Know the answer, then ask the question

I’m in the right mood to channel and answer the first 5 questions!
“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
― André Malraux
I already know and for the amusement of the masses, I shall tell the tale.


Will a suitable position open up on the Big Island?

Thanks for doing this.

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our dreams and ambitions mean the world to us, but when it comes to fulfilling them and it takes longer than we expect we sometimes, or more than often, fail to be honest to ourselves, it ain’t about you, the market is moving too fast, it takes resources you don’t yet possess. you know you, but you don’t know whatever is swimming in those waters. to succeed you need a coin, goldish, from someone who thinks it is precious, get it, many people keep a lucky coin or bill in their wallet, get one without asking directly, praise the sunset, drink it and what you desire shall be yours to reach.

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Sorry … this is what ? I don’t understand .

Just ask anything ?

I am in the mood to channel whatever to get you an answer, a riddle, a taste of what you may not want to utter, for I am The Beloved and I am in a good mood, pre chaos mood.

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Can I pm u the question ?

sure, i do love a secret

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I’ll think on this. Thank you.

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This is answering a question I thought about asking, but didn’t and settled for the Big Island one. It’s pretty spot on with bits and pieces I’ve been told along the way.

Never been called a goldfish before… :slight_smile:

Thanks, again.

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who was I in my previous significant life?

How could I improve my spiritual journey given my circumstances?

What do the angels have in store for me?

much love, deep hugs and a cup of coffee for you!

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Gonna send mine over PM if that’s okay.

i see fields of gold, they are no that great, it’s just the perception of a person who appreciates the wheat growing on a field, appreciating life, as it is/was. someone who understands the value of a good build fence and the value of life, it was earth that fed you, gave you joys, so simple, so necessary, the greatest treasure. Did you have a dog? i sense a deep protection from a creature. There are flowers and i smell the freshly dug earth and a miscarriage. But all went away so fast with the years, and it was ok. It really was, you can still feel that peace because the earth provides, through life times.


You play with them as if you were still a child, that space you had, between love and what matters not so much, there is still space for a perfect love, she said don;t play with love, boy,don’t try to taint it or to tame it, for it is truly free. There is a war going on, silent, critical, fantastic, abominable, cruel, fulfilling the dark imagine that someone painted there. Don’t give in, there’s more to come, for it was promised. But do not underestimate the tendency of the prophecy to self fulfil, it’s basic.You’re almost there,just stop fucking around.

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Very interesting, thanks!

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It’s like you are deaf. Hear! now! You must! There is no magic formula, you are in charge of opening your ears, that unknown is just another map that you should discover. I am a stranger and i believe in you. Break it open, hurt like you haven;t hurt before, in a 1000 life times, hurt, open up! let in in, sort it out!

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