Leaving Satanism

He’s not abandoning magic altogether. He just doesn’t want to continue working with demons. That’s fine, I don’t work with demons either. He just wants to work with the gods of his ancestors.


Lilith does not lead to LUST !! it is INDIVIDUALS who direct the NATURE of the ENERGY released by Lilith towards LUST. working with goddesses (as well as gods) will release energy as a result / consequence of working with them. However, we manifest or activate the released energy in accordance to our capacity or available instruments, because we do not (yet) have within us the capacity to put the “RELEASED ENERGY” into more productive uses. Hence one go through many grades in esoteric orders in order to prepare / teach you the art of transmuting any sort of energy towards productive use, as oppose to just “LUST” it away and BLAME the Goddesses, i.e Lilith.

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I guess I’ll put my own little story up here. But before I do, from personal experience, if your soul is being called to a path it will go to that path. If a path does not resonate with the person in question it doesn’t. So even if the person forces them self or is forced by another to be on a path that isn’t for them, it will only carry them over only so much and depending on their soul, they can have a really really rough time before they come to their senses and go to the path that fits them the best.

So for me I was one of those that put myself on a path that didn’t resonate with my soul. But I practiced it. I put time, dedication and study into that path. I learned all I can believing that was the right path for me. Was I happy? I believed I was. But in truth it was only giving my soul just enough to be “fed”. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for these beings that did come but I recently found out that my path lay els where.
Once I discovered where it lay, of course it was hard. Did I have to do any fancy stuff to get me out one into another? Well no except for one but that one was from a forced path set in when I was young and I feel it doesn’t happen to everyone. But what I did do for both (though different) was thanking the beings for what they did do for me and letting them know I am walking a new path now. Think of it as you changing a job. You find a new job and you like it. You go to your old one and basically put your two weeks in. The last day you tell your boss how your grateful for the job they given you. You keep everyone in good terms not just because there is a chance you may work with them again in the future but because you respect them. But once you start your new job you no longer are what you were. Same goes for this. I always like to do a dedication ritual just to give everything a jump start and help energize me and my area with that energy. From there it builds up from your workings that you do with that path. The more you do it the more it is charged. Especially if your planing to work close with particular being, it be good to do a self initiation.

Besides all that, to answer the question in my experience, no you don’t need to do any fancy ritual. Once you really start on a path of your choice the other fades in time. Unless your close to beings or a being from that old path, then a small stream may be with you always. Example is the Egyptian gods. I no longer really work with them but I still have a soft spot for some. One actually just came to me in a dream last night.

No matter how intense or big the path is, unless you made a serous pact with someone, there will be no consequences or hurt feelings. Just be respectful and honest. :slight_smile:

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You can simply move on from this path. This path, after all, is truely an individual path with no constraints. As long as you entered that way then you can leave that way.

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