Knight Musings

28/12/22 & 29/12/22

Mood was still down, but improving. I’m pretty sure it’s the result of the purging mantra so I’ve stopped using it for now until I can get back to emotional equilibrium. Daily things still irritate me.

Have mainly been chanting the spiritual perfection and psychic power mantras. The autistic roommate’s constant pacing in front of my room pisses me off, and makes it difficult to focus on anything else. The annoyance level is off the charts, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him to knock it the fuck off. He does, technically, have the right to use the living room, but the behaviour is pretty awkward because I basically cannot step out of my room without running into him. He’s always there, even when I’m cooking in the kitchen.

I’m going to start trying to write down my dreams. I think they’re trying to tell me something.

And the adventures roll on.



I was quite unreasonably angry today. The constant pacing of the roommate is really getting on my nerves, since it is right outside of my room, and I literally cannot step outside of my door without running into him and having him stare at me. I know there is no malicious intent behind his behaviour, but it is very awkward and quite creepy to turn around and always have him standing there. I honestly don’t think my landlady should have allowed an alcoholic, autistic, former drug addict to move in (though to be fair, she didn’t know how much he drinks, or his behavioural tics, at the time). I know the pacing is a compulsion for him, but I also know he can choose when and where to indulge in it, as he didn’t start doing it until recently, when the landlady and the asshat went back to the landlady’s other house around the middle of December, though he has lived here for several months.

I’m looking at possible magical solutions because the situation is untenable. I should get to choose when to be social, not have it forced on me just because he wants to walk back and forth in the house. Perhaps King Paimon can bend his will enough to end the pacing or at least get him to find another outlet. There’s no reason why he can’t do his pacing in his own room where it doesn’t affect other people, for example.


Sounds like psychomotor agitation or/and Akathisia (the latter esp. if your roommate is already on antipsychotics and went through a drug withdrawal) to me.
If you have some room left for petitioning I would advise to ask a healing spirit (Raphael, Marbas, Buer, etc) to get your roommate an adequate medication. Blocked dopamine receptors could be the key role here, maybe a healing spirit could help with that as well.

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He’s already on a bunch of medications.


If thats the case I would think that this bunch of medication is disturbing his dopamine receptors. If he consumes coffeine and sugar it worsens the problem. (also: the alcohol)
If new medical attention to this problem won’t bring any help (because he can’t switch medications or can’t include Beta Blockers into his routine or is no candidate for a controlled alcohol withdrawal in a clinic) maybe King Paimon or Bathin (because he moves stuff and people) could inspire a sudden onset of love for talking long walks outside until exhaustion for the target :thinking:

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Mood was much better. The roommate’s Rubik’s cube broke, so there was much less pacing outside of my room, and the respite is likely to continue until he can replace it. I don’t think I had anything directly to do with the breaking of the cube, but I did put out the intention that I wanted the issue resolved.

Spiritual perfection, psychic powers, and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes each over the course of the day.

Channelled the first personal mantra for my New Year’s offering to the forum. It was an interesting experience, as I did not contact a specific entity but instead put out the intention to the universe for a mantra for the specific person, and the response was a sort of intuitive flash that my mind then had to interpret into words.

Then I got inebriated to bring in the New Year.



A lazy day.

Chanted the spiritual perfection, psychic powers, and physical vitality mantras for about twenty minutes each.

Channelled another mantra, and did a reading, for a couple of members of the forum as part of my offering.

Meditated to a binaural, and listened to a couple of subliminal tracks.

The adventures begin anew.



Spiritual perfection, psychic power, and physical vitality mantras for about thirty minutes.

Meditated to a binaural track for an hour.

Not very adventurous today.



Mantras and meditation.

The work I do can be mentally exhausting sometimes, and I’ve discovered that the physical vitality mantra can also help with revitalizing the mind, not just the body. Some of these mantras ore more versatile than they seem at first glance.

I’ve been busy and have forgotten that I need to contact Prometheus again to keep my side of the deal for training my servitors. I will have to rectify that.

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of subliminal tracks for manifestation, mainly just going to sleep while listening to them. No real effects, though I do wake up feeling tired. @Veil has described her experiments with some subliminals, like the Concordia Booster, in one of her journals, and I remembered reading about them so I thought I’d give a few a try.

The adventures continue.


4/1/23 & 5/1/23

Spiritual perfection, psychic powers, and physical vitality mantras for about twenty minutes each throughout the day. Mediation to a binaural track for an hour, and listening to a subliminal track for about thirty minutes.

Channelled another mantra as part of my New Year’s offering. Had an entity step forward as soon as I put out the intention. Couldn’t really see the being, it was shrouded in a black hooded cloak and shadows, but it gave me the mantra for the specific person and instructions for its use.

The adventures go on.



Spiritual perfection, physical vitality, and psychic powers mantras for thirty minutes.

Decided to start experimenting with the physical healing mantra. I didn’t try it out before posting it, so I thought I’d apply it to my eyes, and see if it can improve my eyesight. I wear contact lenses, and have a check up scheduled for the end of the month so I have a way of objectively measuring any possible success.

I channelled another mantra for my New Year’s offering. I had planned on also journeying, but I got inebriated and felt I should not do so while under the influence.

I successfully manifested money using the Hermetic principle of “All is Mind,” and pure intention. The manifestation appeared in my reality within 24 hours of declaring it and giving thanks for it. It wasn’t anything big, and it would be easy to pass it off as coincidence because it was money that was already coming to me, it was just held up by circumstances, but I choose to believe I was responsible for it. Rewiring my inner world to influence the outer world isn’t an easy technique for me, though. I’m old, and pretty set in my cranky, dour, and judgmental ways lol

More adventures to come.



Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for about thirty to forty minutes. I’ve decided to limit the healing mantra to fifteen minutes a day for now because, since it is being applied to my eyes, the influx of energy is giving me a headache.

I’ve been meditating to a binaural track for quite a while now. It puts me in a pretty deep altered state and I lose track of time, my hour’s meditation often turning into two. Sometimes, I even fall asleep and wake up four hours later, not even realizing it.

I’ve decided to begin work with the elements through Jason Newcomb’s New Hermetics. I’ll continue using the angelic mantras, but I thought working with the more physical energies after being wrapped in the celestial for over two years would be a nice change of pace.

I feel like there are entities patiently waiting for me, just sort of passively observing me going through life. It’s odd, like a very subtle sense of being watched mixed with a mild expectation. Very curious.

And the adventures roll on.

And the adventures roll on.



Spiritual perfection, physical vitality, and healing mantras for twenty minutes each. Had an unexpected guest dropped on me by the roommate so I curtailed my planned rituals as I was a bit self conscious about some stranger overhearing me talking to my imaginary friends lol

Spent the evening listening to some subliminal tracks and meditating to a binaural.

Finished the day’s adventures with some sexual alchemy.


DK, thanks for showing us in this thread your discipline and knowledge. Having practised so many methods, it would be very helpful if you are so kind as to make a summary of which ones have yielded the best results or none at all for you. That would be very inspiring. Thanks again for your help



Spiritual perfection, physical vitality, and healing mantras. Meditation to a binaural track.

I’m considering setting up my daily activities according to their primary elemental correspondence, with mainly Fire and Air activities in the morning and afternoon, and Water and Earth in the evening. Of course, the elemental split can’t be too strict, as life is an ever-changing ebb and flow.

Performed the Hermes and Prometheus pathworkings to retrieve my servitor legion from their training, and put them back into hibernation until I have a use for them. I will have to schedule some time to learn from Prometheus myself to fulfill my end of our deal. I’ve got so many spirits wanting to work with me now that I’ve been thinking of putting aside one specific day a week for each of them.

Fell asleep to a subliminal track to end the adventures.



Spiritual perfection, physical vitality, and healing mantras for thirty minutes. Meditation to a binaural for an hour.

In the evening, I did some light energy work, practicing the “Pulse the Web” exercise from Jason Miller’s work. I was gifted a servitor by a friend in December, and I called upon it to help break up any blocks in my energy to better facilitate my astral work. The servitor has the form of a kitty cat, and it is absolutely freakin’ adorable. I had the sense that the servitor was female.

After the energy work, I took a journey to find a familiar for someone as part of my New Year’s offering. i sent out the intention, and the response was pretty quick. Apparently there are some spirits quite interested in working as magical familiars. This one seemed to be a nature spirit who told me they had a connection to the individual I was journeying for. She was very friendly, and readily agreed to have a third party verify she wasn’t malicious. I trust myself, and my abilities, but when working for others it can sometimes be helpful to have another check my work, just in case someone tries to accuse me of shenanigans.

Once the journey was over, I asked my servitor to help remove energy blockages while I sleep. Then I put on a subliminal track and tossed and turned for awhile before finally ending the day’s adventures with sweet oblivion.



Spiritual perfection, and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes. Meditation to a subliminal for about an hour.

Was pretty busy with mundane work and ruminating on all the issues caused by someone else’s bad decision that I am left to clean up, and so didn’t feel like doing much other magical work. My energy was considerably dampened by overthinking.

Ended the day’s adventures with falling asleep to a binaural track.


12/1/23 & 13/1/23

My usual mantras and meditation. Mundane work has been keeping me busy lately, and my mental energy has been low, so I haven’t been doing any heavy magicks. I’m hoping to finish up my New Year’s offering by the end of next week though.

I’ve been looking at several of the grimoires I have, trying to choose something to work through and perhaps journal about in a separate thread on the forum. I have so many goals to accomplish in a short amount of time, so I’m looking for what will be the most bang for my buck, as well as what might be interesting for others to read about.

And the adventures continue to roll onward.


14/1/23 and 15/1/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for about twenty minutes. Meditation to a binaural for an hour.

Still can’t make up my mind about what magick I want to work through. There are so many options pulling at me lol



Just mantras and meditation as usual.

I’ve been switching up the binaural track I’ve been meditating to, and experimenting with different frequencies.

End of the adventures.