Let's make a ritual to try and stop Human Trafficking!

Alright, so I want to make a ritual to try and end human trafficking, one that can be repeated monthly and brings those involved to justice (Aka the traffickers, the people that know about the trafficking and partake in it, etc.) and help the children, teens, and adults involved be able to be returned to their families safely. But I do not know which spirits would be best for the job, any ideas?


Good luck. I mean it. But unfortunately many of those who are part of human trafficking (and i mean the real shit. Not the European to middle east sex trade) have protections set up. They also have many deities on their side as well. Its a noble cause.


Which Deities exactly? Most I’ve interacted with are against it

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Have you tried searching the forum? 'Cause we have already had a few threads on this topic so they might provide you with ideas.


Its unfortunately not my place to say. Im not trying to be all secretive but i believe people need to find out on their own. the owl laughs at the crowd. Be careful around bronze statues. That should set you on the path.


I’ve experienced something similar on my journey to stop this and other crimes. Everytime one of the “Hydras” head is taken down, two grow into its place. It’s a Neverending loop at times. A good example was the save our children movement, it was so successful, everyone was getting an edge and then all of a sudden, it ended. There’s no doubt an energy behind it that makes one feel less compelled to share a simple hash tag.

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Smokescreens and scapegoats. Bohemian grove as captured on that wobbly cam is bullshit, a circus show made to be debunkable. Robert Sephr talks about it in detail though and explains the true meaning of the deities in question - I forget, Artemis and Marduk or something Those deities names are used in vain. Remember humans are more powerful than they give themselves credit for, and as creator beings, what they say, especially in a group, goes. This has been discussed here before.

The people behind trafficking are psychopathic - psychos are usually atheist, as these people are, because they have no connection and see it as weakness, like kindness is a weakness to them, so they fake it or use it against others. What better way to keep the large body of American xtians busy and not looking in the right place, than rile them up against “the devil”, face them around and make them fight innocents that have nothing to do with it over religion. That’s works very well.


Was not talking about bohemian.

I was just about to mention this. Also is this a group type ritual thread or solo ritual and asking about it?

Shouldn’t the former go in the journal + group rituals section of the forum? Rather then general.


I believe the OP is looking for ideas for spirits he can call on himself. It is NOT a group ritual.


I was thinking that too based off reading through thread. But then the #'s were confusing me + the title. Since it says group-working, etc below title.

It is a group thing, I just need a spirits to add that would help ensure success, so then I can make the actual ritual which I shall post as soon as it is finished. @Mind_Seeker20

But please drop any ideas you have that I could place in the ritual.

There’s already at least one thread for people to go after them. I regularly do so. Post your experiences in this area and others. I got invited, based on my experiences and workings. I would suggest a similar route. Otherwise, the only thing you’re going to accomplish is feeling better, if you don’t have the experience with magic and ritual. I’m not saying you don’t, I’m saying that it hasn’t caught the eyes of people that could ask for your to be invited.


You cannot save everyone. Bare in mind

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I understand that its impossible, even if we all were to band together, to be able to save everyone. That’s the problem with this world, there is just so much violence and things like trafficking going on that we are not able to stop. But still, even if we only manage to help a few people get rescued that is still more than none.


Most people don’t get this because they’re caught up in the magical subculture, therefore unfathomable that there’s something beneath this explosion of magical acceptance.

Nobody’s referring to any of that. You’re jumping to the conclusion that you’ve experienced every single aspect to magic out there, which you haven’t. What is the purpose of a meme? Sometimes I suppose it’s to give a simplistic perception of an idea. Wouldn’t it make sense, that if there was something more sinister going on, that you’d want an explosion of interest in magic and thus push for the creation of the magical subculture as it stands today? Wouldn’t it be convenient for people to be able to point to idiots like the Satanic Temple, or magical orders that condemn certain actions, and say that this is what magic is really all about?

Magic is debunkable too, while I agree with this normie-teer bullshit being garbage, anything is debunkable, so that’s a pretty ridiculous argument to make considering there’s more people that would accept that drivel than there are people that believe in what you espouse. I wonder what academia would think of you? Since I guess you care what they say, since you buy into the concept of debunking people. Don’t be a hypocrite.

I guess that all these magical cults connected to cartels are just atheistic right? I think for someone claiming to be on the left-hand path, you’re remarkably bias in your assessment of these types of subjects, you seem emotionally attached.

Let me give you some perspective, I was the same, emotionally attached always thinking braindead christians were just making stuff up to scare people back into religion, and that was actually partially true. It was also true that there were actually police officers coaching children into saying all kinds of horrible things, there was a Canadian case, I forget its name where there was recorded evidence of this being the case.

However, you’re ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. For example, let’s take the McMartin preschool incident:

Here’s part of the document investigating the claims these children made, validating their claims. District Attorney Robert Philibosian publicly declared the McMartin Preschool to be an elaborate front for a massive child pornography operation. Twenty-three parents filed a civil lawsuit making the very same claim, one that appears to be strongly supported by the facts of the case. There’s also privately contracted civil engineers that proved that there were indeed multiple tunnels after they had mysteriously demolished it, you know, like burning down Dahmer’s apartment when they figured out he used to be in the military, where he first started torturing fellow soldiers that they just absolutely ignored.

Let’s not mention that they were accurately able to describe Aquino’s ritual room. It’s not as if Aquino worked for military intelligence during Vietnam, and it’s not as though he was involved in operation Phoenix where he was involved in drugging soldiers who would then go on rampages slaughtering civilians.

https://vault.fbi.gov/search?SearchableText=The+Finders- Let’s not forget, that with regards to human trafficking, the FBI has released evidence regarding the Finders Cult connected to the CIA (ironically connected to Aquino and Gottlieb, known for working on MK Ultra, MK Delta (local MK Ultra), MK Often, and MK Search. The latter two were involved in even more brutal drug tests on subjects to see how much they could subject them to, and ritual magic respectively, all of which you can find documents on, in fact I have an entire Mega.nz folder with over 10000 DOJ documents regarding these subjects if you’d like me to prove it.)

So you see, there’s direct evidence of government, and magical involvement in child trafficking, you just came to a conclusion based on an emotional reaction instead of actually investigating any of these claims, because you’re all-knowing and couldn’t possibly be out of any loop, o intelligent one.

With regards to the “psychopaths who are just atheists” claim. How do you explain what’s happening in Israel to civilians then? Have you read the bible? Have you read the Quran? Have you read the Talmud? None of them seem like atheists to me. How about Jimmy Saville? Known occultists involved with the process church along with Charles Manson and his goon family. How about Jonestown? Which just so happened to have government developed drugs and used MK Ultra techniques along with the compound being on ground owned by the CIA? All provable, but I guess, since you’re all-knowing, you don’t have to investigate any claims. Everybody is just crazy, nothing to see little goy.

Dahmer wasn’t in the military, didn’t torture people in the military. Israel Keyes wasn’t part of a crack military unit, and one of his victims wasn’t a husband and wife, of whom the husband wasn’t part of the same crack unit, who probably wasn’t a whistleblower. Neighbors didn’t report their house multiple times to the authority for hearing screams of terror, they weren’t chanting while ritually sacrificing people. He didn’t believe he was integrating them, or absorbing them at all.
One of Dahmer’s victims wasn’t returned to him by the police.

Patrice Alegre didn’t date the Mayor, and the rituals they partook in didn’t transpire inside courthouses and other government property:

Not to mention he didn’t have a connection to Dutroux, even thought they both eluded to it being a massive international thing in which they were just the grocery deliverymen so to speak.

Everybody is just crazy, trust the government and police, they’re the only ones who can protect you. Don’t think of protecting yourself, that’s just ridiculous and that’s what these insane shooters do, have absolute belief in the state.


For what its worth, I think you have good intentions, and I think it would be a noble endeavor to pursue. Ignore the know-it-alls and do what you feel you must. I would suggest creating your own rituals, also finding out who the specific individuals and organizations behind this phenomena are, and then targeting them directly. If by the end of the month you haven’t found people willing to help you with this, then pm me and I’ll see if we can collaborate in removing the filth.


All getting a bit political now so please, take anything like that to PM, I appreciate this was a rebuttal of a claim but please keep further discussion like that to private messages, cheers. :+1:

You completely missed my entire point, which was in relation to vague and unhelpful claims about bronze statues and owls. I don’t disagree with any of that otherwise.