Kundalini Activation program - NLP Programming subconscious programming

Hi guys,

I’m very interested in this program: https://mindpersuasion.com/kundalini/
It’s a kundalini activator program which has 7 one hour subconscious meditation sessions.
This can rise/activate your kundalini. How do I even prepare for the kundalini if it will truly open up everything?

I mean, isnt that fucking dangerous to just outright sell those products to the general public? People need to know how to act when they encounter true kundalini symptoms.

Also i’ve read on their forum that one guy tried the program and ended up in hospital due to psychosis and not be able to handle the kundalini well.

But he awakened and he became an enlightened person after that, so I really think this is potent.

My problem is I really don’t know when my own kundalini could rise when I start to use the program. I plan to use it right before summer holidays or something when my semester ends…

How do I act upon the symptoms? Do I need to do specific breathing exercises? Or yoga positions?

Any recommendations? I really want to try this program but it seems kinda dangerous and you really need to know what you’re doing LOL :smiley:


Why not use Robert Bruce’s program offered through BALG? It’s safer and includes all the direction you need.

I just checked that link and i find it pretty questionable that they are offering 9 hours of “programming” for $29. The program offered through BALG is $300 but I’d trust it more than I would that one.

If you can’t afford Robert’s course, you’d be better served putting that $29 towards his book Energy Work. You’d get more out of it. I’ve started the kundalini process already, using meditation.

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Yeah I have several books from him. Energy work, astral dynamics, astral project mastery etc.

I will stick to the exercises, I thought maybe that subconscious programming thing would give me a boost/acceleration or whatever to fully enhance all chakras and everything lol.

I’m also confused about some terms. I’ve read about a kundalini “awakening” and a kundalini “rise”

The “awakening” version is far mor dangerous and you have to be fully prepared and stuff. Am I right?

And the kundalini rise is something you can do several times and won’t be as intense as the real kundalini awakening…

There are programs/meditations/yoga for a real awakening and just a surge in energy, is Robert Bruce the only expert in this field?

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A kundalini “rise”, I assume, is a minor happening when the energy of the body moves up the spine. It can be experienced through many different ways.

I’m not sure why an “awakening” would be dangerous, because, as far as I understand, it is simply the stirring of the energies, before they begin their rise. Unless what they are referring to is the completion of the kundalini.

The “serpent kundalini” lies dormant within the body, and once awakened, begins its rise up the spine.

I am working with the instructions given by Dr. Glenn Morris in his book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master.