Learning Patience and Faith

I have been casting love spells since the last 1 month to gain the love of the person I am in love with.
It began with a spell I found on social media and then progressed to a few spells I found on websites and forums. I have done petition papers, moon blood spells, chants, candle magick, literally a broad spectrum. The last spell I cast was yesterday which I found here.
My question to you guys with experience is:

  1. Is casting multiple spells showing that I don’t have faith in the ones I cast?
  2. Does it amplify the power of the spells?
  3. How do I know if any of them worked? Because so far nothing has worked?

How do I teach myself patience and having faith and to just calm down after casting? I feel I am obsessing too much over it and sort of getting more and more mentally wrapped up in him. Is it possible that somehow these spells are backfiring and making me obsessed instead of him?

Not if you planned to cast a lot as part of layering then. If you’re doing them nectar you think the others aren’t working, then yes.

Can do, unless you doubt the others then you’re simultaneously negating them. Doubt is a killer for magick.

If you’re obsessing and “lusting for results” that can basically swamp out the magick with a getting of lack, and you are basically reinforcing that you lack, so you continue to lack.

Doesn’t always hair but that’s very common.

If it’s all on different people thats a different energy though, all on the same target is probably too much.

Results. But 1 month isn’t long.

Search “stop lusting for results” I’m pretty sure I’ve seen tutorials for that around here somewhere.

Yes that’s a common side effect of lust workings.

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