LBRP for noobs

So I am a complete newbie. I have had spirits ail me and stuff and I think I maybe in a danger of a spiritual attack. So the thing is, I am a bit hesitant to do the LBRP. I feel like I may attract potential evil spirits by doing the LBRP. I heard someone say that LBRP is not for beginners. I think it’s utter bullshit though. Like I think LBRP is the best beginner friendly tool.

But will I attract evil spirits to me by doing the LBRP? I am mostly worried about saying words like “attah”. Feels like a demonic word. I do not wish to say something demonic.


Your fears and mindset while preforming the banishing ritual will attract them more than the ritual itself. It is a banishing ritual, and a lot of people on here advocate to learn a good banishing technique before getting into any gritty work. Its the most basic type of magical self defense and preparation.

If you don’t like the LBRP, or have some reservations, find some other banishing ritual to do. There are a lot of them floating around the internet, and there is more than a post or two on here about alternates to LBRP. The important thing is to find one that you are comfortable with, have no negative reservations towards, because that will help you the most in the long run.


I second Ryce’ post.

That aside, there’s nothing demonic about the lesser ritual of the pentagram— It’s primarily based on qabbalism. Of note, is that the lesser ritual of the pentagram has two variants— Invoking, &, Banishing. To solely use Banishing is where a lot of improperly educated beginners fuck themselves up. Invoking pulls healthy new energy in to you (Spiritual Eating), Banishing casts out excessive & unhealthy energy (Spiritual Shitting). Additionally, there is also the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram, & the Lesser/Greater Ritual of the Hexagram.


Atha (I think it’s also the most correct version of that Hebrew word) means “yours”, “to you” or “in you”. So, the complete ‘phrase’ of Qabalistic Cross is “yours are the kingdom, power and glory forever”. Potentially the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram sends away spirits.


I like Crowley’s version of it :purple_heart:: “to you, Aiwass, the kingdom, the power and the glory forever”


Yeah I dislike how overly complex and fancy lbrp is. It ceremonial magik and I’m a low magik type really, so for me, it takes waaay too long and doesn’t resonate… it calls a bunch of angelic entities if I recall rightly and if I want to clear my space why would I call more?

My preferred space cleanser is just consecrated salt water.


Is this the entire banishing?


If you are strong enough and makes sense to you, then yes, but that part was intented to replace the regular opening of the ritual and then perform the ritual as always, You can actually put there any name, like for example, instead of Aiwass I say Azazel. The point is, that instead of doing the regular Qabalistic cross, when you say “Aiwass” you touch your chest (heart chakra zone) and when you say “kingdom” you touch your genitals (base chakra zone), and then your shoulders (heart chakra watchtowers zone) as it is done regularly


The LBRP is perfect for beginners. In fact, within the Golden Dawn, it was traditionally the only ritual a beginner was taught for a full year, because it not only clears a space and banishes the unwanted, but it also teaches the prerequisite skills necessary for magick, visualisation, energy manipulation, and the vibration of words of power.

There is nothing demonic about the LBRP, and the words used in it are Hebrew so don’t fear you’re going to attract something bad. The whole purpose of the ritual is to clear an area and set a circle, enforced by the setting of the the four archangels at the cardinal points. Nothing will get in that you don’t want.


You got lots of quality answers, I’ll also drop a link to a walk-through I did with a member to create wards, which is to say magickal shields to protect himself: creation of wards in simple stages.


Thank you so much Lady_Eva :slight_smile:

Thank you so much…But to be honest, I am not doing the complicated LBRP. I am doing the one that is easier and simplified by EA Koetting

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The LBRP is the single first thing you need to learn before anything else.

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Ah ok. Thanks…Do I have to learn the over complicated method of the LBRP that is by the Golden Dawn? OR can I use the simple one by EA KOetting?


You should learn the whole ritual. Then, when the time feels right, you might change it to something else if needed. If you think the LBRP is complicated to memorize, then you are not gonna get far into magick, I’m afraid.

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Ah ok…thanks

You can do it! Believe me, once you start memorizing complicated rituals, your mind will get used to it and will be able to absorb much more information in less time. Soon you will learn all kinds of rituals in a fraction of the time.


There is some interesting discussion in Golden Dawn circles as to whether this is actually a mistake and one should perform the LIRP (Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram) just as much as the LBRP, however:


If I remember correctly, Frater U.D., in his course on the Western Ceremonial Tradition (comprised of two books titled High Magick Part I and II) says something along those lines as well. He starts with the LBRP, and then the LIRP, and then the Hexagram rituals.


@rusalka check this out