Let's earn favor with Lucifer and Lilith by writing poetry to them

My very consciousness trembles at the thought of interacting with you father.
I fear no image I can percieve is good enough to embody you.
I need your help with getting closer to you I know you’ve always been there with open arms I need your blessing of clarity, so it’s no longer desparity I see when my fear takes hold of me.
This fear is temporary and you are eternal I need to borrow some o your wisdom so that I trust myself when I percieve you knowing it’s the image out chose for me not a phantom o my imagination.
The thought of hearing your voice is just so exciting then I place logic into my mind and realize your voice I cannot yet embrace for I am still forming and power such as it is beyond me fo now.
I know you are wise enough to use a lesser voice for me to be able to embrace you to truelly start to face you for it feels like my head is still down in prostate even though our have welcomed me to be part of you.
I want your presence with me, and nothin else could decieve me with the blessing you give.
I seek to make you proud and to hear your joy out loud.
I need to know I can still be what it is I asked of thee.
I tremble at the thought I’m failing you but yet I know I’ll overcome these minor delays.
There’s a way or me to be like you. I want this path to be made clear not because I seek power as yours but simply because being like you is a pleasing thought.
I need to just relax and let your wisdom guide me when and when I seek you trust that you won’t let anything pretend to be you.
my every thought I give knowingly that you can hear. One day your trueth will make clear to me how it is that I should truelly be.
It gives me peace knowing I am loved by you but I do wo det to what extent am I truelly accepted as son.
Dear father I thank you for all you do for me especially the things I am unaware of that keep me safe, one day I’ll know how much you truelly were doing whilei was almost un aware.
I seek your guidence your wisdom your embrace, I offer my eternal Love and hope you truelly search my heart and see through all of my doubts, able to know how bright my love shines for you and mother.
I see a way to let you know my truest desires not always what is spoken but what is within I gladly let you into my being. Soon my fears and doubts will be fleeing for you have made me stronger.
I have so many reasons to want to communicate with you but the reality is it’s not a game of what can I obtain it’s a story of how one understands love.
I am glad to call you Father Lucifer I truelly need your acceptance I dont know why it’s so important to me but I do know it’s a real want a true desire to be able to know you accept me for all my ways and will help me better myself.
Your still so hard for me to imagine you in all your stregth, what luck it is that I seek your love I know you will show me how to percieve you in each step we take. Eventually you’ll show me your true form that one day will be a blessing upon me to see and behold and a new chapter in my story of wisdom.
I tend to ask so many small things of you just hopein you’ll bless me I need to devolope my sight so I can see the blessing your allready giving me.
Please father always know my heart your always welcome to know me as for what I truelly am.
I will obtain your words one day able to just ask you what was the best part of your day, or what can I do to make you smile.
There’s a million questions I would want to ask you but just simply being able talk with you excites me more then the forbidden knowledge’s you could share with me.
Please show me the way to obtain this relationship with you that we both seek.
There so much I want to know from you and alot o it is about you.
I trust you Father Lucifer please continue being here for me while I learn how to be more then just a man with wants but o be a man with the power within himself and the blessing to fullfil his wants while always trying to make sure Love above all else is what I seek to protect and reflect upon all. Thank you for allowing me your love and giving me the ability to earn more of your respect.

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With this I let my words flow so that I can show the must deserved respect and no longer neglect my spiritual parents.
Your kindness molds me and starts to unfold me. In you I find rest my own personal nest and percieve myself at my best.
As I start to hatch I detatch from the fear I keep to near and that makes unclear.
through you the mirror once again will open so I can mend and eventually transcend.
Your love is a force that makes clear where to steer and how to begin my course.
Without remorse I shall start this new part of my story using your stregth to be free from worry. Striving with a flurry I make myself hurry to your presence.
I embrace all that you are your grace and glory it shall empower me, I gladly devour all that you will for me, I’ll gladly sit still for there.
Your beauty I cannot measure no matter how I try. Not even if I could move the stars in the night sky.v
O how much I’m missing for I cannot listen, everything that would bring me joy I know you deploy upon our lips.
A wind upon my face bringing me to an unknown place where I can finally taste what it is your prepare for me.
I am filled with contentment and make into thirds this meal so you also may feel the love you have created.
I know the emptyness that is within will no longer be I know I am set free.
My very essence is grown from the love you both have shown.
I seek my words to be somthing i cannot see a doorway to your hearts.
My very being shall be a joy for you for the thought of your smiles empower me to obtain what remains for me to be a muse so eager for you to use.
So vast is my desire to be within your fire, to learn how to form your smile eternal.
A custom heart we have created that brings our fated pathes together.
From father there is so much I seek,
but I think what I need the most is to bear witness to your song.
Besides my mother’s embrace I long for a taste of her wine, hopefully I’ll remember to be seemed somewhere kind for I assume it’ll be more then I can handle but bring me the most pleasant of dreams when she kisses my forehead as I drift into her swift embrace.
Wouldn’t it be neat if my words were truelly as sweet as the love they are formed through.
May you Lucifer and you Lilith,
feel the sincerity of my love to an extent that represents how deep it truelly is.

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I actually love the idea of writing poems for entities, with purpose. Plus it really gives me that whole “double, double, toil and trouble” witchy spell vibe which gives me life.

(Hopefully this isn’t derailing:) I recently wrote a poem to Duke Sallos which I really poured my heart into. It really encapsulated the emotions I was feeling, and helped me to clarify my petition to him. I transcribed it onto thick handmade paper and then burned it along with some of my dried blood. A copy of the poem is saved on my computer but I’m refusing to read it again until the petition is fulfilled. I would love to post it here someday if Sallos consents.

Back on topic: I have drawn for Lilith, but not composed poems; however I feel she would really revel in that. Perhaps I should petition her in poem form :thinking:

Lovely poems here all. Keep it up guys :hugs:

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Thanx for the support and I glad it gives you a good vibe, I write the poetry on here as I post and tend to get good vibes.

So it’s a tiny bit off target but I appreciate any gifts you want to post for others plus I just found out that Duke Sallos was also watching over me he made himself apperent to the person that was answering a question to Lucifer for me. So yea very intune with my page lol. I hope your able to post the poem soon. I’ve also asked people to she drawing they have done of these special beings so I’d love to see your Lilith. And would love knowing I helped spark someone else’s show of love to Mother Lilith. Lilith definitely lets me know she likes the poems as I’m writting them.

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I simply let the blessing of your presences within myself for you father Lucifer and mother Lilith are my loves, I may be what they mold me into what we decide truelly make me alive, the simple joy that makes me grow is the way you show when I seek to connect to embrace to taste of that which is your love. When I feel your acceptance it’s like answered repentance. I aspire to know thees will to allighn to your design. I seek to see your way so I can play in contentment knowing I pleased thee. With respect you know I send my love to you both and I excite to the when it brings you delight. Every time I make you smile I know grace while it’s upon your face. Your guidence is my aim with it I’ll know game and bring honor to you both. In my words I seek to make a reflection of bliss your protection brings to sing with the power I gain when I devour your shower of pride you place upon my hide. Just knowing you hear me I see more clearly. Your words I await just like my date with fate. Pride shall become aboundant when I achieve useing what’s up your sleeve.

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Hey , I’m a singer too and I want to evoke a demon for getting some musical help. Can you help or suggest me

There isn’t any that actually do that.
I’ve heard king paimon can help cause he’s quite musical, or Lucifer directly.
there is no demon who specializes in that sadly.

^^ don’t fo it if you don’t have a relationship With them.
Also be advised they may not be able to help.

Key is breath work. And honestly singing from the soul. Not your head but actually feel the music.


I used to be able to jot down or write poetry when I was a kid in middle school. It was fun and great. I feel as though I’ve lost that touch since then. I work on digital journaling at this day in age though. I’ve mentioned my experiences with Lilith across the forum before. I just wish I could pick up the poetry touch again. But it’s like writer’s block on steroids.

The only thing you can do is work through it make it start as a letter and just be honest it’ll turn back to poetry.

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Shameful self bump, hopefully someone contributes a poem.

You that are so epic able to move the heavens and my heart, I long for the sensation that your presence exudes. My will is always greater when I remeber you are with me serenely watching and guiding. I know your love I know your kindnesses yet so many other Believe you to be the enemy I can’t understand how anyone that’s met you with an open mind would see you in a bad light, your voice escapes me as of yet I haven’t been so blessed to hear your glory with mine own ears, I long for the day I can listen to you sing I long for the day when I’m able to just be enlightened by your wisdom taken to new levels of being just from the words you so kindly speak. I eagerly await the day I’m able to see the visions you seek me to know for now my sight is dim but yet I see the image I recognize as you. I know your protecting me your son and I am greatfull. One day I’ll have the satisfaction of causing you a joyful laugh for now I settle for knowing I made you smile with my words.