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I am Jix. I’m 100% new to magic but have had it hinted at througout my life. My grandmother calls her self the black witch when I was young, but will speak of nothing now that I can connect what she speaks of. My godfather is supposedly a clairvoyant (overheard in my childhood) and is always protecting me as my mother says (she believes in nothing) I have no memory of my meeting him as I was so young. My biggest pet peeve is having a veil pulled over my eyes by anyone who wishes to outsmart me for my own good. I will not post a picture as I’m just a pretty air head and many have attempted to take advantage of me. They do not know that I have an IQ of the upper 150 region. I’m not attempting to brag, but only point out my weakness. I see the world unlike many and have the face value of someone who knows nothing. I struggle day to day to find my place, my faith and the one thing I crave the most… the truth. I was at a point, once in my life, where I wanted to take my own life as I had no reason to continue and no reason to stay. But at that moment I had realized I had over stepped the greatest bind of human emotion… that of fear. I promised my self from that point on I would seek the truth over all and to never take my own life short. While trying to help the life of others, since I had already decided on taking my own, I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Our world is a mess and we need the truth to over come the lies. I am here on a mission… a mission of truth. I know that every religion I have read (I have extensively studied many not just glanced) has to many holes and hypocrisies to satisfy my logical reasoning. I turn to magic my stone left unturned. I come with no judgment and a open mind willing to try and do anything with out fear to unlock what I crave so dearly …simply the truth. I have never in my life had anything that has been considered supernatural. I do not want anyone to take this post the wrong way. I’m in no way in a position to harm myself…as we all die someday and no where in the immediate future is my day. I just want to show that I have accepted that part of life and am willing to move forward and find out what is beyond… and what is the truth. I’m very excited to join as I have found very few magical forums.


Obviously, Creed is a pseudonym, as I’m sure most people here have.

My occult experience starts with Hermetics and Chaos Magick, and extends quite far from there. Astrology, numerology, evocation, soul travel, tarot, etc. I’m a nice, well rounded magician.

I don’t really have anything that I have difficulty learning. Everything I’ve tried to pick up, I have with little difficulty.

Currently working with a specific class of spirits to master the spoken word as a magickal tool.


Hi All, I’m Nenharta. Talking about myself never was one of my strong points.
Anyways, I’m still looking for my path. Since “accident” I feel emptiness inside of me which cannot be filled. I believe that occultism holds answer for my questions and can help me to understand my past.


hello,my name is Tomas,am from Lithuania but living in England for 12 years,am new in black magic but i want to learn about 34 years old.


Hello BALGers my name is Damien. I am very glad to have found this forum. I have had an interest in the occult for years but I am just recently getting my foot in the door. As I was raised in a Christian home I always had a fascination but fear kept me from pursuing a path in the occult. I had my doubts about this Christian god early in life because i and my family went to church and I’ve watched us struggle, constantly praying and going to church trying to be a good Christian, etc.
About a year ago I finally realized completely that this god will not help me.
I found that I had to become my own god. So I started really doing research, bought some crystals, and started meditating, and sun gazing. I also told my friends about my revelation and got them started too. Though they are currently more RHP. But anyways. A few months ago I read about invocation. This lead me to learning about satanism. And on September 23 I did a self initiation ritual. And well now I’m here lol. I’m exited to be a part of this community. I want to learn as much as I can about all the occult sciences though currently I am very interested in spiritual vampirism.


I was told to come here and make an introduction. You can just call me The Benefactor. I have weird dreams, they seem more like visions. And I recently had a very weird experience with hearing a voice in my head that wasn’t mine.

So I’m here to see if I can learn what exactly’s going on with me.


Hello, everyone! My name is “Lilith”. I’ve already posted here with a request for help a few months ago and realized that I never intoduced myself.
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped me figure out my problem. You guys were absolutely wonderful and helpful. This really is the best occult forum.

I live in The Netherlands, but I grew up in Eastern Europe where I learned a lot of traditional folk magick. It was very normal way of life back than to do the divination a lot and casting spells was normal for us, a way of life you could say. My Mom and I did divination with playing cards, beens and coffee. I always lived between the seen and unseen worlds. Later in life I tried to get away from that, tried to rationalized, but here I am, back to the occult again, its just a part of me.
I orderd E.A.s books as I’m trying to learn evocation. This forum speaks to me because it cuts the theatrical bullshit out and is very straightforward and practical, just as I’ve see in the traditional witchcraft in my family growing up.
So, thank you again and I will for sure have some more questions for you guys later on, as I learn new stuff.


Hi everyone. My given name is Joseph, I usually go by Joe, and my alias is Lexeldor (its what I go by online and on other planes). I’ve been involved in magick since I was 16, which was 18 years ago at this point, and I currently live in Richmond, Virginia. I thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself in an open and inviting setting.

I have spent time involved in Right Hand Path traditions, Left Hand Path traditions, and Middle Way traditions. In the end, it was through Middle Way traditions that I found what some may call enlightenment, union with the All. It was momentary (the first time), but enough to prove to me we are all one and to validate everything I had been working toward was real.

Strangely, I found myself in a deep depression after this experience and I could not pull myself out of it. My entire existence had lost all meaning. I felt driven to redefine myself, but not as a healer or teacher, as something powerful. This seemed to go against everything I had been told about what enlightenment would be like. Then I found Eric’s (EA’s) YouTube site and was led to a video advertising his Soul Travel course.

His description of Soul Travel matched allot of what I’ve been doing over the past 18 years (if you add a bit of divination and channeling you’ve got my story), but he mentioned the next step: Bringing Godhood to Earth. I decided to invest in his class and was not disappointed. I feel that, thanks to Eric, I gained insights that would have taken me years to find on my own. I am now embracing the path to becoming a Living God in the here and now, and every fiber of my being knows this is what I was meant to do.

I used to keep my involvement in magick a secret, but that time is over now. I look forward to sharing with you all via this forum in the days ahead.

Thank you all for being you.


I just asked for… In an oddly ironic, and almost cruel way lol.’s-not-exactly-what-i-had-in-mind/


Hey guys. I’m Kid Black, and I’m kind of newish to magic. I grew up in a very dysfunction Christian household which observed a deeply doomsday, persecution, hellfire focused form of Christianity. In the past few years I was able to make it out on my own and cut ties with my family and the church. I kind of found myself immersed in magical pursuits without having put a lot of thought prior into actively seeking it out, or using it as a means of divorcing myself from my religious background. It just kind of happened, and now I’m on a mission to create the life that I want and to grow into the truest form of myself without fear.

I /feel/ like I’ve released Christianity from my worldview and spirituality within the past year, simply because through my studies other things have resonated more with me – but I’m sure there are still a few remaining threads here and there, like the idea of a guardian angel – because I had such an intense encounter as a child, with what I’ve believed since to be my guardian, and have longed to bring to full manifestation once again. I feel more agnostic than anything at the moment, and simply want to see practical results with my magic to further my goals in the physical world, as well as be closer to what feels like the only form of family I have left – even if that ultimately leads to my Higher Self alone.

I think it would be a fair guess to say I’ve been practicing magic for maybe a year and a half, and I’m struggling with the basics. I have some real concerns, and I know they are holding me back from diving into some of the more intense and risky areas that I know I need to explore for my own growth and to the achievement of my goals. I have a lot of questions, and that’s why I’m here. I hope you guys will forgive a newbie for the inevitable silly questions I’m likely to ask, but I swear that they are sincere and that I’ve hit a wall and that’s why I’m reaching out for help.

Nice to meet all of you and hope to grow along with you guys as we pursue our magical paths!


Here goes. My moniker is Man. I’m a neophyte to this unbelievable world. I’m from a country that practices obeah. I have been a citizen of the US for … I don’t know. It’s been a very long time now. I’ve written a couple novels and several screenplays, but I’m holding onto them until the right time and opportunity comes along for me to turn them into films myself. I feel in order to conquer the “demonic world” called Hollywood, I should at least bone-up on my esoteric knowledge and occult practices first. So, I’m just here listening… or should I say reading and soaking up this LHP stuff from you guys the experts.
I would say I’m a christian from birth. I evoke the Christ being into an image on a jeans pants I have. (the image of his face is still on my jeans to this day, which I locked away for posterity. Anyway, I now know, through lots of reading ancient text (especially ancient Kemet text) that the story in the KJV bible isn’t all… well I don’t want to say it’s all a lie. But I know some things were distorted and some thing were deliberately left out to mislead the masses.

I was flipping through youtube when I stumbled upon Mr. Koetting videos. They were so informative and seem to connect and corroborate with some of the other stuff I was researching. For some reason I am drawn to the goddess Lilith. I also feel more at ease with female deities. I have never done an official ritual but I have once set some intentions I wanted manifesting, while using the four elementals and one planetary spirit. So… here I am. Man, continuing to learn as I go through the BALG website and forum.
Thanks, in what I hope will be a warm welcome.


Hello everyone,

my name is Marykate, I’m German, 33 years old and my interest in magick raised about 1 1/2 years ago. I’m working as a translator/editor and I stumbled across the topic at work – I had to edit a book about channelling and conversations with a dead husband. So I searched the net and couldn’t stop reading, from channelling I went to other topics, and I was totally fascinated by the stories and possibilities.

I joined a German forum, and I read the books people recommended me. I started with Claire, Anya and a lot of similar nonsense (I’m ashamed to admit it right now, but I didn’t know anything, so I just bought what people mentioned). The first substantial author I found was Franz Bardon, and he gave me an idea about how much work doing magick actually is. Well, of course it is a lot of work, but sometimes Bardon is a bit discouraging. I think Frater V.D. is more realistic when it comes to set up a time frame. And I’m glad I stumbled across Spare’s sigil magick while reading Bardon, because it gave me some results without having to do the same boring visualisations for months.

A few weeks later I was kicked out of the forum, because my questions seemed to offend the other members — among them a least four reincarnations of archangel Michael.
The group’s goals and aims were very different from everything I expected magick to be. Doing a spell to make someone call you was already considered “manipulation”, and when I wrote that I was planning to buy a ouija board, I was told that I was about to “open the door to hell”.

As a result of that experience I decided stay away from other people’s opinions for a while. I read more books, watched youtube (that’s how I found E. A. Koetting) and tried spells and rituals myself.

Magick for me is a means to do things that I cannot achieve with mundane methods. Bigger things than finding a free parking space in the city — one of the few things the people of the German forum accepted, when it came to actually DOING magick.

I wouldn’t call myself a black magician, because I don’t classify anything as black or white, it depends on one’s own point of view. And I don’t believe in karma.

My current goals are (apart from one big goal I’ve been working on for a year now — without any results so far) mainly topics of revenge. I wasn’t treated very well in life, I always had to struggle, and I feel that the worst few of the people who made me suffer should know what it feels like.
And there is that one goal, the main reason for my persistence, for reading the 250th book and lighening the 500th candle … it is quite big, but actually it is what I’m living for, and I hope I will make some progress soon, otherwise I will give up. Not only the goal.

There are some more goals that are naturally related to the whole thing, like the ability to see and hear astrally, to be able to talk to spirits, stuff like that. But I have to admit, that I’m not really interested in conversation and information in itself. I don’t want to be enlightened, not right now. I just want my mundane wishes to be fulfilled, and of course this would be easier if I could really see and hear the spirits I’m evoking.

And that’s my main struggle at the moment, to come to the last introduction point. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been able to reach theta-gamma, a few times at least, but even then I couldn’t see or hear the spirit. Feeling a presence, cold air above my triangle and candles or incense behaving strangely - that’s pretty much all I experienced in my rituals.

I will add a picture tomorrow from my mac. Right now I’m writing on ipad.
So I guess that’s everything about me.

So far I’ve spent endless hours reading the posts here, there are so many interesting topics in this forum, I don’t know if I will ever get through :wink:
BALG is really great! A big thank you to Eric, to the team and to all the members!


By looking at a few YouTube videos from E.A Koettling, I came to conclusion that I wanted to learn more about the “idea” and others thoughts and experiences of entities and spirits. Black magic, and magic in general, seems interresting aswell.

I’m not entirely new to the concept of spirits and entities, and I have a reason to call myself “succupedia”. For almost 5 years, I’ve been in a relationship with 2 entities, and with them I have experienced “adventures” that put the myths and legends in shame. They have taught me the aspect of darkness, light and the levels in between.

I occasionally share my thoughts on my own blog - which I will not reveal here, of course - and read about others experiences about succubus/incubus. As I found out, there are a few similarities and alot of differences when it comes to the subject. The reason for the differences, as I see it, is the aspect of individuality. That goes for both human and spirit/entity.

I have never really been into magic, nor black or white, and never invoked or envoked other spirits/entities than my two ladies. That doesn’t mean I haven’t met other beings, with initiatives from my ladies.

I’m not consider myself an “expert” and never refer my own experiences as “fact” or that I “know” more than anyone else. We all interpret our experiences differently and individually, which should give a “plausibility” in the spectrum. That’s how I see it.

I’m 34 years old and come from Sweden.


Never introduced myself, so here goes. I’m a professional Psychic, Astrologer and general Magickal life counselor (my clients hire me for everything you can think of) from the green, beautiful and troubled land of Ireland.

I’ve been clairvoyant and psychic all my life, tend to live in both worlds at the same time, have more spirit friends than actual human friends and prefer their company too. I’ve been practicing magick since I was 16 and am fully on the Left hand path.


[quote=“Aagaiza, post:182, topic:3232”]Never introduced myself, so here goes. I’m a professional Psychic, Astrologer and general Magickal life counselor (my clients hire me for everything you can think of) from the green, beautiful and troubled land of Ireland.

I’ve been clairvoyant and psychic all my life, tend to live in both worlds at the same time, have more spirit friends than actual human friends and prefer their company too. I’ve been practicing magick since I was 16 and am fully on the Left hand path.[/quote]

I do believe I smell a succubus!


Hello everyone. My name is Eric. I have always been interested in Demons and Gods instead of what they tried to sell my at my family’s church. Even when I was a very young child (around 4-6 years old) I wondered why the people at church never spoke of the other side. I am heavily interested in Satan, and the whole idea of gaining power and relying on myself. I just honestly have no idea what I am doing. Any guidance would be appreciated, and I hope to find some posts regarding what I am interested in.


Hi everyone. My name is William. I’m new to all this but i’ve been intrested in demons for a long time. Im 18 years old. What more can i say? I want to start evocation and make pacts. I had some dreams about beggining with magic, that magic helped me with my life, because my life is shitty right now.

So im glad to be here and i hope i learn alot here:)

Blessings William


Hello everyone. My name is Elias, i’m 23 years old and i’m from mexico. my favorie kind of magic is th dark and i do evocations and pacts already but without much success.

Well, i’m glad to be here and i hope lear a lot of you and your methods :smiley:


Well I just created a facebook page recently. You guys can add me if you want. Look up c.j. lee in stillwater, oklahoma.


Hi, my name is Janelle & I’m currently living in small town Australia. I am a chef using medicinal & magical herbs, as well as using the energies of ingredients, & ingredient pairings to provide an experience on a mental, emotional & spiritual level while you’re enjoying your dinner. I am also an energy healer & ex forensic anthropologist.
My friends here are however very firmly & unbudgingly set on the right hand path ( each to their own ). I have always been a little more edgy & take charge than floaty & wafty & I’m finding left hand ideologies seem to suit me better.
I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas & connecting with more like minded & open minded people.