Left hand path

I don’t really understand why do people associate bad things with demons? I think there is a general misconception that if you believe in demons you are bad.

Well, this forum does have an entire section devoted to baneful magick, including death curses, which all call upon demons… :thinking:

That said, read this, my take on the label LHP:


I don’t know, maybe thousands of years of institutions telling so and just recently people, in any significant numbers, complaining and denouncing criminal activities perpetrated by a church or the other?

Or maybe because we have here people telling stories of how they sent DEMON SO AND SO to destroy some poor sod’s life?

Or maybe, or maybe, or maybe…


Thank you for linking that post. I’ve struggled with understanding exactly what defines LHP and RHP, so I appreciate you clarifying that.


Another way to look at it is the LHP are the good guys because we question authority figures (who tend to abuse their authority.) I like to think of myself as the first line of defense against evil dictators and people who want to abuse their power.

Also demons have a bad reputation because people kept using bad relationship templates for centuries. For example, parents love their toddlers, but no way would I think it would ever be appropriate to give into the child’s every whim. Toddlers have to learn the word NO for a reason. Another bad relationship template used is the blind rider telling his horse to go off a cliff. The horse won’t do it for a good reason.

Clearly, absolute authority and obedience expected from either side is a problem.


yes,I just observe if there is a calamity they keep saying that it was given by demons to make us suffer.I think the problem is the people… They exaggerate things to scare others.

It would be great if u link me some please

Of course, people call on more then just demon’s for curses/etc. They also call on demon’s for healing to.

Just use the search function or scroll through the baneful magick thread. I learn a lot more when I take the time to look for what I’m seeking because I stumble upon other threads I wouldn’t have seen if someone just sent a link. Take the time to do your research.

You don’t need to say that
I have already used it

The andras dume spell requires lot of oils I cant get

I don’t live near occult store or my grandma isn’t a witch
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Its always better to keep shut
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I understand. I try to do my part to remind others to use the search function, but there’s nothing wrong in asking for further help when you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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Yes you can say that thousand times if u want

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