Letter of intent - Spirit keeping

No the feeling I had about you, its because you’ve dealt with her. She likes you. Oh…
But then what you just said, it’s also possible.
What I feel coming from her is not always the same. There are days I could almost say there’s a big guy coming! I’m thinking Satan or Abaddon is coming and then she is there and she looks EVIL

Plus it would make sense because somehow I sensed her in you.

Well there was a moment where a marriage pact was suggested by/from/to Lilith but I decided against that. A big mix up. Wasn’t her I don’t think though.

By from to?

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I’m not sure, that’s why I said by/from/to. It was confusing for me. Mixture of signs from Lilith I was getting (she kissed me, feelings , thoughts and manipulation on her part) as well as confirmation from 3rd parties/divination, as well as dreams. Confusing stuff.

I had a thread on it, then other ones for help and to keep track of what was going on. For future reference.

I can only say, if you’re working with several spirits, it doesn’t seem like your senses are very deeply enhanced. Maybe you should try do something about that instead of instilling doubt upon yourself.

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My senses Are okay, I can definitely sense presences and energy. I will admit I have a hard time deciphering and understanding what I’m sensing though. So yes I do need to work on that a bit. I’m good at divination though. And clairsentience.

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You know yourself better then anyone else :wink:
I’m happy no one ever asked me to marry!

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Haha yes, for me that was alittle to much lol.

The letter was not addressed to Lilith, but to Satan, for a hellhound. I don’t think I’ve had any paranormal phenomena. At first, when I started writing the letter, the lights in the room started “flickering”. It lasted a few seconds, and I don’t even know if it was really a paranormal event. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any demonstrations.

I get the feeling the lights might have been a sign, unless it’s normal for them to flicker (like due to a malfunction/electrical).

All kinds of spirits can give you all kinds of familiers! Letter of intent is a valid way to ask for one if you don’t wanna do evocation/invocation to discuss it with them!
Keep in mind it’s a contract so remember your part in this! Keep your promises!
Also it helps when you offer a physical object for the familier you are getting. This vessel will make you remember your familier and connect with it easier.

You sure you want to get a hell hound??? First I would be asking it from Hekate, secondly… Good luck with that!!

Assuming that the flickering of the light was indeed a manifestation, now, I have received no more signals. Why should spirits manifest before burning the letter? I had just started writing it. What should I do now?

Your desire is strong enough that you’ve already got someone lined up to answer the call?

Perhaps it’s the spirit influencing you to summon it in the first place?

Before I did something of a similar nature (which I won’t get into here) I was actually awoken in the middle of the night by a wierd sort of manifestation and right before I woke up it felt like there was a veritable menagerie of spirits and goings on in my apartment.

You’re probably being egged on to go ahead and do it. A rather good sign I’d say.