Let me draw a parallel on invocation and evocation

Hello again folks! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! As for me, its research, reading and putting out feelers and questions.

I was looking through a friend’s book on alcoholism and drug addiction and a particular phrase led me to draw this theory regarding spirituality. In effect it say’s the those who were either never introduced to any spiritual aspect in their lives, or those who became disenfranchised by a religion… " We begin by speaking to whatever is out there… "

Now what I’ve read and discovered is that is part and parcel of beginning to talk with a particular daemon. I suppose that is essentially is what we begin to contact spirit’s on our own. There IS one big caveat however. I read on this forum just a couple days ago that some daemons could harm a person unless they had a protection spell shield over them. Could this be true?

I’m not casting spells quite yet and would appreciate some advice or even a protection spell placed over me by one of the reader’s of this post. I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful if I could have a reply covering all aspects of this post. I know I go on a lot, but hell, I lettered in debate in high school and a part-time (not by choice) professional speaker. This means I do not philosophy Shakespeare saying " Brevity is the Soul of Wit". I guess I only got half of that…LOL

Laugh at that thinly veiled joke. Any ways, I try to put out everything I have to ask or get clarification with specific items regarding to what’s going on at the moment I question something I do not know or, most importantly, protect myself.

So, if you’ve read this far, congratulations! I’ll make every attempt to cut out the extraneous words, but no promises! Haha LOL.

Thank your for your help and someday may I return it back to you!


About spells here is a favorite article of mine Spirit Online ; amongst the possible protections pertaining instead to evocation, the magician may work “classically” (God names, angelic aid) or by stimulating in him/herself the same essence of the entity. On Tomekeeper’s direct magick website is given the advice to enflame lust inside before summoning a spirit “dealing” with that field, anger if it’s a wrath demon etc.