Lessons From ACZINOR: Jupiterian King of Earth

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This is a continuation of the post i made last night concerning What i recieved from ACZINOR concerning Astral Senses.


The Chakras, Sephiroth, Nadis, etc are NOT two Dimensional like they are drawn on paper. They are literally all connected. Even though we know this, the fact that we hold that Collective Archetype makes our Aura Appear flat, Even though its Spherical in nature.

This has the effect of compressing our Psyche with the strength of A Vice Grip and prevents us from feeling energies, hearing energies, having visions, opening chakras, and what have you.


The Psyche is the combination of all the Interdimensional connections in the Aura and Body.

Psychology is the study of how those connections develop, are blocked, and how they interact with the outside world.

Psychiatry is the restoration of these suppressed interdimensional connections, thereby restoring Abilities, healing mental illness, and Providing REAL Ascent, whether your path is Celestial or Infernal.

The Sephiroth

The Spheres and Paths of the Sephiroth are Interdimensional connections that allow, when open, the Ascent of Consciousness by Direct Empowerment of the Nervous System and Aura. When i say direct, i mean DIRECT!

The Middle Pillar

The Middle pillar (whether Infernal or Regular) serves to enhance the Spiral energies that infiltrate the Temple of the Body and the Temple of the physical room you are in. When done correctly, visions are assured because the Psyche is open fully and the channels cleared.

The Qlippoth

The Qlippoth is NOT a Evil emanation thats part of the Tree of Life. It is a Entirely Different Tree in and of itself. It is not less than the Tree of Life at all.

Evoke the Demons for more info on that.

The Aura

The Aura is supposed to look like a 24D Hypercube. This represents the full development of the connections in the Aura, and provide damn near effortless Ascent.
Something Like this:


(The Problem is how to develop it to that Degree.
I have been working on my Psyche itself and it is EXHAUSTING!! It literally gives the same effects as hardcore running does.)

The Issue
The Issue is psychic Neuro muscular tension in the Aura and chakras and body.
This material blocks the direct absorption of power by the body and mind. Signs of this are:

● Muscle Spasms during, before, and after energy work

● A rising sense of Anxiety in the pit of your stomach

● A constant tension that doesnt alleviate itself no matter What

● Feeling β€œblocked” in any way, shape, form, or fashion

●A sense of resistance when certain energies rise up in the body whether they be Demonic or Celestial

● Hyperventilating

● Getting Dizzy

● Near collapse due to the psyche being unable to handle the pressure and amount of energy present

● All kinds of pain in all the wrong places

● Hyper Activity

Is There A Remedy?

Yes there is. You must relax and bring your psyche into complete balance. Your Chakra work will not be fruitful until you do so.


I was semi channeling here so if you sense two different energies, thats why.

Here is a link to the First Evocation of Him if you guys are interested:


This is relevant to my interests right now, both as a rteminder and develpoing some ideas further than I have gone, thank you very much! Bookmarked. :thinking:

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