Let me tell you a crazy story/experience

My friend brad has a cursed vehicle a cursed red truck he bought many years ago. We went to a metaphysical witchcraft store awhile ago the witch said someone put a item in it to curse it and even felt the energy so strong she gave him herbs, talismans sage for free to clear it. Many of his family members have seen what we think is his doppelganger… we hear the vehicle outside but his mom seen his doppelganger and walked up to him but seen his eyes and mouth where sewn shut but looked like him she said she almost peed herself went up and ran up to the stairs to her door and locked it never came back out.

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Doppelgangers are identical to the original, so if it had changes, it wasn’t a doppelganger. :slight_smile:

I hope you called services for his mother starving herself to death in a room. I suspect she came out later when she needed to pee, at least, no? :thinking:

Have you tried cleansing the vehicle?