LasciviousEmerick Has Some Questions

Just moving these from Have any of you fucked a Demon? for the sake of neatness. :genie:

What do you have to get banned from this fucking Jr High School drama club. Fucking demons? Hell they don’t age and can make their pussy so tight it’ll rip your dick off. If you want to be a heretic fuck grandma. I mean once you get her down off that walker and get those depends off it’s like Christmas you just never know. Anybody can long dick (short dick in my case) Vine or Belial. It takes a strong stomach to fuck grandma especially at church camp when she’s been eating a lot of corn.



Oh come down off the soap box :joy::joy::joy:

Lmao tell me how that goes for you

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Relax king he just needs lillith to show him what a real demon can do :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: no disrespect to vine or Belial

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I love it when the gang teams up on the elitist prick. Glad I could make it happen for you too, because between projecting self righteous behavior on ME, for being honest, you guys even broke out the old tried and true sigh in text diss. You guys with your golden oldies, now that moderator she has some wit. But you guys are going to have to watch more reruns of Married With Children. LMFAO you guys were half shitty to me cause I was genuinely freaked out, then because I was honest about knowing nothing about the occult you sly devils pulled out the fucking demons unchristian story. Then all the comments …is it really that easy to talk to Azazel? Use your phone instead of a sigil next time. All really mediocre disses and not what this forum is supposed to be. @KingOfHearts616 that’s where your boys are at. I knew no one would believe me. I’d be ridiculed, but I thought you guys could do better. Sorry I can talk to a particular demon at will I live at 6588 st rt 48 Goshen Ohio come over Ill prove it. If you fellas would like to have a war of words I’m ready but no breaking shit in your mom’s basement. Go!





Dude I don’t think anyone here was trying to ridicule you, but what you typed was dogmatic bullshit.

If you want to fuck a demon you can fuck a demon I remember one person saying they had a three some.

Just calm down a little man ok?


Well golly gee pa I’m sorry.


Like legit look at all the past posts demons are basically people they have the same wants/desires for the most part all spirits are.


Glad you told me cause I genuinely dont know. You taught me something thats all I wanted. This fucker just started talking to me and I went and got tested for schizophrenia. I need to know.

Yes, they start randomly talking to people I had one judge me for eating… Slightly old pizza


Believe what you want its true.

…ok I’m ugh just gonna back away real slowly

(Wasnt joking BTW)

Also this is derailing the thread REALLY hard


I don’t have to summon him nothing, I don’t even know how but I know he does.

Well thanks I guess. I gotta go to work. Where I play music for the locals. Lol

This escalated quickly.


This is scary to a guy who’s never had anything to do with it. Hell I guess I am schizophrenic. Lmfao cheers.

Ok. First if all if @Lokthoriel doesn’t mind the derailment… more derailment

What exactly are your questions one at a time