LBRP done now what?

ive had a problem of not being able to differentiate who is speaking, so i did the LBRP just to make sure i had parasites and imposters banished.

now its super quiet… idk what to do? i have a pendulum… should i try contacting lucifer with it?

This is ridiculous. You think its that easy? Open your clairsenses.


Wait. It’s not that easy??? WTF!!!


Seriously, Ket?

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:rofl: :woman_shrugging:t2: Wut can you expect. It’s me ya know.


Whatup with the old Asian dude?


If you’re evoking Lucifer don’t perform LBRP. Do a demonic banishing ritual. There’s one called banishing rite of the dark lord. Google it you should find it.

After the ritual gaze into Lucifer’s sigil untill you can feel a connection with him. Sigil acts as a gateway here. When doing so repeat his enn or simply his name. This should help connection.

Then say your conjuration. Don’t use threatening words. Simply call him forth. You can also use this:

As you wisper or chant this rise your eyes from the sigil and project your gaze on tge empty space in front of you and repeat it over and over.
When you feel his presence, stop the conjuration and instead repeat “Lucifer, come!” Over and over until you mind drops deeper into the trance.

When you feel an intense presence, speak your request or ask specific questions and use your medium to channel answers.

After that thank him and dismiss him respectfully.

That’s it! It’s simple but not that easy. Especially if you want to see him and speak to him directly.

I also recommend using incense and candles. They help with the process.


Why not? It worked for him

If it works for you then do it. But generally its kinda counterproductive. Because your calling angels like Michael, and then summoning a Dark God. These are opposing forces so I would avoid doing that.


Michael and Lucifer actually get along, Mike told me himself


That’s interesting but I don’t normally work with Angels so I can say anything about this. But most books recommend not doing that. Probably it’s just psychological, I can’t say.

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You learn by experience, not just by books, and make sure you read the right books


EA, Ford, Mason all say it. Personally I don’t perform banishing rite. I just summoning demonic energies and go for it. If I feel like a parasite might come I just call upon Abbadon to protect me or perform a ritual to Murmur. And Im not that experienced to give my own advices so I said what most black magickians agree on🙂


Sure I get it, I never performed banishing rites either, I would call Michael or Lucifer or Belial or Satan or Lilith or Kali etc.


Banishing means kicking everything away so you silenced the voices. The LBRP helps before calling any spirits because you called the watchtowers to watch over your working so no parasites can get in.

Yes you will have to call the spirit you want again after the LBRP. The LBRP is done before and after a ritual but make sure you take the time to tell the spirits to leave before you proceed with it! Also don’t worry if the spirits had to stay around for something! The LBRP wouldn’t kick them because they have the permission to do their job.

Should orbs disappear from space after performing LBRP?

If they are spirits and don’t have permission to be there then yes!
But if they are aliens then LBRP wouldn’t work on them I think…

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Thank you. Do you know what is good for removing aliens?

I have heard V.K say that leviathan can but idk… never had to remove any! I don’t think they even wanna stay for long to begin with! As soon as you see them they are gone! So I have no experience there!

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Thank you very much. Can I send you a PM regarding astral projection?