Knowing whether a pact was succesful or not

Greetings, to all. I have been having a slight problem that i need help with. I have been working with a Demon for a while and decided that i should make a pact with Him. I’ll go on to what happened after.

I’m not going to say the exact date, so I’m going to create one as an example.

On the 14th of this March, I made the pact in daytime before the Demon is a day Demon. I used invocation and wrote the pact down on parchment, before signing it in blood and burning it. Before I made the pact, I had watched the movie the Smurfs, (with my daughter) and it’s about the blue moon and such. Right, so I had previously wanted to write down on the pact that I wanted what I desired before the upcoming full moon, but I didn’t.

The next day, I kept on seeing the number 14, even going as far as to see a Facebook post posted on the 14 at exactly 14:14. On the same day still, I had just learned that the upcoming full moon would be the second of the month, which makes it a blue full moon. So putting down what I thought was right, I concluded that I would get what I wanted before the full moon, which is on the 31st.

The following days, I kept receiving signs that had something to do with patience and hope, which I understood completely since I have trust issues. I have had my third eye opening all on its own all the time, as well as paranormal activity around my home that I am used to. But as I said, I have trust issues and do not know whether my predictions are right or not. I really need help.

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All you need to do is find a spirit (it can be a demon or any kind of spirit) that sounds cool to you. It’ll make you think: “Hands down, this must be the coolest spirit ever!!!”. When you find and start talking with this spirit you’ll get experienced with this and you’ll trust your power more and more. This happened to me when I first learned about King Paimon. When you find that one spirit, many things will get easier regarding your trust issues.

As for whether a pact worked or not, you should wait for results. Though sometimes you need to be patient because some pacts work slower than other. That depends on the person, the spirit and the pact itself.


Trust issues are going to be a problem. It’ll create a block and weather your pact was accepted the demon might not like working through your doubt. Pay attention to the signs you see. Also, time doesn’t exist. So if your results don’t manifest quite when you think, don’t assume the worst. Give them room to work.


Thank you for the help. I understand now that I need to be patient and learn to trust again if it’ll get in the way between me and the Demon.

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You mention it is a day demon, and that you have a trust issue. That is just fear. The deed is done, so just watch for results and avoid paranoia!