Enochian Evocation of ACZINOR: Jupiterian King of Earth Element

Hey Guys,
I just finished an evocation of The Enochian Angel, ACZINOR and this was my Experience:

I saw in my minds eye a being with a Body of Pink Dynamic Flames that were constantly in motion. His body was literally FIRE. No semblance of arms, yet there were Arms. Similar to how Sat Nam appears in the Formative plane.

He was standing amongst a pitch black space, which probably was the Abyss.

He said,
" Apply the Work you are doing to Demon Magic. The same Method you just used can be used to evoke the Demons."

I asked him about my frustration and Anger at the failure of my evocations and he said this.

"Your Will must be directed Towards the goal, Whole. Your Anger comes from Undirected psychic impulses of your Will that originate in your unconscious. You are viciously tearing your psychic fabric apart with each impulse. Evoke the Unconscious forces of your Will and integrate them into a whole, then reabsorb them back in to you.

You must get out of your own way. Ego must be dissolved. It will no longer be you that will be Evoking. Step back and let The All do the Evoking. You ARE The All."

At this point, his body changed from Pink Fire to Blue Fire which i recognized or realized as Holy Fire. Not the Jehovah bullshit holy fire, but the Type of Fire that burns weakness away. A gentle fire so to speak.

I also asked him why my astral senses are not open and amazingly i cannot remember the answer he gave rolls eyes

Actually, thats all i remember period. Lol.

Oh! I commanded him to give me his power. He told me to reach into his body (astrally/physically) and take the flames from him.
I did my best to transfer the Inner Vision i had of him to my physical room (and failed miserably).
I reached out and took what i could from him and into me.

He smiled and said,
“You may now command the Spirits of the Earth element.”

Anyway, thats the End of the Evocation.


Please comment on what you sense, or if there is something i missed that he or another spirit would like to add, or what you would suggest for developing inner vision.


This fits on so many levels with other things people are doing and finding, and with ancient Egyptian texts, from the raee “cannibal hymn” thing to the standard self-identification with the deity being summoned for the work.

Excellent result IMO! :+1:


Its weird tho. There is this semi fuzzy “thing” like a film over me and it is preventing me from getting the full benefit of whatever evocation im doing.

Like, ACZINOR was trying to really give me his power but its like both me and him were being blocked by that fuzzy filter thing.

Have you experienced something like this? Any ideas on removing it?

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Only time I feel like that is if I’m tired and get woken in the wrong part of a sleep phase, so it may indicate branwaives out of synch just enough that it causes problems?

Something to harmonise them might help but right now I don’t know what that could be, you could try looking up tones associated with say theta state and charging crystal points with them, or playing them as you sleep?

Also the obvious things like drink a few glasses of water throughout the day, being well hydrated helps all energy work to “take” because water acts as a crystal in itself, obviously don’t overdo it.

I feel like if you tap your thrid eye that might help, periodic tapping and at the same time visualise an ALGIZ Rune.

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Keep us posted, things drop out of sight pretty fast and other people may have ideas as well. :+1:

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