Let's Talk: Materialization

So I’ll be doing a series of threads called Let’s Talk. Basically they’re threads to fully discuss whatever topic is in the title. This time it’s about materialization. As in, creating things from nothing. I’ve heard about it being possible, but haven’t seen an actual guide on it. From what I know, the idea behind it is you condense energy enough to make it appear on the physical plane. I’ll tag @Lady_Eva because I remember seeing somewhere her mentioning it. If you have materialized something before, share your story/experience.

I cant say that I did it!

I have a strong admiration for Ridley Scott’s Alien movies, so I purchased the a collector edition in the past (with all the movies). After waking up this year, I decided it was time to re-watch the series again, only to find out that as soon as I opened the box, not one But two 8th Passenger Cds were inside. I have 5 CDs instead of 4, and it is a perfect duplicate.

Strange, did you do anything that could have potentially caused this? Or do you think that some Magick ran away and somehow did it?

I may have manifested a roll of toilet paper at one point this year.


Three times have I had such unexplained things, and none of those had to do with me or anything done by me in particular.
The First, A 3 times 3 knock at a table when everyone was asleep in my early catholic days while praying for forgiveness for not Going to church.

The second, prior to my eye-opening when TV turned itself on into Youtube (when TV youtube was not working) It gave me a series of very interesting messages in sequence (in the form of videos).

The third, the Alien CD.

That was useful I bet.

Well you gotta share the story behind that


I was pretty poor at the beginning of the year, and I had run out of toilet paper. I had just been washing myself off in the shower and drying myself with a towel.

One day, I had terrible stomach problems. I was in pain, crying, and just absolutely miserable, and I reached up and grabbed a roll of toilet paper off of my counter.

Then I realized that I had no idea where it had come from, and I just kind of stared at it like… WTF.