Lady Lilith

Hello, I’m a new magician and i am just fascinated by Lilith, I want her to be like a mother to me, I want her in my dreams and I want to feel her presence everyday, I want anyones help and guidance if available, I’m not after the sex, i want to build an honest and serious relationship with Lilith, a relationship that’ll last my whole life, I’m serious about this and I hope you guys can help me, thank you


evoke her

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You could maybe create an altar for her with all the things shes associated with and begin to leave her offerings. Also as mentioned you can evoke or invoke and ask her what steps you should take to build a relationship with her.


I live in a situation where I can really do that, I have to meditate in private, an evocation would be extremely difficult to do

I’ve been saying her enn daily and meditating, but that’s all I’m able to do at the moment, I want to communicate with her in my dreams, that way I could actually talk to her about things


What about sleeping with her sigil under your pillow?


I’ll definitely do that tonight! I don’t know about under my pillow but what if I kept it in my pocket, would that work too?

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I think it should.

And say her enn while drifting off.

If you want to build a relationship with Lilith, I suggest the following things:

  • Keep a spiritual practice area set aside, and keep it maintained/clean.
  • Make a statuette of what Lilith represents to you. It doesn’t have to be a masterwork, but put some love and effort in to it. I’m personally fond of wood/clay as materials. You can also buy one or have someone else craft it for you, but at some point I suggest making your own.
  • Meditate daily on Her seal while chanting Her enn: Renich Viasa Avage Lillith Lirach
  • Scatter fresh rose petals around your ritual space every so often, if there are old ones piled up, burn them.
  • Burn incense while meditating. Rose, Myrrh, Jasmine, Lotus, & Dragonsblood are good options, while being relatively easy to find.
  • Practice yoga or qigong to build your energy network.
  • Practice visualization exercises to build your metaphysical senses.

Above all else, be sincere and honest. Not just with Lilith, but with yourself. Lilith is a sweetheart, but if She has to break you in to a billion pieces to heal you, She will. Being honest and open aids the process.


I’ll definitely do that

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Thank you so much for the advice, and I’m ready to be broken to be rebuilt, I know at first it’ll be tough but I know that the end result is worth it

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Could you send me a private message?

These days I’m working on a relationship with Lilith by reading and practicing almost everything about her, for example you may watch the Gamaliel, sphere working and raising Kundalini videos by Enoch Petrucelly:
There are others in Orlee Stewart’s channel:

Another thing ive noticed is she loves technology. Often times she’ll move the algorithm of YouTube and facebook to make posts pop up that even if they are unrelated to the occult or magick answer questions that i have.


Daemons do It in general. Astaroth, who is my matron Goddess, do It often

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I honestly believe Lilith to be the original God. Though to start with she wasn’t called Lilith. She is the best/worst thing that ever happened to me. And it’s ok to want sex from her, she will only give it to you if you have true love for her anyway. If you don’t love her the right way she will chew you up and spit you out.

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Most truth ive heard all day! Our relationship started off intimate but its evolved into a mother and son kind of thing. Has anyone else experienced this?


Everything Mao has said is very true. She loves cheesecake, red wine and chocolate. ALWAYS be sincere with everything you say to Her because if you establish a real relationship with Her, She knows your heart better than you do lol. Usually, when you connect with Her, you will meet Her entourage as well, They are just as awesome and amazing. Just remember to always be honest and don’t be shy or hold back your feelings, no matter what. She will respect you more. Someone mentioned YouTube and fb. YES!! She and Naamah love some damn Pinterest and YouTube. They will definitely communicate with you through those things. Music too.


Also, treat Her as an equal. Someone gave me this advice and it is so true. Yes She is a Goddess, but be yourself with Her respectfully. Laugh with Her, talk to Her alone, sing to Her while you drive. She can be very playful but She is very professional when it comes down to being serious. A couple weekends ago I was cutting grass and forgot my bandana inside. I went inside to my closet and couldn’t find it. I said “Lilith, You done stole my bandana!!” Just as soon as I walked out, a bookbag fell down off the top shelf, just randomly fell down. I said " I guess that’s Your way of telling me that you didn’t take it!! :rofl::rofl:” Lilith is awesome, if you feel compelled to start a relationship with Her, just do it. She rocks :metal::metal: