been other recent times as well. However again I do not believe they are a succubus. I just think my intent attracted their attention.

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Well, I have a feeling you know them quite well, the sucu and incu.
So it’s fine, do not worry.
Tomorrow will be a better day and apparently something must be going on because it’s an overall thing today, you’re not the only one saying this, actually pretty much all the real satanists I know well, today none were very well… Funny…

Of course some feel it worse then others…
I just got a headache.
But another got an hear infection…
And another sore throat…
Another headache…
All today… That’s what I mean… It kind of sounds funny. But not really.

I only really sorta know Lady Lilith, had a few interactions with her.

She was pleasent, and quite warm/motherly to me.

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That will be it then.

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Will be it? Wasn’t her, her energy is alot more warm, this energy I felt was a more cool dark feminine presence (not in a bad way). So polar opposites lol.