Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

@DarkestKnight I was thinking about writing a letter to Lilith and spilling a few drops of my own blood on the letter. I heard some people give their blood as an offering. Can i do that? I never actually gave an offering to entities other then angels. Sorry im a newbie to these kind of things. I dont really know what she would like so maybe just give her blood?

In my opinion, blood would not really be an appropriate offering. I would go with a nice glass of red wine, preferably a variety that is a bit fruity.


Two days ago, I wanna try the ritual. I already prepared all the item needed but then the flat I am living having a blackout throughout the night starting from 2245. So, I decided to just sleep and try the ritual another time. Later that night, I dream someone, a woman sitting on a throne alone but I can’t see her face at all everything just kinda blurry and the atmosphere also kinda dark. I seem to recall asking something but I don’t remember it. When I woke up it is already 0325. I kinda wanna try to do the ritual but just resist it for now. The next day, when I sleep, I dream about another thing btw I’m working night shift so sleep in the day. I’m inside a house and there are another person and the person say the succubus is with me kinda like that what he say ( sorry i really cant remember too well). Then, he chant something toward the mirror and in it I can see a woman beside me and another one beside that guy too. At first , I cant see the woman face at all, all blurry, later when the guy said when I’m able to know her name I would be able to see her. I tried ask the girl her name but she wont say and she said I already know her name. Idk how long in the dream, but at some time her name suddenly appear in my mind and after I called her that name the dream kinda end and change to another one and this one kinda more weird than that… Is this some relevation??

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Can prayer, church, anything holy like invoke a Incubus?

In what context? Mockery? Provocation? To make it angry?

You would be surprised that most of these spirits doesn’t care about religion at all, and most of them doesn’t even mind their human partner visiting churches. Some of them even encourage it for some strange reasons. At least according to a few bloggers that share their lives with their readers.

…but if you have any kind of religious stigma or guilt, there is a chance that a succubus or an incubus will challenge you and act upon it. Whenever you start to accept your choices in life and what you do on a daily basis, the act of stigma, dogma and guilt won’t hold you or your spirits back.


What are also signs that my Incubus could be here? Because lately I haven’t felt him.

From what @succupedia has told me in conversation, succubi and incubi go through cycles, in which their energy may be less physical or noticeable than usual. It doesn’t necessarily mean your incubus has gone anywhere, but simply that his energy has shifted to a less physical state for the moment.


Can they also give you signs that they’re there

@succupedia would be best to answer that question, but my understanding is that it is a sort of a time for them to withdraw and to decompress so you really just need to trust that your incubus will make himself known when he’s ready.

In other words, you need to give him space.

That’s correct my friend, but what you are referring to is our conversations about their sexdrive, rather than their physical manifestations. All though their physical presence have it’s highs and lows, their sexdrive is similar. In my experience it’s not based of the mooncycle, or a specific time. It’s based off their moods, just like us humans.

When it comes to their presence, it’s always been strong and consistent. For me, at least. But some people do experience a cycle of lesser presence from time to time, maybe because their astral senses isn’t fully opened yet.


I’ve noticed that too. My lady doesn’t have romantic feelings for me, but we still have a romantic and sexual relationship.

May I know for the letter do we need to write it on that time 3am or we can do it before and later just take out the letter for ritual?

Can Incubus have “intercourse” with anyone else like friends or family if you are in a open relationship with them?

I got this necklace that has a Moon and a topaz stone in the middle

I bought it as a gift for my Incubus sense I read somewhere that Incubi are associated with them. So I meditated to him Sunday night to give the necklace as a gift and last I remember I put it right next to my lavender and rose candles for meditation. However I noticed yesterday that the necklace was completely gone and I searched just about everywhere to find it. I search in my room, my bathroom, under the bed, under the candles, etc. So I really don’t know if I miss placed it, put it somewhere else, thrown it away by accident, or if possible maybe he took it for himself. Can a Incubus do that?


I read the article of couple of times and i should careful about doing the ritual. What offer should i make on Lilith when i do the ritual. Can succubi be jealous on a love for another being. When i was younger i asked myself if you can be friends with multiple succubi. I live with my mother and she is extremely religious she has pictures of religious stuff on a wall and she put one in my room. I don’t do religion like she does, i see myself as a god. Will the religious stuff my mom has will that anger the succubus if i do the ritual?

Yes they can but are your friends and family ok with the intercourse with the incubus

They don’t know and I wouldn’t be comfortable involving them with my Incubus

If you don’t feel comfortable with them with your incubus then don’t involve them.

I just did the Letter Of Intent tonight. However mid way through it while burning the paper I left momentarily trying to close my door so that the smell won’t wake people up. I also stumbled on the second phrase and had to say it again. To add to that I couldn’t sit still and relax out of anxiety that the smell would wake my family up so I moved the candle to next to my bed and laid down for a bit. Do any of these things effect The Letter Of Intent or should I do it over again?

Nah I think u good

When I did it I was anxious and made some mistakes too but it still worked.

The intention matters the most after all.

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