Krator, the protective servitor

Hello guys, I created Krator with mostly the help of King Paimon. He is a protective Servitor to all who calls upon him. Here are the details:

His zodiac sign is Leo, his planet is Mars, his element is fire, his Hebrew alphabet is Shin, his rune is Algiz.

He is a good natured spirit and will protect you from negative energy directed at you. He will direct this negative energy back.

He is removing and killing parasites from you.

He is putting a energetic shield around you and keep feeding it with energy.

He is hardening your aura.

He is removing spiritual dirt from you.

He is grounding you.

He removes curses from you.

He is killing astral nasties and imposters that are around you.

He banishes when an uninvited spirit comes near you.

He is feeding on the sun, moon and the stars.

You can summon him trough his mantra or his sigil.

His mantra is : YA RA LA MA FA KRATOR.

His sigil is :


Oh… he looks like this


Looks really badass. Q2!


I know😎

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This is awesome.
I have not tried anything with this but it’s so simple and cool that I might eventually need to.

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Try it you will not regret it.


Sometimes i wonder if we create these infernal servitors or we think so.
Here we see a powerful being with experience full of strength.
In this world it’s hard to create something with your own hands, and here a little meditation, your own blood, an idea and we see a perfect being, a being more perfect than ourselves.
Ea koetting in one his books, described infernal matter from which infernal beings emerge.
We give shape to something that was formless. Perhaps this being has always existed in some way.

This topic is excellent and I would love to use this servitor. This is something I need.


It’s true, I don’t regret it.
First in my dream I saw a red gate and a black inked bull’s skull with four eyes.
He is patient and protects the sorcerer all the time. He has a good nature. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you raise your energy, you get loads of parasites who want your energy. They consider people as food and do not give anything from themselves, therefore calling them parasites is very appropriate. They are very good at breaking barriers.
i saw a woman today in a dream i heard “You are very strongly protected on the astral plane” i tried many times omnitemplar fornification rital of abbadon. It works, but this is even better.
Krator wanted to show me, using symbolism, that not only could he protect the sorcerer on the astral level, but also on the physical level. I couldn’t start the car and all receivers went out. If I had driven away, I would have hit another car.
In a dream I feel like in a desert, there is only him. If the spirit has no good intentions, it will not let it pass.
Working with him should be extended because he does a lot of things. I think daily work should be the best.
Do your job and he will secure your life.
“Protect Your Kingdom”
What ritual, mantras did you use to create this servitor?


@Satanalash hey, I use a bit of a modified @anon97554939 method. And give life to them using the Damon brand method.

With modified I didn’t change it a lot, her method works. Give it a try.

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Very nice! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Thank you




Pronounced Crater. Right?

Tor as in Torment

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Was the inspiration for his name Kratos? He looks really cool! I’m going to contact him shortly.

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I can’t really remember.


I contacted him last night, he’s very eager to please. Thanks for sharing him I think I’ll keep him around🙌🏻


Great to hear that he does what he need do. No problem man. If you got some ideas for servitors that can benefit the community send me a pm.

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When I think of the name “Krator”, I think of the scene in that film The Clash of the Titans where the god Zeus says, “Release the Kraken!”