Language of the Angels, Words of power for Evocation

Alright here’s some Enochian chants for evocation I’ve already tried them out and their quite potent, just keep in mind Enochian from my experience works best with Celestial spirits and not as well with Infernal or Darker entities (just saving you the trouble of trying) besides EA Koetting’s claims of it possibly a Demonic language, and with that Enjoy, post your experiences on here.

Ol Oecremi Isli, Ol Um Isli, Sa Ol Zodameta, NAME
[I praise thee, I call thee, and I conjure thee, NAME]

NAME, Arphe Ozamran Pambt, Bagle Zirdo Hoath O Il Odlonshin A Iadanah
[NAME, descend and appear unto me, for I am a true worshipper of thy powers and divine knowledge]

Ol Oecremi NAME Ca Ol Noasmi Saga A Tia/Tilb!
[I praise NAME as I become one with him/her!]

Solpeth Bien Sa Zorge Micalzo NAME
[Enochian: Hearken unto my voice and be friendly unto me, mighty NAME]

Nytek’s circle casting Enochian chants

RA-ASA-EE NAME[In the East is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR OH-DAH ZAMARAN RA-ASA [Arise. Move, and appear in the East]

SO-BO-ELN-EE NAME [In the West is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN SO-BO-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the West]

LOO-KAH-ELN-EE NAME [In the South is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN LOO-KAH-ELN [Arise. Move, and appear in the South]

BA-BA-GEE EE NAME [In the North is NAME]
TORR-ZOO ZAH-CARR ZAMARAN BA-BA-GEE [Arise. Move, and appear in the North]

Credit to V.K Jehannum for bringing these Enochian chants back to the surface from dead occult forums and to Nytek for the Circle casting chants.


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