LBRP Radius of cleaning?

Curious as to how far & wide the lesser banishing ritual may reach, for example: If I perform it in the center of my room will the cleansing only take place in that area? I intend to cleanse my entire house because the whole of it seems to have issues with unwanted spirits.

Will standing at the very center of my home better the chances of cleaning it entirely or must I preform the ritual in each room?

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Set your intention to room or house or house plus grounds. Your attention is the workhorse here, your Intention tells it what to do. That’s how magick works: you MAKE It do what you want. Watch the unwanted energy leave the designated area.


There is no limit. You can push it to the ends of the universe if you so wanted to.

My preference is to stand in the centre and push the energy outward, but you can basically do it from anywhere in your home. The energy is not blocked by walls, or even the roof. Some people like to expand their LBRP over their entire town, for example.


Thank you both! @Mulberry @DarkestKnight I have successfully cleansed my home and pushed my magick to the farthest corners of my home as hoped. I can sleep and arise in the mornings peacefully now, thank fuck.

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Glad you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

I use big sticks of selenite and put them everywhere in the place I live, bathroom, kitchen, rooms etc and on top of that, i place a black jet stone at each corner of the house (all places) and never had troubles. Spirits with bad auras or energies will be absorbed by the black jet so they leave. At one point, a spirit was not familiar with thoses stones so when I saw that an entity was inside one of my stone, I had to bury the stone and dig it up 1 month after that, the stone changed to its original beautiful black luster instead of a dull dirty black when it absorbed a spirit.

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