In my study of E.A Koetting’s grimoire “The Book of Azazel” I have taken interest in the hierarchy of Azazel’s Kingdom. I have specifically taken interest in a spirit in House Retztael, Krehl’a’Teral. He is known as the demon of miracles and can teach you to perform the most miraculous things with your psychic abilities, but through years of study with him of course.

Has anyone worked with Krehl’a’Teral?

What would he like as an offering?

Is there anything I should be warned of before working with him?


If you do a Search on Kreh (because of differences in capitalisation and apostrophes) it might turn up some older posts as well.

Yeah please someone give the answer of this.

The answer is above your post. If you want to work with him, you need to put in the work. So search and you shall find.

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I cant find it theres no info about it to calm on internet please help I need it

Please introduce yourself first and state what you already know. Do you evoke for example?


Look I just wanna know how I can call ıt I looked up all subjects of this form about and other websites too but still I dont get it thats all.

It’s the forum rules to introduce yourself if you want help here from forum members or become part of the community. And it’s a form of politeness if you join a forum to give a short introduction