Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

I believe she means burning petitions.


Did their territorial claim on you have any effect on human women that you met?

The night i did the the letter of intent i didn’t notice anything IRL but when i fell asleep i had a few hoodies on the bed beside my pillow i felt like sleep paralysis was coming but it didn’t instead in dream i had partial paralysis the hoodies started moving like something was under them i looked at them and a hand appeared inside 1 of the sleeves so i grabbed the hoodie and lifted it up i saw a demonic female face with sharp fangs then she started rising up she was dressed in a black tattered dress that had slits up the thighs normally i would react in fear but i was aware of the fact that i called her she reached her hand out to me but i was partially unable to move but i tried to reach out and take her hand but i fell off the bed then i woke up

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After that i went back to sleep was having a normal dream about school and after school i went home i was in my kitchen when i saw a glimpse of a figure go past the doorway to my bedroom when that happened i instantly became aware i was dreaming/ normally i wake up if i realize i’m dreaming but i didn’t. I went into the bedroom there was a woman on my bed she was shy and didn’t look at me directly i asked if i could sit she didn’t answer suddenly another woman appeared with my 12 year old nephew she looked at me and said, So why did you do it? I said don’t worry he is not really here. She said the ritual why did you do it i didn’t want to say trueth in front of the shy woman that i was lonely and wanted a companion so i said i just wanted to see what it was all about i suddenly awoke it was dark i got out of bed and walked into the living room and and i saw her on my couch and realized i was still in a dream i went to her and asked her name she didn’t answer instead she kissed me then i woke up for real and i regret not saying what was true


I have a weird question I am trans as in male to female, and I don’t mind any gender.
do succubi/incubi care about gender or do they see the human soul as a pure thing?

Do they care about the fact that I want to be female?

and if I do a letter of intent would Lilith or any of the others care about my desire to be a woman.

and do incubi/succubi have a hermaphrodite counterpart?

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Short answer is, no.

Not sure what you’re asking here, but yes, as they interact with you on the spiritual level, that’s where their perspective will really lie.

If you call for one that will be partnered with you, I wouldn’t think so.

Otherwise, I do t think one can really generalize such a thing any more than you could with flesh and blood people.

No. Shouldn’t be an issue, I would think.

If nothing else, Lilith is the Mother of demons/incubi/Succubi, and recently I saw a passing comment on one of the journals I think where someone mentioned her “whipping them up on the spot” or something to that effect. :thinking:

Lilith can literally birth the succubus/incubus you’re looking for, if need be.

They’re incorporeal, and able to shift their forms.

There’s various stories of them shifting or manifesting different sexual traits.

That’s why we have our own term around here: “Ubis”

As a gender neutral form of address.

This comes to mind especially (an amusing thread too)

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Welcome Rebekah! :blush:
Ubis don’t care about gender, and indeed they have a very pure vision of the human soul. They are light years ahead in evolution.

That’s no problem if you are a trans woman, of course. The work with demonic queens (Lilith, Naamah, etc) can help you a lot to know yourself better and love yourself. Also evolving spiritually. Contrary to what many people believe, ubis do not have only superficial and frivolous relationships, but can be very deep and enriching.

About hermafrodites: There are ubis of all body types, genders. And yes, I have seen hermaphrodite succubi, they are relatively common.

And don’t forget to introduce yourself on the forum so we can get to know you better! :blush:

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hi, a question. Doesn’t the result change if I write the letter and say the prayers for Lilith in Spanish?

No. You can write the letter, and say the prayers, in any language.


thank you very much for answering my question :black_heart:

Since Azazel’s legions also have succubaes and incubis I can write the same letter to Azazel, right ?

I’ve never heard of Azazel having anything to do with succubi and incubi. :thinking:


I have a question. I wonder if in order to do this ritual I need to have some kind of knowledge to be able to feel the succubus. Or can I be a person without knowledge and feel it the same way?

Not necessarily, but if you don’t have the senses to feel the succubus presence then you’ll have to work on them.

Luckily, the summoned succubus can help you with that.

If you can’t sense anything, you’ll have to work on your senses regardless.

It’ll be like this Mr bean clip:

But on the other side of that two-way mirror will be the succubus.


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, now how can I work on my senses?, if you could help me with that it would be great

Look at this:


Can this letter be used to call lilith?

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You could write a letter directly to Lilith, it’s basically a petition. This one is just a more involved petition spell since your waiting until a certain time, using a candle and burning the letter. None of which is technically necessary but it can be helpful to get you into the right mindset.

If you want to call Lilith, just write a letter, address it to her and what I do is draw her sigil either on the backside of the letter or if there’s enough space, at the end of my writing. You can open the sigil too. From there, either keep or burn just know she’s recieved it either way.

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