Krampus many fortifications

Channeld Calling:
Numbers i channeled for his strenghtening of manifestation of his being:
8 and 3

This comission to do this rite came from the impulses of Krampuses being himself .Since the time i witnessed sigils and enns of krampus from Satania and Vk Jehannum it stuck to me like a tic, until i just let Krampus flow this rite trough me . Like it wanted me to do a session with him to bring a yule present of some sorts.

This will benefit you in the ways of personal protection from mischivious intentions and Actions of others either in the open or behind your back retaliations are imediate.Your Astralbody if it is hurt or injured will get the necessary repairments and some elevations for further spiritual progressions in that regards.And youll get extra unlisted empowerment especially IF you go the extra Mile. It is unlisted because most likely it is different for every individual that aproaches them in that regard.

The extra Miles are:

This whole rite shall be peformed 2 seperate days.


Doing the last day of the rite either after (when you are in Austria or anywhere else where Krampuslauf are being peformed or on the 21 December even) or you look up on youtube krampuslauf watch the whole think or how much is apropriate to you and than peform the rite afterwards.


The next extra Mile is you give the Krampus a red Candle as an Offering(tee candle suffices or big ones if you wanna )on the Candle is inscribed IOLE KRAMPUS at the end of the last rite day.

But these arent a must only if you feel you wanna do the extra work for some further empowerment.


°Ketone Pricker or a thin needle
°2 Sigils one for Krampus and one for the fortifications
°the text


Look and gaze in Meditation upon Krampus sigil for around 11 Minutes.

Afterwards still gaze and sing 9 times his Calling

|=-Ewyol Wadi Amya-=|

Than Recite the greater Calling:

“Krampus ancient Devil of Punishment and Initiation , i (Magic Name) call you forth to manifest as in all layers of existence as of inside and outside of myself.Fortify my whole being with the gifts of Protection and the betherment and necessary Repairs of my Astral Body.”. 1 time

Take time to feel his presence(s) and or to see him internally or externally somehow manifest.

Proceed than with these channeled words of Power and Alchemy.

8 Times

Than meditate just for 3 minutes upon this sigil of fortifications:

Proceed than to the next Channeled Hymn

|=-Yela Omur ruwia kathehenna elwal lokors, suwia imkale. Koschir rizban nukan nulthe opfalg kuresch schunti ilwar ruzale urmakaha urs zumbil eth Korel Reschet uwa ulk-=|
4 times

Meditate and Absorb the whole internal and exteranl scene a litle.

Than give personal thanks to yourself and Krampus.

Now give the offerings:

•Blood most liked
•Sexual fluids liked
•Charged Saliva least liked
•Charged Breath least liked

Or all combined, how you wanna and find it apropriate.

On the fortification sigil and if called so on his Sigil also .

Pinecone incenses are welcomed and well received.

And Beer and different alcohols spilled in his name upon the buried fortification sigil.Or mix the ashes with beer and or different Alcohols, than drink.

When it is the last day and its peformed and reached either bury the fortification Sigil in garden or some earthy location , or burn it, and drink the ashes or just scatter the ashes somewhere apropriate to you and the being, or tear it apart and respectfully put it in a garbage bin .

Like allways delineation of the rite steps are welcomed if your guides and intuition is instructing you to do so.

I bless yall with much consecrations of Healing, Power, and Gnosis of your being !


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Nice work brother.

Thanks for sharing

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Allways, it is my pleasure dear @scalarshot :grin:
Hail Krampus !:skull_and_crossbones::love_you_gesture::zap::fire::japanese_ogre::star2:

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