Left hand path

Hello, does anyone know wich spirit or deity i can call upon to treat blank mind syndrome? Or for mental healing/rejuvenation? As well as any spirit that can help me rejuvenate my being? I’ve already went to the hospital for my problems, and they gave me prescriptions for depression. It makes sense because ive observed myself and emotional state over the past six months in meditation. And i dont feel anything. And i am depressed. The main problems i have , are not being able to speak internally/not hearing my internal voice, not being able to imagine, ( im currently trying to make servitors as well as read and do some rituals in a few grimiores and most of them need visualising white light or energy of some sorts above your head or inside of you. ) my awarness of anything that has to do with myself, my surroundings, or anything of importance is gone. (Not literally) but ill go out for a walk to get some sun BY MYSELF and it feels like Everyone’s attacking me or im being suffocating or restricted from everything around me. I want to go to the hospital again but i know when i walk in the hospital i will freak out and my eyes will tear up and i will feel so much pain. Like an intense burning anxiety. I have no support. I have no friends. I have no family. They don’t know the pain im experiencing. when i go anywhere or talk to anyone i feel like im about to die where i stand. (literally) (spiritually) and (physically) i feel massive loss of inner awareness to the point where solo meditation retreats and grounding exercises don’t do much. I cant depend on myself. I need help. Anyone that is willing to assist me please help me. I can feel the new surge of ascent lifting people up. I can feel things shifting. I just feel so enclosed. Anyone who is willing to lift me up, please help. Thankyou. And sorry for the long post.

It sounds to me like you’re under massive psychic attack. Have you tried banishing, cleansing and creating a safe space that you have claimed for only yourself where no entity is allowed in?
Burning white sage, wormwood incenses, meditating in a protective circle and setting up wards are common ways to keep your space clear of unwanted influences.

I don’t think you should bring more entities into this mix right now - if I’m right, the link is likely to be usurped by impostors, and you don’t need more hassle - but if you do want to try it, I suggest Buer for mental healing and Leraye for mental strength.


I banish using the cleansing rite of the goddess, i can create a safe space at will using my intention and incantation. I’ve set up a few wards already. Ive been searching the forum for an incantation for psychic protection on the move, since i am constantly moving i cant always stay in a safe environment. I was wondering Are there any incantations for psychic protection that you know of? So i can take the upper hand on the move?

And if i cannot evoke at the time being due to imposters and psychic attack, how do i defend myself and my current situation without banishing? I basically live off of magick. Its my everything.

I strongly agree with what @Mulberry has said.

You should try out the solar banishing technique. I’ve been doing it for a week or so and there’s no longer any negative energies anymore.

Are you cleansing your chakras regularly? It could be that too and when I started cleansing mine, a lot of weird ass shit started coming out. So that could be another place these energies are coming from.

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What pantheon are you closest to?

I am a progressing satanist. Right as i type this i am shaking and feel weak. Im practicing vampyrism as well for regeneration.

I need to look into pantheons i have yet to initiate into a pantheon as of yet.

Do you have any incantation you could pm me? Just anything to take the upper hand in my current situation?

I don’t believe i have chakras anymore due to a chakra removal ritual, but I’ve read they can grow back. I’ve been trying to work on my chakras. I will try and clean when i get spare time. Whether i have them or not.