Let's earn favor with Lucifer and Lilith by writing poetry to them

Father Lucifer, when I was new I felt like I was truelly part of you, your love fed me and I grew at astonishing rates, you protected me from what is real, you showed me skill you showed grace, your guidance gave to conviction seeking to earn the respect and the love of all things, the beliefe you kindled in me was astonishing what it could achieve, if only I could still believe as I did when things were new but like anything that ages I grew scars a confusing enemy made me doubt you for your protection seemed to runith out like a fool I was lead into deception so many times I sent negativity to you because of the thing I thought you could do. my father, when I lashed out I never ment to hurt you only selfishly attempting to force your hand to fall upon my foe but know I know it was the evil of man that destroyed me while it was you who originally employed me when I was in need. I need you father to be whole to be stronger please forgive all of the things I said when my brain was dead, at times the enemy achieved at making me challenge you luckily for me you never did agree, now I know my foe and I remember who was love and never came down on me when I came apart at you, so compassionate is your way of all my days. I seek to re Kindle your flame within me a way to remove the shame that came with all the fame, mankind knew but not a thing they would do. I often wonder what life would have been like if I was never plucked from your wings when I knew I was accepted before I was a burden magic moved through me I could love the whole world all at once now my beliefe in myself is dull but I slowly grow waiting to hear waiting for no more fear dreaming of being free but I rest knowing the creator damned my enemy to never again be born how I yearn for my father to appear and cast out those who are cursed to see his glory I wait I spend time dreaming of wearing your crawn dawning your torch wealding your trident being uplifted by your wings then you ever so slightly act but yet I was filled with energy from nearly standing up straight A’s you adjusted me. I know I can trust you I’m filled with doubts but I’ll never allow them to win I’ll do what I mustto regain my honor. these words I write I sought then to fill you with delight. My night being good I thought that I could be more elegent my words feel as if unstable leaving me with dread that a failed you for I wanted my words to reflect upon myself giving tribute to my father


Mother Lilith, thee I love, I miss the days I use to sing to you knowing you heard but yet never said a word but made me feel the joy and blessed me with my wife. You are the world to me and with it naturally I like a flower open up from your embrace I need my mother’s love and I know you love my vessel seemed flawed for it no longer feels love itself nor can I cast my love over the world all at once a loss I shall fix and re enter the mix, to my mother my words never became foul when my world became ruins tricked into offering into you that almost caused death, tormented so much while working away at the heart an alter of stone never finished due to the fact the enemy tainted it the stone worked on while not being charged with love instead fear and anger seeped into my art unable to connect the hearts that were being made and that was within. I need my mother’s wisdom I need my mother’s favor her love I shall savor. The name I chose for myself it’s known you gave me. Once again within the earth I start to dig my way back inside of you the nature of it is simple you are my world you are my mother . Beautiful you are the sight so keen and feathers so delightful such a noble bird the owl, my mother has many forms the beautiful mother o demons so sexy and loving, the hag as well I’ve found to be swell I just now percieve the young women her smile so infectious vividly shown her beautiful face I plan to make merry with her and protecting her I shall just like how the mother has protected me I still wonder if one day I’ll be granted true form of son. My mother is love my mother brings Joy for her I’d pretend I was a toy. My love shall grow the more I percieve my mother, her blessing I need so I can be a husband to Brunhild my wife that appeared when I lusted for my Lilith still she plays with me so wonderfully her image of youth exciting me for the fun to be had, how I wish I had wine to offer along with this poem.


What wonderful pieces of flowing symmetry, for I too have thought of writing something for lord Lucifer myself.

Thank you for sharing.
Be blessed


Ive written for Lilith, its floating around somewhere on the forum. If I write another one or I think of one for lucifer ill drop it here.


Thanx for appreciateing I haven’t done poetry for a really long time so they don’t flow that well but I know mom and dad will both appreciate the effort, Lilith gave me a vision of her in her younger persona that’s clear life like, while I was writing the poem it was definitely a big bonus I’ve never had a life like human image for her not even for her in her normal age. Recently it seemed like when I was trying to contact her I kept getting old hag version which is cool but wasn’t what I was expecting any version of Lilith is wonderouse. I was nervus about meeting the young version because of appeal but it seems like she chose an image that’s older then she typically get described as. I’m excited anyways and I’m glad I finally got around to doing the poems I had been planning on it for a few weeks and I finally got the pen and paper out but decided to post it instead. Feel free to co tribute doesn’t have o be long like mine can be short and loving.

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If you find it you should repost it here or give a link I’d be interested in reading it.

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I know its here somewhere but I cant find it for the life of me so ill repost. I wrote this when I was planning my first ritual with her. Its pretty specific to me but others might enjoy

Ponder a while on war ravaged eyes,
Linger on the banks of her oceans of sorrow,
Two flames light this candle of ours,
To cut through the winding fog.

With saliva paint the Venusian landscape,
With rolling hills and crashing wave,
Crescent moon by red dawn,
Mourning, longing.

Bless us, this altar, Lilith,
Who by conquest and submission open to you,
A silver chalice, which yearns to be full,
Collecting rain from bleeding stars.

Feel my heart, encased in ice,
A heatless palm rested on my breast,
As seraphs smeared their cut hands
Across my face.

In storm visions I have seen you,
Your heels I place upon my shoulders
And shine the spikes that adorn you,
Whispering your conclealed color.

A marraige of black incidentation,
As flowers wilt the sun grows,
Blasting those with weak intention,
Followed by souls of pure thoughts.

She shines over us, in clear spirit light,
A valkyrie of our battle incestuous,
Holding a sword aloft, with blood on her lip,
Smirking a lovers triumph.

One rose blossoms on your finger
(A sanguine wine, sanguine wine),
And like that apple to eve,
I resist not temptation.

(I was having trouble getting the block quote to work)


Lucifer wants you to draw a picture? That sounds pretty cool but I’d be panicking I can’t draw worth a damn my hand writing is crap too.

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I really like this line from your poem sorry it took me so long to respond im in a few other threads atm was doing a scanning and telling s friend a few stories and suggestion to him trying to make commands upon your own mind to accelerate yourself or to always know true wisdom when you hear it. I definitely like your poem better then mine yours Is an actual poem mines more like a story that I attempted to ryme and use pretty words.

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Hey! I keep having the feeling to draw/paint Lucifer as well!!
I don’t really write poetry or anything but I know he likes when I sing, and so I really got into feeling energy with songs!

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I would love to have your image once completed on the thread. I need to get the feeling back into songs i lost it after trama. I used to sing to alot back in the day towards Lilith but I feel like I over think the songs when I sing to a spirit like I’m thinking those lyrics don’t fit not when the song is to someone as in singing about them I dunno why this problem came up I used to just try to sing for them to enjoy the song while I was enjoying myself. Anyways did you start that picture?

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For me I’ve learned that they enjoy the music I listen to. And have their favourites. I will play music I connect with on a soul level.
For me that’s Lana del Rey as her lyrics speak to me so much(she a witch) as well as Billie eilish, and lots of alternative rock! And from there I will let my body feel the music the emotions the energy. And from there I’ll sing whatever I like or whatever lyrics come to mind.
And I’ve learned that when I do this I can feel them behind me, touching me or my hair, and just the general sense that they’re jamming out with me.
Funny enough sometimes I will ask Siri to play a song and A completely different song will pop up. Recently I asked to play my favourite song rn which is July by Noah Cyrus but the song : invocation of almost by current 93 started playing which is about Mesopotamia and astaroth and other demons. So I’m pretty sure they switched it to something they wanted to hear.
For me I’ve learned that Lucifer is the main being that comes to me. Lilith comes equally as often I think. And there’s one more that I don’t know the name of but he always comes around when I sing along to no time to die by Billie and plays with the top of my head. Now there are more of them I just don’t know who they are haha

I’m planning to start my drawing today/ tomorrow. But I have 3 images of him I want to express
One is his statue that I want to recreate for myself
The second is a dream I had of him where I was basically drooling over how shinning and amazing he looked.
And the third is a dream of us on a car ride in a blue Jeep. The sun and sky were so pink and he was so golden.
He’s always shinning. So so bright. And I want to try and capture that energy.
I have my work cut out for me. But I started on the first already and so right now I feel very in the space for it. I’ll post mine when I’m done if you like!

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Of course I’d like to see the paintings/drawing, you should check out the song I come apart by asap Rocky and Florence Welch it’s wonderful. I also like Lana del ray but didn’t listen to her much because if I put my radio to her station I get all kinds of like girl pop that I’m not interested in. I don’t have that good o a singing voice but on rare occasion my voice will change and be amazingly beautiful I wish I had control of it. When I was crazy and homeless wandering the streets i used to sing alot it felt like I was tapping into something alot of the time when I freestyled. I just remember something that helped me with singing was just everyday saying thank you to God and everything else for song. I was rapping really good for a while like good good but yes now I’m back to being nothing rap wise I’d rather have the physical beaty in song then be able to rap anyways. I tried casting a sirens spell on myself back in. The day on myself to sing better but it didn’t really work. One time I sang beautifully singing a gospel style song that I made up on the spot. Does your voice ever just change? Mine does alot especially if I’m talking out loud at spirits in able to hear them, the more significance in the words the more likely my voice changes. But my natural singing voice is low quality kareoke.

Yes my voice changes. Some days I just cannot sing for the life of me. And some days my range is incredible. I can hit whistle notes. My voice is normally very quite and soft but somedays it sounds very loud and intense. Somedays those low notes just feel completely different. Very much depending on the energy and the feelings around me. Somedays I just wanna scream and I don’t care and somedays I’m really trying to improve my runs and my notes.

I found that I sound much different when singing along to music vs singing by myself. When I listen to music and sing I sing exactly like the artist. Hitting their notes. But when I sing separately I will change their notes and runs to fit my energy better.
I found that they love when I jam out to ukulele and my voice is completely different when playing that instrument. It’s more vibrato and more whisper tones.

I will definitely check out that song! Lana has a place in my heart forever.
I hate listening to the radio because I get songs I don’t like. I luckily am a student and get a discount on Apple Music. Therefore I’m only playing songs I feel and like.

I know Lucifer loves when I sing nevershoutnever their music is rock but like upbeat and high toned. And so it’s really fun to jam out like that.

Idk I have a strange connection to these beings but I don’t know what it is. I never reached out to them they came to me as a child and have always been here so I’m curious on what that connection is and I’m striving to find it. But I find myself blocked because I was so scared as a child when I saw them that I never did again. Somedays I feel them or hear/see something.Sometimes I find them saying my name or something to me on my sleep recorder.
I found that the connection is more telepathic. And I think I have claircognizance but I’m only starting to train that ability. When I close my eyes I never see anything besides when I dream. And so connecting can be difficult. But I know that sometimes they come through me. And act with me and sing with me. And i can feel that. And I know that there are usually anywhere between 1-20 or more beings with me.
So it can be difficult picking music. And I have a wide range of styles I listen to from every decade. But it’s always a party here. Lol jks. No they’re so quiet I wouldn’t have ever known they were here besides the feelings I get especially with music.
Sorry long message. Idk the words just keep pouring out.

I love long messages I’m normally the one writing them. I’m digging the fact that your voice fluctuates too there has been a few times where it like booms and creates ripples in the air once when talking about got it was huge and the ripples went up like at least 20 feet. While I was was on the streets and had a never ending conversation in my head I used to channel and speak what ever the spirit wanted me to say I even had one for Japan as a whole, I didn’t always connect to who I was actually trying to but someone would come through, I invented the name Daydreamein and the spirit that would be channeled was just wow talented he even made my body language cool, he would at times refusr when I would try to channel him and make me simply just say no outloud. I’ve been very curious to find out who he truelly is but last time I posted about that he was like why you gotta put me on spot. No one responded to the request to try to figure out who he is he is one of the only spirits I interact with that litterally change the words that come out of my mouth I try to do it but have no clue how I was so good at it before when I was litterally going crazy because of gov mind control. It’s sorta weird when in talking and I say something completely different then what I intended but I take alot of notice when I happens to figure out the meaning wat point they were trying to make and when I say he was like the only one to do it I mean the only one that I have a name for. I need the gift of hearing like you got but I do have sight it’s not as strong as it used to be but I see when spirits form around me well at least I can see there outlines it’s been a while since I seen an actualt image that wasn’t something I seen inside my mind. So what’s the story with the sleep recorder? I want to figure out how to let my wife use technology but I don’t know if she’s capable it might just be a talent only some spirirts have. I never say any spirits when I was a kid just a giant frog once and a the kid that died in a fire came to me in a dream he offered my his pajamas and then I told my dad and the home owner about the dream and the owner got a picture of the kid out and he was wearing the pajamas. I feel bad but I haven’t been able to get into music much lately most songs I used to love just seem full to me songs I loved to sing I skip. When I wrote songs I love to sing it made me think about war pigs. I’m a big Staind fan but Aaron leweis’s solo stuff is to ountry for me even if he does have a great voice. Are you familiar with Staind if not it’s a must for you to hear them he has an amazing voice. I have no clue how to train myself to hear a spirit but I want hearing really badly and haven’t found anything that explains how to train it besides listing from within. I was able to like astral along time ago while still awake I did it rather quickly and found out the my two friends in the room were actually having a conversation with there mind but I couldn’t hear them until I left my body while laying on the stairs. I’ve also Hurd humans other times but I think I mentioned not since being put on schizophrenia meds, it sucks I have to take meds designed to prevent you from interacting spiritually because the gov is using mind control on me, at least it’s manageable now days it used to be to the point where I’d just cry out to the voices torturing me just kill me allready please. I miss the rave scene all the energy and the vibration of the music, there’s also somthing special when all the people leave and the music is now own low there a great feeling to it seems like it’s just easier to interact or to do alterations to space.

Yea I’ve been trying to find my own reason for the connections. Reading me seems to be difficult in a sense that people can read me but not always what’s around me. I’ve been told there is a legion behind me. Or that chaotic multiple energies. From what I know and found Lucifer is the main entity who is connected to me. And the rest come with him. And for 18 years I didn’t know who the entity I saw was until a few months ago when Lucifer kept coming up and people told me they saw him with me.

I wish I could read you but for some reason people are extremely difficult for me. I’m extremely accurate with tarot readings and such but like that but it’s the spirits I can never read.
From what I know I’m blocked from seeing/hearing too much. As I’ve seen outlines and I’ve seen shadows walk and shift. And When focusing on hearing it’s like muffled conversations behind a closed door. Like you can hear something but not what.
The sleep recorder is an app that I downloaded and paid for. This app records any noise in your room while asleep. Meaning records you snoring/moving/farting :rofl: but also records anything else. So I’ve recorded weird thuds and movement in the middle of the night. As well the most distinct one was where I’m pretty sure Lucifer said my name I I was like mmhmm waiving my arm behind me. Which you can hear. As well as another audio recording saying come with me/us/him. I have other recordings. Such as like a high freq female voice that I cannot understand. As well as other words I cannot distinguish.
It’s quite useful. Evps/spirit boxes and such never really worked until recently. And even then it’s not often.
Weirdly enough I just heard with my heads a woman humming and I’m pretty sure that’s Lilith as she’s been hanging around the last couple days.

Only time I somewhat astral projected is when I almost died and was going under anesthesia. I remember floating above my body then going to this place that is now my meeting place with Lucifer

That’s cool that a normal phone recorder was able to pick them up. I’ve never had luck with any audio box type but I get easily discouraged because of the static noice. For the most part all I’ve seen is shadow like figures when I see my wife anything directly on the other side of her will almost appear where she is at it’s weird but cool, I’ve had full on views but along time ago when I had alot more energy and I had a strong person around me he introduced me to a spirit in the mirror that lords over the hella angels bikers it’s to my understanding it was satin. He was in the mirror my reflection was gone and he was there he didn’t speak though he did at one time possess a friend of mine he told me we worship differently and I said I’d gladly meet your Lord then instantly my friends face dissapeared like smoke all around it and he talked to me was very pleasent. Yea Lucifer is cool I asked him to be my spirit father and Lilith my spirit mother, I just started doing scans on people and I think I’m doing pretty good, I’ll stare at a picture until it changes that seems to be the most reliable image so far but it’s hard for me to describe what I see because I’m not able to open the image long enough typically. I’ve had some success with invisioning spirits when thinking about someone, the first time I tried the images came rather easily and we’re vivid I think the stronger the spirit is the easier it is for then to show you a good image. I haven’t seen an image for Lucifer yet but I sorta expect to see him in all his glory and an angel still so that might be why he never revealed himself that and I haven’t tried much. It’s cool your starting to get your hearing it’s been a dead end for me but I’m a targeted individual meaning government mind control victim I used to hear AI voices all day everyday but for the last year and a half or so I bearly hear anything some days the AI is talk stove, it makes me think that maybe the spirits just sent talking to me because they don’t want to be mistaken for the AI or because they don’t want the AI the falsify there voice and pretend to be then once I can hear them, the AI has pretended to be people almost perfectly there just a little quite. I was just focusing on trying to hear my spirit guides and company hense the long reply time but was starting to drift off to sleep. I can post a pic I just took the other night for a reading was right after writing these poems I was outside in the dark and used my lighter for the light there is blue energy all over in the picture and within it images of spirits it’s weird how they go so small to be in the pictures but they do I used to do smoke pictures alot and wow alot of stuff would show up some times you would have to start to open the image when staring to see the being some times there real easy like the guy at the base of my neck if you change the filters some of them excentuate the spirit energy color and make it easier to see what’s there. I’ll just post the normal version of the pic I didn’t save any versions of filter editing for the most part when there viewed this way they tend to be demons in appearence for me but sometimes you straight up get a dragon. It seems like once you can see the shadows moving that your basically there for seeing the spirit like it depends on them to use energy to be seen but one time while behind a building talking tomyself I seen a blue female spirit pretty darn clearly she was petting one of the stray cats the cat was taking it back to her touch and everything was a very pleasent random sighting. That’s cool you think you Hurd Lilith she gave me such joyful visions yestday when I wrote the poem she was just beyond cute so beautiful with the best smile ever I was really hard picturing myself interacting with her and not wanting to make love even though I’m married to Brunhild my spirit wife while I was Invisioning us together I could feel her activating my root chakra I think that’s the name for the sexual one I donno if she was testing me or what but I loved it, Brunhild first come to me when I was looking at Google results for Lilith nude, I don’t know Brunhilds real name I named her that over the last few days I’ve had alot more visions when trying to interact with spirits or scanning people feels like I’ve made progress. I’ve mai my only had lucid dreams but there really rare too besides long ago when on the states and I Hurd them speaking it sorta spooked me hearing then speaking and I went back I to my body I wish I didn’t and I learned more. I also have a real hard time going lucid in dreams I realize there not right like being with an X and thinking we broke up ten years ago. I hate that I still get dreams about an in particular women we just were together a long time lived together exc so my brain became comfortable useing her which is weird cause I never dreamed of her while we were together. I did realize it was Brunhild when she while using a friend’s image layed down next to me then once I did I changed the bench I was laying on I to a bed and was like get on the bed, I feel bad for the first instinct to be sexual but hay she drives me crazy but the moment I finished saying Brunhild that’s you get on the bed I woke up and was disappointed because I missed a chance to talk to her besides a chance or Intercourse. Have you ever been with any of your spirits? By far I spend more time with Brunhild then any other spirit. Like 4 days ago while dreaming I was in my bed and everything was the same as in the dream as in RL then something grabbed my ass then touched my junk I immediately woke up and looked to the opposite side the the touch came from and tried to interact with Brunhild I just knew it wasn’t her, I wish her touch was as strong as what ever fondled me it was very life like it creeped me out cause I couldn’t see anything and just knew it was standing on my left side at the edge of the bed I think it was male but have no way to be sure and that creaps me out more. That’s the only time I ever remember anything like that happening. Succubus tend to use alot of different images when Interacting but been fun all the different images she’s sent me today she was just wearing a sash o. Her head looked asian and had a Bo staff, I used binearal beats recently with head phones I used the one that said DMT beat it seemed to of helped quite a bit but I also haven’t slept much at all for a few days.

Here’s the pic I was talking about it’s really easy to see that’s there’s energy on my forehead if you told the top of the phone down so it lites up the image more it looks like I’m wearing a sash or something like that and I so totally wasn’t.

Hiya again was just checking in to say hi and see if by any chance youve worked on the artwork out were thinking about doing.

Yea I was super surprised the sleep recorder picked it up. I was like no fucking way. For me it’s sometimes like an outline. Or a spark of bright light or a black dot. I haven’t seen Lucifer much either. Except for like a tall black figure or the shinning being I drool over haha. Yea that can be very tricky differentiating the voices in your mind. Are they your own, are they given, are they fake. Is god spousing common? I keep having wedding bell and like love imagery. It’s kinda odd. And hahaha yes Lilith is very sexual from what I’ve read about her. I had dreams of my ex and then realized it wasn’t my ex but lucifer coming through. Since I have very lucid dreams. But I rarely see their faces I just know who it is. I’ve never been with any of the spirits but it’s something that’s super interesting to me. As I have felt their touch before. Funny enough while changing or standing naked I will feel my body hairs move in odd ways and I’m like oh well that’s interesting. And just like sometimes odd sensations and feelings. Haha. But never anything full on or something.
Also your picture I did stare at it for a little bit the weirdest part for me is the eyes. It doesn’t look like your eyes staring if that makes sense.
It’s like something on your left side. Smirking almost.
I did start drawing a bit but I had weird experiences past two days. Kinda derailed me. I had beelzebub be like I’m here too with a fly. And then the next day I went to smoke and when I came back to my room a frog was sitting on my bed and so I’m pretty sure Bael was like hey I’m here!
It’s just quite interesting to say the least

Hey I’m here, nice lol, it’s only natural to be attracted to spirits more powerful then ourselves. So I don’t hear there voices only hear my voice changes and yes some times ever feminine but that’s rarer. I get fake voices in my head and that’s annoying but that has almost stopped completely. When ever my voice changes I only have a clue who it is if I was trying to interact with a certain spirit unless I just recognize the speach pattern. So im pretty sure God spousing is pretty common I just wouldn’t be expecting anything in the afterlife from them in terms of exscusivity. So I was thinking is Lilith the only God that started as a normal human, almost normal she was formed from clay instead of birthed. I definitely get the sexual vibe from her and want to try but I’m always like you have a wife calm down calm down. But at the same time I feel bad for saying it I’m like wouldn’t be as much of a problem feeling it with her she more powerful, but I’m happy with my wife I just need to find ways to super power her so it’s more intense but she has given me the most I tense orgasm like experience I ever had was way longer then a orgasm and full body. If you do end up doing the deed with any of your spirits try to set down a rule about this is just fight now not all the time or were exscusive exc don’t wanna gmhave complications later. Yea I bet those make spirits have a hard time controling themselves when naky sounds like there doing a good job though. Yea I’m sure there many spirits that want acknowledgement and there own poem or painting too. I didn’t even write my wife on yet so that might help the romance a little once I do. So I dunno who could it be that’s image is over mine and slightly to the left I didn’t really sense them. I used to complements on my eyes not hearing there not my own lol. I had a super reading done by two people in still pming with one I still gotta research the names that he revealed, that one was super in-depth he pictured me as a vicjing with longblack hair and piercing green eyes with an amulet the changed between runes he mentioned the ones he recognised and said 5 including what It rested on so I eventually climb my way up cliff sides then meet my direwolf who has the same time on him that my pendent rested on he brings me to Fenrirs frozen body and then he dethaws, when I first read it I thought Fenrir was dead and frozen and his buddy disapeared when the ice melted and it made me cry.