LBRP with a black athame?

My athame has an inverted pentagram on it. When I charged it I called on the demons Lilith and Samael to do so. The room became thick as hell with dark energy when I did this and the black candle flame seemed like it was shooting up high when I uttered the demons names. Should I use this athame when doing the LBRP or will it backfire on me?

The Archangel Raphael has been reported by a lot of people on here (me included) as very willing to work with you regardless of your inclinations towards black magick, I’ve also communicated with Michael, and had dealings with other angels, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem using a tool that has black magick symbolism, however if it worries you I highly recommend doing a quick reading on it or asking Michael to send you a sign you can clearly understand before you sleep tonight.

You may also want to perform the Pagan LBRP as detailed below. It’s very detailed, more complex, but after several times you’ll have it committed to memory.

Understanding the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Full Disclosure

What you are about the read has been purposely kept from you. I desperately want you to both know this and perhaps understand why this is. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or the LBRP is a key or a ritual that unlocks your indestructible or eternal nature; which is the part of you that is the “child of promise”.

The LBRP is a practice which aligns you with the celestial movements of stars, unifies your position on the earth and begins a chain reaction on the astral plane that sends rumblings across the inter-dimensional/multi-verse.

The LBRP sets order of motion in your own personal microcosm and aligns your planetary bodies to their correct positions while establishing stronger links to your own microcosm and the universal macrocosm.

In effect the LBRP is a type of inner planetary alchemy that:
• corrects imbalances
• Reclaims spiritual authority
• invokes your indestructible/ “higher” self
• creates a powerful and ever deepening mediation of the universal self or “child of promise”
• Restores faith in humanity by revealing the divine nature of your own human nature
• The unification of yourself and your solar self, the inner champion/hero or heroine within you

The reason for the true “keys” of this ritual being kept from you shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise. There is power/control benefits as well as monetary/financial in keeping you unawares and shackled by weakness, being kept a perpetual victim of circumstance.

Imagine how many so-called “essential” systems, the ivory towers of elitism, would crumble if the masses where allowed to discover that no one else, absolutely no one, has any right or say or any claim over your own life.
Imagine what might occur if the majority of humanity no longer felt the need to give away their power, their time, effort, attention, wealth and energy to highly suspect institutions who claim to work towards the “safety” of you and your family but more and more seem to indicate that they take what you give them and use it to build a type of physical, mental and spiritual prison and control grid.

Imagine now the possibilities of a world where many humans in realizing their own divine natures act as conduits from Gods/Goddess and humans and the middlemen of corrupted and criminal priesthoods no longer had any audience to speak of.

What if humans’ beings began living out the doctrines of their LIVING and EVOLVING deities upon the earth rather than the re-written, twisted and co-opted books written by already lecherous and treacherous men who scribbled down the hisses of their dark and scaly masters.

Their words do not liberate, but enslave, terrorize and justify great and horrible evils in the name of a women hating, murderous and pedophilic Hebrew god, and much the same can be said of the same evil lords honored by Christian, Jews and Islamic alike.

For the high level elite who understand the power and natural divine elements of magic/occult, the LBRP affirms their overrated ideals of themselves. In order to keep their underlings in line a corrupted version of this powerful rite is taught and as it travels further and further away from its vile source of the Illuminati the now perverse rite in its Hebrew rendition becomes more and more fouled and weaker until it finds it finds its self in its most deteriorated and tattered carnation that of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram found in the current “new age” books, The O.T.O, The Golden Dawn, and irresponsibly plastered all over the internet.

In this way this befouled ritual can act as an entangling snare. The ritual even it this weakest of forms gives “some” sense of protection although it is more like a labeling which says “hands off” this human belongs to some of the most vampiric and truly evil intelligences in the form of Hebrew deities which are used to “seal” the pentagrams which are supposed to protect you but only place their mark on you, like you where a lunch box with powerful names on it saying to most other spirits this is mine to eat not yours.

In return for spreading this magical disease if the form of this LBRP the Hebrew deities allow high level members of the illuminati the energetic leftovers from their feedings.

This ritual works in this way because it uses the most basic concepts but rotted at its core. The kabalistic cross aligns the magicians body with the tree of life but instead of the “white” tree, it is the Qillopthian “black” tree which places you in reach of the Hebrew monsters. The so-called protecting pentagrams while they seal out spirits but the Hebrew names actually seal the magician’s astral body inside a type of prison and light its location up so that the magician is easy to find and labeled in ownership to the Hebrew vampires.

The Magician is “safe” from other lesser spirits only because the magician has voluntarily placed him or herself into an astral prison where Hebrew gods my drink the magician’s energy away at their leisure. The “authority” gained in this LBRP only serves to continually and powerfully reinforce the magician’s unwitting consent to being a well preserved meal for the Hebrew spirits he or she foolish thinks will protect him or her.

This is a dark, dark ruse indeed.

Now I will do my best to detail to you the why and how to perform the Lesser Banish Ritual of the Pentagram of champions, of heroes, of true magicians who embrace the highest aspects of humanity.
Now prepare yourself to receive….
The TRUE LBRP of the G.O.O.D.S

Firstly we must examine the hidden symbols of the LBRP, its planetary correspondences and internal alchemical processes.

The alchemical iconography of the LBRP is this, “A golden child holding the most glorious rose of the entire universe”. The break down is this;

  1. Rose
  2. Thorn
  3. Golden child

The LBRP is made up of the three symbols of the origins of humanity and from which all other sacred geometry.

  1. Triangle
  2. Pentagram
  3. Cross

These three symbols correspond to the three planetary origins of humanity.

  1. Mars-Triangle
  2. Venus-Pentagram
  3. Sun-Cross

These three symbols and their planetary correspondences relate to the three great implements of Humanity that were used to defend and drive off tyrants, monsters and magically, warded off spirits.

  1. Mars-Spear
  2. Venus- Shield
  3. Sun-Breast Plate

The three implements relate to the three major principals of humanity.

  1. Mars-Father
  2. Venus-Mother
  3. Sun-Child of promise

These three major principals are finally brought to their originating energies.

  1. Father- Masculine
  2. Mother-Feminine
  3. Child-Self

So in a full correspondence the 3 essential natures of humanity go like this;

  1. Thorn-Triangle-Mars-Spear-Father-Masculine
  2. Rose- Pentagram- Venus-Shield-Mother-Feminine
  3. Golden child-Cross-Sun-Breast Plate-Child of Promise-Self

Before we get into the practice of the LBRP it is important to understand these correspondences and the intent behind them so that you can apply them to you LBRP in profound and powerful ways.

The Mars energy is focused into the Spear. The spear is the thorn in the G.O.O.D.S mystery of the “Rose and Thorn”. The capacity of the spear or Mars energy in the LBRP is a “passive” one… a hedge of thorns that pierces as deeply in equal response to the force that is applied against them aggressively… in other words the attacker is responsible for the force they came at the magician with, and the thorns stays in as long as the aggressor decides to keep applying force.

This mars energy doesn’t attack, but offensively defends like a spiked shield or a wall of spears against a charging attacker who would impale themselves upon it. The pain stops when the attack stops and the extent of the injury will depend on the strength of the attack. This principle is the astral method of saying “do not touch me, and if you do… it is your fault”.

The Venus energy is the shield it’s self. It is the love of a mother to want to shield her child from harm. It was the mother of the Spartan who gives him his shield, the Spartan carries his mother’s love with him to keep him protected. The Spartan’s father gives him his spear, the tool with which he will deal death to those foolish enough to attack Sparta. The shield of Venus much like the Spear of mars is in a passive role of defense as it poses no threat to anyone unless that person attacks and breaks themselves against the shield and punctures themselves against the spear.

Venus is the Rose which carries the thorns of Mars and grows around and in front of the great child of promise the child of Mars and Venus, who is you, to protect you and keep you safe. The planet Venus actually traces the Banish pentagram around the Sun in its yearly orbit.

The Sun energy within the LBRP is the life giving force to yourself and all other summoned, invoked or evoked intelligences you bring to your own microcosmic universe. Because this is the union of both Mars and Venus, like cupid the breast plate combines the mystery of love and war, beauty and strength, a function work of art that defends. This is also seen as the Solar plexus and the heart center. The Solar Center is the guard and the heart center the treasure… the greatest treasure of who you are. The life force you share with the world and the center through which you are most emotional vulnerable.

The golden solar armor radiance of the solar plexus helps defend the heart center from a plethora of spiritual, human and planetary influences. In days past magical breast plates had twelve gemstones corresponding to each zodiacal and planetary influence directed and purified to the heart center and shielding against impure influences.

The LBRP affirms that you are indeed a child of both Mars and Venus; you are “love” on the earth as a Cupid in your own respect. You have within you the mystery of Love and War, as granted to you by your spiritual parents. You are the living embodiment of the twin pillars of Beauty (Venus) and Strength (Mars).

“For Beauty inspires Strength and Strength supports Beauty”.
As a child of promise you contain within you the divine spark of Prime Creator and you are the great “promise” of humanity’s continued survival and freedom. We ALL possess this quality. That is why we ALL matter and each of us is vital and divine.

This solar nature/child of promise/higher self is the energy that energizes the Rose of Venus and keeps the thorns of Mars sharp. The LBRP is a ritual in the highest order that both teaches us and empowers us in the deepest mysteries of magic, life/death, love/war, beauty/strength and personal authority/freedom. This “child of promise’ is YOUR intelligence on the Sol/Solar/ Tipareth planetary realm. This IS the Christ/Buddha/St. George nature inside you.

I simply cannot say enough about the deep implications of performing the LBRP with this level of understanding. The current Golden Dawn, O.T.O and Rose Cross orders simply no longer extend this to their members as it is seen as “too high” and would crumble these organizations because they are in essence now “Black Lodges” who use low and mid level initiates as occult batteries and feed them to Hebrew monsters. The LBRP I am releasing puts an end to this dark deception and places YOU as the solar cross of your own micro-universe.

Let us talk about the solar cross. All solar intelligences are symbolized by the cross. The cross implies the location of “center” and the divining lines of influences as well as roads of power flowing in and out.

This is true about the symbolism of the encircled equal armed cross which denotes the earth or physical plane. The center of this intersection is the “primal hill” where the king/queen (solar representative on the earth) stands as the channel of life energy on the material plane and surveys his or her four quadrants of their kingdom. In magical symbolism are the four quadrants or elements of his or herself and astral realm.

When performing the LBRP you are attaining to the great reflection of the earthly cross, which is encircled showing that the physical plane is restricted by time and space (Saturn) and the grand solar cross of the Solar realm which is the center of the universe and whose arms reach out in all directions for all eternity.

The “Celtic” cross is a primal example showing an encircled cross with the arms reaching past their bounds showing the all reach and freedom powers that the true solar divine nature transcends all limitations.

Performing the LBRP

Step 1 (Earth cross and Solar Cross)
Stand and for a moment contemplate your divine nature, that you are King or Queen of your own personal life/kingdom upon the material world. Below your feet and around you is a circle that shows your sphere of personal influence. Under your feet lines splay out in front and behind you and to your right and to your left and stop at the circle. This places you as the center of your own earthly kingdom.

Also yourself to feel “slightly” contained and “grow” to surpass this “idea” of limitation. Allow your astral body to grow up and out of this world with your feet still on the physical realm but your astral body expanding to outer space and beyond until the Milky Way galaxy is a tiny speck of light under your feet.

Step 2 (The grand cross)
Now that your astral body is a universal presence just above your head in the softest but most brilliant white pulsating sphere of energy you can at this at imagine. This is the Uranian/Uranus, The Starry Crown or Crown of Heaven.

Touch this sphere with your “power” finger (the pointer finger of the hand you write with) and draw the this power down to your head by touching your third eye which floods your astral head with divine light and invokes your “higher genius” as your vibrate the name “Uranus” and say “The glory of heaven” draw your finger down the front of your body to your groin and let the line of divine white light descend down your feet to the tiny light that is the milky way galaxy and to the center of the earthy encircled cross you made earlier and past that into infinity. Vibrate the name “Terra” and say “shall be made real on the earth”.

Now touch your right shoulder with your power finger and divine light beams out from your heart center through your right shoulder and into eternity and vibrated the name “Mars” and say “may terrifying strength uphold benevolence”.

Now with your “power finger” touch for left shoulder as divine light beams out through your left shoulder into infinity and vibrate the name “Jupiter” and say “May benevolence temper terrifying strength”.

Now extend both arms and feel the divine light flow through and out your arms and down through your feet.

Step 3 (The Formulation of the holy breastplate)
You have now made the solar/grand cross and are in reflection of the earthly cross of your personal kingdom.

Allow your upper body neck to waist and shoulder to shoulder to covered with a” liquid gold” that take a shape like a breastplate. Your heart center and solar plexus shine so bright the radiance makes the breastplate glow like the sun.

Starting in the first quadrant at the left side of your neck and in a circular path down to your right breast first say Aries and see a gem of intense red, then say Taurus and see a gem of deep green then say Gemini and see a gem of beautiful mother of pearl white.

Now under your right breast to your navel say Cancer and see a sparkling crystal white, now say Leo and see a brilliant citrine gem, now say Virgo and see a bright green gem.

Now from your navel and up to your left breast say Libra and see a piercing blue gem, now say Scorpio and see a dark puce gem and now say Sagittarius and see a crystal blue gem.

From your left breast up to the left side of your neck say Capricorn and see a luscious black gem. Now say Aquarius and see a speckled black and red gem. Lastly say Pieces and see an icy blue gem.

The Zodiac gemstones by quadrants.
Quadrant 1

  1. Aries-Intense Red
  2. Taurus-Deep Green
  3. Gemini- Mother of Pearl

Quadrant 2
4. Cancer- Sparkling crystal
5. Leo- Burning citrine
6. Virgo- Bright green

Quadrant 3
7. Libra- Piercing blue
8. Scorpio- Deep puce purple
9. Sagittarius- Crystal blue

Quadrant 4
10. Capricorn- Luscious black
11. Aquarius- Red and Black speckled
12. Pieces- Icy blue

This creates the zodiacal solar right that beams out their influences to others around you and also absorbs their influences into your heart center. This practice will filter and purify the output and intake of these influences.
You can if you wish, circulate these colors in a clock wise direction assuming that 12 o’clock is located at the nap of your neck.

These colors whirl and beam out like the rays of the sun in a prismatic way.
With your arms held in the cross and the zodiac colors whirling around your heart center feel all this energy, which is not meant to overwhelm but enliven and vitalize you vibrate the name “Sol” and say “may I be brilliant and bold in all that I do”.

Now bring your hands together, completing a powerful energy circle and allow this light to dim just a little.

Step 4 (Roses and Thorns)
In each of the cardinal directs trace the green banishing earth pentagram. Assume the “goddess” posture or “star pose” and vibrate the name Venus. Feel the undying love of our great mother Venus, holder of the most sacred symbol of our race (the pentagram), the five pointed rose of humanity.

Sharply and with feeling thrust both hands forward so the finger tips touch making a triangle while you step forward with you left foot. This is the “God posture” or spear tip. Vibrate the name Mars, the great father of our race and thorn of the rose of humanity, the lover and protector of Venus. Feel his anger at all those who would harm her or his children and charge the pentagram with that energy.

Before you should now be a large glowing fiery green pentagram cracking with red lighting energy.

Step 5 (Calling the four winds)
Facing east says “Before me is Erus (vibrate the name Erus)”. Erus is the spirit of the eastern wind. He is sweet and cheerful. He appears as a young boy dressed in gold and yellow clothes a few sizes too big for him, mop top blonde hair and sometimes a big foppish hat.

Now say “Behind me is Zephyrus (vibrate the name Zephyrus)”. Zephyrus is the spirit of the western wind. He is bold and wise. He appears is a very attractive tall man with long well kept hair and scholarly blue and white robes with a knowing smile.

Now say “To my right is Notus (vibrate the name Notus)”. Notus is the spirit of the southern wind. He is kind and brave. He appears as a very athletic middle aged man with a broad genuine smile. He wears an open face iron helmet and a tattered red lion cloth.

Now say “To my left is Boreus (vibrate the name Boreus)”. Boreus is the spirit of the northern wind. He is ancient and strong. He appears as a large and extremely muscular strong man of advanced age. His long grey and white hair is wild and wind whipped. He is usually naked except for leather sandals and sometimes draped with animal skins.

Step 6 (The Pentagram and Six Rayed Star)
Now that you have the banishing pentagrams charged and the four winds called now is the time to once more assume the goddess/star posture. AROUND your heart center a banishing pentagram is traced in beautiful fiery green and is allow growing large until it is big enough to out your own body being held in the goddess/star pose. Say “I am within the embrace of my mother Venus, keeper of the sacred pentagram and tender to the cradle of our race”.

Now again AROUND your heart center see the golden six rayed star of sol over both your heart center and say “Within me shines the radiance of Sol, for I am the center of my own universe, a reflection of the most sacred and most high”!

Step 7 (The grand swirlings)
It is in this moment that a number of things happen.

  1. The zodiac ring around your heart center beginnings to spin clock wise extremely quickly and projects energy outward.
  2. The keepers of the Four Winds (Erus, Zephyrus, Notus and Boreus ) begin to create a cyclone of whirling energy around you in a East to South to West to North direction.
  3. The Crown of Heaven above your head begins to swirl in a clock wise direction getting even brighter. The Pentagram around you and the six rayed star inside you beam like the sun and become so bright it’s almost blinding.

Allow this to continue for only a short time. No more than say a minute or two. Allow this energy to fizzle like a sparkler fizzles and allow things to become quite once more.

REPEAT “Step 2” and ONLY the prayer hands/hand closing current of “Step 3” to close out the ritual. So essence The grand cross the vibrations and intonations (sayings) and the final hands coming together over the heart center after letting the body experience the grand cross momentarily and it’s intonation of “My I be brilliant and bold in all thing I do”.

This is the LBRP of my tradition and one of the most original and INTACT forms in existence. The people who perform the LBRP in this manner have all reported amazing psychic awareness increases, powerful protection and astral sense development like nothing else they have encountered.

Also fear of supernatural/spiritual intelligences all but vanish and profound contact with higher level intelligences and spiritual influences has taken place.
Please begin this practice as soon as possible and watch the video series coming up that will describe in better detail the symbolic and iconography imagery of this ritual.

-Bear Heart

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If you’re worried about that stuff and still want to work with angels, the ending “aeheh” was given to me asd an alternative (RA-PHA-EHEH instead of RA-PHA-EL), I posted about it here.

I’m dubious about Bearheart myself, but it never hurts to question received wisdom about things.

I use a black athame, the same one that I do with all of my ritual work and it’s never backfired on me. And I do not call upon angels either, I prefer the darker spirits.