Let’s evoke the living gods - YOU, ME AND ALL OF US

Here in this thread i require many of you, who are able to evoke spiritual entities.
But instead of evoking Demons, Djinns, Angels, Spirits, The dead and God’s and Goddesses in other realms.

Instead let’s evoke each other, two pieces of information is needed for a complete full evocation either your real name or magick name. We are not evoking our godselves.

We are evoking living gods you will appear as the greatest and most powerful self.

To increase the potency of the evocation, you can drop not only your name’s but your photo too and i will not only be summoning you, but you brothers and sister’s will call eachother.

So lets call the most powerful being’s in existence, THE TRUE LIVING GODS AND GODDESS’S US.

Who’s with me ?.

Edit : Remember to send your details privately to avoid any issues.
You’re details should be sent in PM, my experiences will be posted below.




I am so how do i personal message. or can I just say my name and photo here


No don’t add it here wait for Connor to add you to the group. He went to a club so it might be tomorrow before he adds you



ok who is conner may I ask


i just added you.


oh your conner sorry

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I love this Idea- can I send you details @C.Kendall

I live this idea too ! Sign me up

So this got thrown at me today and has some interesting points in it regarding this kind of thing in case anyone is curious.


Can I submit my details?

I would also like you to summon my living self in its most powerful form. I can give you some details too.

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I’m in, if you want details sent. thanks.

im in

Im in

Im up for it. Should I pm you info ?

I’m game to. Should I send the info? Just making sure this is still a thing tbh.

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Also forgot to put. What about making a sigil of the living gods ?

@nohearth @Thatonememer This thread is over 6 months old so I don’t think it is happening anymore.


No effing way will I ever give a human the power to evoke me. However, I could be asked to show up as my godself to the right individual at a designated place/time.

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