Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

i working with “Yakshini”…Succcubabe is parasitic to me because i invoked her and lots of negative entities jumped into me. It did not let me sleep…Every night they will jointly tickle my ribs.Finally im done with succubabes. Now i found Yakshni. But yakshinies are more of light platform…They serve higher hindu gods…They are really beautiful.

Can you have sex with a demonic god you are familiar with the letter of intent

I work with demonic god not to enjoy sex but to test my control of mind. For eg while i have sex with my yakshini-devi before ejaculation i soon focus my mind into deep meditation that i forget the pleasre of sex as i enter the bliss of deep meditation and dodge ejaculation. My yakshini devi gets pissed due to my mind control.

That level of control is enviable. How long did it take to get there

i already have little bit of hold in meditation. It is easy. All u have to do is “practice”… Practice twice a day. Set a gee lamp. or any lamp. preferably with gee if not caster oil / gingly oil. The lamp flame should be like small bright gold glow like a pearl. Focus on the lamp flame starting with 10 minutes…Then close your eyes and try to see the flame in the same appearance within your mind. Initially there will be disturbance. Then gradually by time your mind will get attuned to your meditation and you will be able to see the flame within your mind. Then once when u are able to see the flame, increase the duration to 20 minutes and later 30 minutes and later 1 hrs then 2 hrs then 3 hrs…Strict diet such as vegetarian should be followed to bring discipline to your senses. include one whole raw vegetable with your diet such as cucumber or a carrot or any other raw vegetable daily. Go to bed early, wake up early preferably 1 hrs before the sun rise, bath in luke warm water if your climate is too cold if not bath in ordinary water only… do meditation, welcome the sun rise and do sun meditation…For me it took 6 months to 1 year…It is not inevitable at all…If u learn the art to focus on the flame you can even use it to get rid of unwanted dark energies or entities that bother you and get them lose grip from your mind ((( anti-possession))))…Mastering the sun meditation you can flush out any entity including even your demonic gods if u wish (((( divorce)))

Yakshinies are not demonic gods, they are related to protectors of treasures of earth…They serve the higher gods…For eg they even stand as guard for the temples and sacred places where treasure protected…You will see statue of Ykshinis and Yakshas guarding the Padmanabha- vishnu-temple and many other important temples in hindu/bhuddhist/jain traditions…They stand as warning but they are not demons but demigods

I just have a few questions:
Are there any homosexual succubi?
Can you do this during the day?
Where should the ritual take place?

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The ritual can take place anywhere at any time but it is best advised at the recommended time for effectiveness, as something could go wrong. But many people I included have gone off the clock when doing the ritual.

As for homosexual succubi. Yes, there can be a homosexual succubus, just disclose it in the letter that you would like a succubus with a homosexual trait.

Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Tack för informationen! Detta var något jag ville göra under an längre tid men inte vetat hur man går till väga. Jag har utfört ritualen och nu försöker jag meditera på min ajna chakra så jag får uppleva henne. :blush:

Translating Swedish to English:

I’m Swedish too, which I think you allready know, but keep your posts in English next time so everyone in here can properly understand you. :wink:


Yes i know you are. Ok i will. :blush: I am trying to open my third eye. Have you succupedia some advice how to open it upp? I can feel that it is there when focusing on it. but thats it.

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I’m also trying to open it. I tried all kinds of methods, I think you should ask @Lady_Eva for the core Shamanic newbie ritual. It should help with your psychic senses. You can also support that with special meditation. Also look into the void meditation by AdamThoth.


Hello. I have a question. Do I need a candle to do this? Is my intent not enough to summon a succubus? I want to write a letter, burn it after and then meditate.

Okay, thank you for answering!

I tried to send a pm to Eva about third eye opening but i can’t send it. :sleeping:

So I did this back on the 20th of March (cause of a full moon). I did about everything right (though I had a bit of trouble here and there focusing on relaxing for 30 minutes outta fear that someone would walk in on me) and felt a bit of a presence, but I don’t think I got much of a response. Upon average how many days or months will it take until I have a sign or dream even? Or do I need to do the ritual again?

Welcome @ihvojd. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIANS AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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@succupedia Ok so say i asked for a succubus/incubus from Lilith, would she really just give one of her daughters/sons away like that? Should i give her offerings for the succubus/incubus she sent to me?

I’m not @succupedia, but my understanding is she doesn’t give her sons and daughters away, so much as she asks them if they are willing and then they come of their own accord.

Yes, an offering to Lilith would be appropriate.

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