Kingdoms of Flame

After having skipped over this book for a while now, I got the unmistakable nudge that I should seriously consider reading it. It apparently had something in it that those I work with decided I would find beneficial.

If I’m being honest, I have my own studies I was more interested in pursuing, despite the good things I’ve heard about the spirits in it from members here. I asked for honest feedback from some friends and bought the book without reading the sample download.

Once I started reading it, it became clear internally that this would be something I would find of immense value when worked through. So here we are.


Theme song for this first part is the hour long version of Kavinsky’s Night Call. Pop it into a new window and enjoy. Or don’t.

I’ve been preparing to start the KoF rituals this morning. The initial symbols and incantations have been drawn in the front, I’ve written out the order of the Gate opening ritual. Read and reread various passages to reduce the number of times I mess up until I find the rhythm that experience typically provides.

I was guided towards using a pendulum to determine which of all the Kingdoms to start with. The thought of simply starting from the front and following the presented pattern left me with the impression that there was a better way to go about it. I listed out all of the kingdoms and then just ended up using my pen and listening to the impressions I got when I ran over them all with my eyes closed. I kept hitting on the Kingdom of Blue Flame. Thus, the first entity will be the Grand Demon Satagraal.

I decided to open the gate first and go through it before opening the Kingdom of Blue Flame square.

I energetically drew the circle, the triangle, the inner circle of the triangle, and the other symbols both inside and outside these areas. I thought about using chalk or pencil, since I am moving in less than ix months and don’t want to repaint. The truth is that I don’t have the space to do it any other way than energetically, if it has to be large enough to be in. I opted to sit instead of lay in it and had to do it in daylight. Everything laid out, it was time to get to it.

I began the banishment and protection incantations and the incantation for the gate. Three quarters of the way through the gate incantation, I realized I forgot the symbols at the top of the “drawn” gateway. While I knew I could continue and it would work, it felt off. It was at this point that I heard an unknown voice say, “(draw them) and start over”. I did and noticed it was certainly much stronger at the same point.

(I did do it around 1030 am, as it was going to be the best time for privacy for the rest of the day. I felt it would’ve been more immersive (and require less focus) and had fewer neighborhood distractions at night.)

The gate opened. I projected into it and found myself in a nothingness that seemed both vast and confined. It was different than projecting myself into the Abyss in my work through of The Necromancer. The “air” was still, dead still, but with an infinite potential that was just on the verge of humming with strength. Very strange and nothing I’ve felt before. I paused for a while to simply exist in it. I could also tell I wasn’t entirely alone. Another presence was diffuse, but there, paying attention to what I was doing. I knew it wasn’t Satagraal, but it didn’t feel like a threat. I also couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it was.

I decided to work towards manifesting my ideal life in the future. There is a scenario I work on in the mundane (both mundanely and magically). I brought it to the Regnum Spiritus, envisioned it, felt its success, and sent it off. I don’t cling to it when I give it “boosters” and wouldn’t here, either. I’m simply paying for it in advance.

But it wouldn’t leave. It remained attached to me I tried several times to get it to go, but it wouldn’t. Was this somehow a frivolous request? I felt that wasn’t the case. So, on a whim, I posed it to the working itself.

“Your health”, I heard. I wasn’t expecting an answer, which was clearly coming from myself in some way. I added in the health component (which I had left out), and it took of without delay. That was odd and I had no idea why I even thought to “ask” it. (I considered leaving this part out, but left it in, since it was part of the experience).

I did forget to mention that I could “see” the Blue Kingdom when I first landed to wherever I landed in that place. It seemed close, yet distant. I felt I could’ve travelled to it, but knew I should open it properly at least the first time.

The working done, I returned to the present.

I grabbed the square for the kingdom and opened it. I could already feel Satagraal’s notice as the gateway was overlaid with the square for the kingdom. I spent a little more time gazing into it after it opened, to sync more with the changes in the environment. I opened Satagraal’s sigil and knew he was expecting me. I projected into the square.

And knew I was not in the Blue Kingdom. I was looking at an idyllic rolling countryside and the castle in front of me had onion shaped domes more like those seen in the Russian Orthodox Church. I knew that the voice and presence I had heard and felt was inside of it. I knew that there was a strong association with the color blue, which was on only one of the towers of the three I could see.

I went inside and was greeted by an entity that looked more scholarly than warrior-like. There was no fierceness in him and I didn’t pick up on any particular skill or affinity. He could sense my confusion and knew I had no mistrust of him (which is odd for me).

“I will help guide you, when needed” was all he said and I knew the conversation was done. I could also feel Satagraal was ready for my arrival and that he knew this was happening.

I instantly moved into the blue nebulous environment of the Blue Kingdom. I was only there for a few seconds before I found myself standing before Satagraal. He was certainly more serious, with a deeper focus than the previous entity. He looked at/through me and nodded, “Call on mine”. I also got a quick flash that the trip to the other location was planned. The meeting was done before I could ask who would even be first. I returned.

Since the gate was going to be used for the whole path, I decided to keep it open, with restrictions on who and what could come through and for what reasons. I blooded a piece of paper I connected to it, stated my intention, pushed them into the paper, and burnt it. I’ll have to put in an exception for it when I do the banishment and protection portion of the ritual. I will also no hesitate to close it if the energies become a problem.

After doing some digging, I found that I had gone to the Third Kingdom of Flames and met Frontasch, the Spirit Guide. Made sense.


No rest for the wicked. A friend was being troubled by a thug and I had a feeling I should offer to help. In the Blue Kingdom, there is a demon that binds an enemy and their abilities. I hadn’t quite come down from the ritual earlier (on a hunch, I didn’t ground). Looks like I’ll be meeting Fortiar soon than expected. Since it’s the first meeting, I’ll be journeying to meet him, rather than just evoking him through regular means.

I went through the Banishing and Protection incantation and the invocation of the gate. The gate was still present, so I stripped off the barrier, but didn’t have to put any additional energy into activating it.

I opened the square for the kingdom until it overlaid the gate. I opened and overlaid Satagraal’s sigil over this and Fortiar’s over that. I could feel his awareness of the task before the ritual had begun, but felt I should still open his sigil.

I projected into the sigil and found myself looking at a short, balding man in old robes, with completely white eyes. Ironically, his eyes didn’t bother me at all, but I was a little taken back from his apparel and appearance. I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem to mind.

F: “I know why you’re here. I accept. What exactly are you wanting?” I knew this was as much to meet the expectations as it was to have something to speak about.

M: “I want him bound. I want his healing and protection powers and abilities bound.” Not knowing how far I was supposed to take it (and he was looking at me expectantly after stating the above), “I want him bound from all good things (while the other workings are taking effect)”.

He indicated he would do ‘some’ of the “all good things”. Fair enough. He didn’t elaborate on what would or wouldn’t happen. I verified the target’s name.

F: “From now on, evoke me in the triangle (my ritual area)”

I returned.


Evidently, I was going to call Thalos tonight.

(The conversation had already started when he stopped it to say…)
T: “Write this down. You will forget (this is partially true).”
"Good. You are correct in your original intent (hunch, it was a baneful application to advanced astral abilities reaching into the physical). It is a manifestation of the other work, not the goal (itself).

(He meant it was a manifestation of attainment of a certain level of proficiency and shouldn’t be directly sought out as the goal)

M: “So, it’s more like a ‘symptom and not the cause’ sort of thing” (He didn’t appreciate that, but didn’t flat-out disagree, since he knew I understood what he was saying. He just disapproved. It happens, with my personality type).

T: “You have been ‘working’ in your sleep lately, thus your fatigue. You ‘serve’ with Ma’at in the (path of the) Gates. (This is true) We will strike a balance. That is all.”

M: “This is passive?” (He didn’t appreciate the question - and questioning of him , but this was all I could pick up.)

T: “You can project. You can journey, Yes, they need strengthened, but this is going to be best achieved over time, as you sleep” (so you’ll ask fewer initial questions was part of the impression I got. I wondered if I should project to him next time)

T: “Fine, use the triangle (when you call me again)”

He was a bit impatient, but did get to the point. I felt I was interrupting or disturbing him, but it hadn’t been my idea to call on him. I was pulled into ritual and hadn’t planned on doing anything of the sort tonight. I leafed through the electronic book (seems odd to say) and came upon Thalos, It was a hit, so the above happened.

In the description, it says he’s formless, bit I could “see” a representation of sorts. The words didn’t come from it, but came from the environment. The mouth never moved and although it was always moving back and forth, it never actually looked at me or made eye contact. Almost like I was watching a live performance with a voiceover.

I suppose the truth about his statements will be known when I see results, remember scraps of learning things in this area when I wake up, or when I speak to Ma’at and she confirms it. I sing to her during my weekday commute, so this is the most likely.


Small-ish update tonight. I was given the nudge earlier today that the June MFWB group is a perfect time to get to know some of the KoF spirits in a practical way. I was told that I should project to each of the Kingdoms, to meet the Grand Demon, Grand Spirit, or Grand Angel of each Kingdom, to access them more readily.

The truth is that I’m following the process because I want to respect these spirits. I could call them in evocation much more simply, BUT not more respectfully with the initial contact. I forge relationships with the spirits that I work with. Not necessarily one-sided ones (I call out Belial, Lucifer, and Abaddon when I feel like I’m being short-changed, for example). It should be a give-and-take.

I was thinking about and reflecting upon the Blue Kingdom when I was told to consider opening all of the Kingdoms, so I could pull from those most appropriate for that group. Despite wanting to run down a list/script to keep it nice and neat, I could see the sense in this. Thus, I will do this. I won’t pretend to know how this would affect the dynamics of working with each spirit, but what I do know is that I was given a “tip” to use them out of order.

That’s really all I have to say. I don’t feel I should do this tonight. There are other rituals I have to do tonight. I’ve done a few smaller stepping stone ones tonight, but they aren’t in pursuit of the KoF path.


I was given the impression to open the squares for the other kingdoms in preparation for the June MFWB group (I’ve stated this, but it’s in my grimoire, so bear with me). I don’t know which I’ll need, so I will open them all and speak with the Grand X. There’s no sense in not going down the list as it is given in the book. I will draw the squares in my grimoire as I work with them through the regular process. I will make temporary squares for the group work to keep the grimoire clean(er).

I opened the first square and the sigil of Martal. When I had overlaid both over the gate, I heard “Project into the Flame, my child”. It meant the sigil, so I did.

I was greeted by a kindly, bald, old man with an enormously long goatee. He was moving about the small room, making adjustments to items I couldn’t really see, but reminded me of offering refreshment to a guest. He wore a long robe of mostly yellow and red, with pink accents here and there. His motions acted like we were having tea, specifically, but I didn’t see any of that, either.

"Thank you for coming. (I nodded). Most see me first, but you (rightly) did what you were told to (and started with the Blue Kingdom). Not a problem (I got the impression this was because I had listened to it). You did well.

I know why you’re here (so soon) - for your group. Open the other squares. They will cooperate. Now go. Go and open them, to help the others. And yourself (?)".

The talk was done and I returned. When I looked at some of the other squares, they felt more “warm” and “accommodating”. Not “friendly”, but more accessible.

The gate was still open and I still had focus left, so it was time to do another.

I cleared the gate of the sigil and first square.

I overlaid the second square and the sigil of Keltemtal. "Come:, was what I heard, not unkindly, but almost impatient to get it over with. I entered the sigil.

I was face to face with an entity completely covered with cloth. I could faintly see a turban and face mask that were the same color as the rest of the garb. I could see his hands. As a sign of respect and good faith, he sheathed the sword he was holding and showed me his hands. I did the same.

“I know why you’re here. I accept and approve.”

As soon as I nodded, he made a gesture and I was sent back. While I want to say he’s “all business”, he did take the time to meet with me as I arrived, without delay. I could tell he was busy, but with what, I don’t know.

I opened the square to the Three Wise Men. Not knowing which one or how many of the three I would use, I was going to project through the square and meet each at the central location. This was prevented and I felt a gentle resistance to this when I tried. I knew I could push past it, but felt a more elegant solution was appropriate. I opened each one-by-one.

“Come to me.”

Fastos talked a mile a minute and introduced me to the other two. I suggested I still open their sigils and he agreed it was still expected. Of the three, he seemed to be the spokesman of the encounter. He kept directing my attention elsewhere, so he was outside of it. Like he was always speaking from behind me. Once I had been introduced to the other two, it was time to end this part of the conversation.

I opened the second and heard, “Come if you must.”

I started off and gave a slight bow.

“We’ve met.”, he responded. Meton was somber and slow of movement. He sent me back without saying more.

I got ready to open the third when I heard, “Come, we have work to do.”

I projected to Atron and he simply looked at me without expression. “Use me well. Now go.”

I guess I was expecting more from the encounter with the Three Wise Men, but could also tell that they (especially the last two) were results-oriented and didn’t seem to be relationship oriented at all. Not a bad thing.

I was losing focus at this point, since I’d done a few other things throughout the day. I decided that this was a good stopping point.


More awesome work, my friend! :star_struck:

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Thanks. It doesn’t explicitly say to overlay the sigils in the book itself that I can recall. That’s simply my method of making sure I get to the entity I want to get to. If the squares dump you in a non-specific area, but I want to make contact with a specific spirit, it seem to make sense to overlay the spirit’s sigil (once connected to it) and project into that. If nothing else, I’m closer to the proximity of the spirit.

In these cases, I’ve been going to a similar scene to meet them. The details are different for each room I land in, but the presence of the spirit and my focus on it takes away from those details. Like in the Three Wise Men tower, there were several types of bookshelves and some spiral stair cases to more, upper shelves. But I couldn’t describe what they looked like with detail. It’s interesting in that sense.


I opened the Second ingdom of Flames square and Pendralion’s sigil. When I projected through, I was greeted energetically by him. He was young, almost teen looking, with long, blond hair worn loosely. He indicated he he knew this was about the group and that I would be using them for workings. He ended the conversation and sent me back before I could say anything else.

I was given the impression that a more “formal” conversation will happen when I work through that kingdom.

The Kingdom of Shadows was next. As I opened the square and then moved to do the sigil of Terratur, an air compressor released some pressure and startled me. I’m sure it was amusing to anyone that saw it.

When I got back into state, I projected through the sigil. I found myself in a swamp clearing, standing on a small dirt mound where I was looking at Terratur. He looked like a minotaur and this caught me off-guard. I realized it was a helmet, despite the darkness, but it felt like a part of him, too. There was little light to see anything else.

“You may use us _____” Here, I both heard and got impressions of three different words for the blank. Undead One, Undead Worker, and a third I couldn’t quite catch, but knew if occurred. They wouldn’t repeat it, either. No accompanying pictures or impressions with the third and I was a little disappointed, to be honest.

The words came from the spirits in the swamp I could feel, but not see very many of. Terratur didn’t say anything, but the impression that I from him at this point was that I can call upon any of the spirits in the Kingdom without needing to go through him as a formality. I also got the impression that I resonated with this Kingdom already, likely due to my psychopomp and necromancy work. Rather than getting sent back, I returned when I wanted to.

I projected through Lotir’s sigil and came to her on her throne. She rarely looked at me, but knew and accepted that I was there. She indicated that I wouldn’t be doing much with her for the MFWB group, due to the more immediate nature of the group. I was shown that a friend could use her help. I will have to consult my friend to see if she’s interested or not.

The whole time, she reminded me of a dreamy version of Galadriel from LOTR.

I was given the impression that I wouldn’t be doing much work with her, personally. I couldn’t tell if it also extended to the rest of the spirits in the Kingdom of the Red Flame.

I opened the Second Kingdom of Night’s square, then Adakamon’s sigil. I found myself looking at a foggy landscape that seemed to be vibrating intensely with energy. This vibration was made more intense by the fog obscuring most of the landscape, leaving little to look at and take my mind off of it.

Adakamon was dressed in light and medium leather and held a gladius. He indicated that I would be using them for one request. I asked about the utter lack of any sound. He said that I turned off my hearing automatically, to not hear the screams. The intense vibration was my way of sensing the sound without hearing it. He said the contemptuously and it was clear he was looking for a fight.

At this point, he got rude, I got rude back, and things got tense quickly. Frontasch, the Guide, appeared to remind me that it was Adakamon’s kingdom. Very well. I returned.

I was losing focus at this point and called it for the time being. Two more to go.



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I opened the square to the Third Kingdom of Flames and Enkidorat’s sigil. I delayed a bit to sink into the sigil and square when I heard, “Come to me.” I projected into the sigil.

Unlike the description, I met a middle aged, fit, short haired main with equal grey and dark brown hair. His eyes would change from blue to purple and seemed to be different shades every time he looked at me. I was so fixated on his eyes that I only noticed he had a robe on, but no details.

I was bid welcome by him and he approved of my efforts at Ascension, which is his specialty (among others). He did say I could call on him and those of the Kingdom for workings with the group and said that not many would match (the kingdom’s specialties).

As I was writing this down and looking over the descriptions of the members, I was told to call on the protector “right now”. Which I will do.

Which I did. He presented similarly to a “Plague Doctor” in appearance. I could feel Enkidorat verify the entity (and Frontasch, when I was still wavering), as the description didn’t come remotely close to what I was seeing. I exchanged some words with him to help with any blockages I’m not aware of (and those I suspect). He agreed to assist. I don’t know what the rush is/was, but it seemed genuine.

I opened the square of the Fourth Kingdom of Flames and then the sigil of Zadkal. I projected.

I came to a sterile room. I was a “purposed” room, meaning it was for the study of a particular part of a specific topic or area of interest. It reminded me of a lb. I felt comfortable with everyone in the room (at least four other entities) and they were comfortable with me. I used to work in a Biotech lab once upon a time. I felt a sort of acceptance both for and from them. This was reflected in Zadkal. I can call upon them as needed, with his “blessing” already given.

I walked around the room for a little bit (I could stay as long as I wanted) before coming back. Their experiments must’ve been outside of my realm of knowledge, because I couldn’t quite piece together what they were doing, but, in that place, I “knew” they were performing them correctly. I felt like I had an “understanding” of those experiments, but couldn’t place any single piece of it into what I knew.

These were the last two squares of the book to open and whose Grand Angel/Demon/Spirit I needed to contact to set up my part of the group working. Now, I’ll be making a private “cheat sheet” for the spirits of each Kingdom. I can’t publish it, as it would cause issue for those who haven’t purchased the book. I think it cost $10 USD on Kindle (Amazon). I’d prefer a physical copy I could mark up and make notes in, but electronic still works.

(Semi)Pro-Tip - Don’t read it in your browser. The Table of Contents doesn’t work. It does on my Android phone, so that’s easier to navigate to specific parts of the book without using Bookmarks and Notes.


About an hour ago, I decided call upon one of Terratur’s entities, Heptomaltor, to go after a target on my running list I keep. When I see a news article where I feel more justice should be inflicted, I add it to the bottom of the list. I then pull from the top of the list when I feel I should go after someone. The majority of these are child predators, which means I have no guilt about going after them.

Heptomaltor is a demon of torture and in the book description it says he’s so ugly he’s hard to look at. He was absolutely disfigured and wore it like a badge of honor. I did ask why he was disfigured and could tell that there was a method to it. It was done to him, not there originally. He wouldn’t say anything about it and then it hit me - he did it to himself. His chuckle when I realized this was my confirmation.

Heptomaltor isn’t someone you call on for petty spats. Today’s target was a former policeman that abused his position to target children and teens. He accepted the request, I paid him with some blood upon my return, and now this former policeman’s easy life in prison’s about to get a lot harder.


I was listening to Mesarthim - Laniakea when I finally got out into my ritual space at 1930 hours. I wasn’t planning on going into ritual, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I projected to Paltator of the Blue Kingdom. My Vision and Sight have been worked on (I started with psychic exercises 30 years ago, because that’s what I could get my hand on at the time), but who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want them improved?

I projected to a long, brown haired individual whose sex I could barely tell. Frankly, he was attractive and I could feel it, but that isn’t my thing, so it didn’t last. He did appreciate it, though. He knew why I was there and agreed to help.

There are a few things I wanted to bring up. I’m used to entities knowing why I’ve called on them. It’s usually obvious, as I’ve been focused on them and the topic during my pre-ritual. With Goetics and similar, the like to hear it stated. They’ve said this a few times, to state it, in however many words it takes (I’m not gifted with words, if you haven’t noticed). I’ve been told this partially formalizes it and the choice of words helps formulate the intent, when it isn’t clear (obviously, pushing intent plays a role). This could just be how they deal with me (and my issues describing things), but I don’t think so. It’s too formalized for that.

With the opening of the gate, then the squares, the the Grand X sigil, and then the specific entities sigil, they’ve been accepting before I can get the request out. I have no reason to doubt their willingness and resolution to see the task through, but it’s so abrupt that I end up stating it anyhow, to “formalize” it.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the method I am using to do this, but I don’t really know in a comprehensive way at this point.

But he didn’t ask me for anything for his services. Neither did Heptomaltor. I “paid” Heptomaltor, but I can’t say it was necessary. Paltator didn’t ask for anything in return. This coincides with a conversation with a friend (and some Goetics) that have said I give too much (in offerings that may not be needed for work). That’s another topic, though.


I projected to Sasten and he threw my off by offering his hand with his greeting. He was pleasant and agreed to help further develop my clairs. An interesting thing he said was that they’re already developed, but needed things cleared out of the way to basically muffle them less.

He moved onto the topic of shape shifting and essentially (pleasantly) called me out for not looking into it. I’ve not been interested in it, but I did hear him out.

I asked what the purpose was for learning it and he indicated that it would allow one to feel, think, and know as animals do. I commented that I could project into am animal to learn this, couldn’t I? He did find it amusing and also agreed it was possible, but then dropped that there are alchemical reasons for doing it his way.

“Why would I want to shift into a lower life form for alchemical reasons?”

“Because they’re only lower if you aren’t skilled (in shapeshifting).” He didn’t go into detail and I don’t know how much of that was because I don’t really have a knowledge base in this area.

He indicated that he would be calling upon me at different points during the clearing of the clairs and when it comes time for shapeshifting. He did indicate I would need to put in some work to really get into it and I guess I’ll see what that means when I get there.

This concludes my initial calling of the entities in the Kingdom of Blue Flame. It’s clear that I will continue working with some of them for a while. I did another working earlier, so I’m going to hold off on figuring out which Kingdom is next.


Awesome, my friend. Sastan doesn’t often mention his speciality of shapeshifting. That’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

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I read it in the descriptions, but had no interest. I always looked at the topic as more roleplay that anything else, so that may have what caused him to say something about it. Maybe he wanted it taken a little more seriously than I typically would. I figure I’ll look into it when he brings it up, honestly.


Today, I decided to reach into my list of worthy targets. This particular person ruined others because they literally tried to help her and her causes. But since they did everything thing they could, bit not everything she wanted, they got blacklisted and lost their multi-location business. For this other person’s agenda. This target exerted her will upon others. That happens, of course. She’s also an admitted witch, but I suspect that witchtok talk is more her style… Guess it’s time to see.

First, I called upon Gorka, of the 2nd Kingdom of Night, who slays men by their own hands or the hands of other men. This was to cause her to topple by her own actions, which should follow her from then on. This is fitting, since she ruined others with her words that weren’t backed by evidence or even credibility. I could post my sources, but this would dox the task and potentially set me up for liability. A bottom feeder like her would do it.

I then called on Fortiar from the Blue Kingdom, to bind her and her abilities. Truth is, when I reached out using her name, I didn’t feel I had much to worry about. She’s a loud mouth rabble rouser, first and foremost. We can take it up a few notched if need be. I think most of her power is in her mouth, which doesn’t trouble me.

I’ve held onto this entry in my list for almost a year at this point. Best to let it go free. One thing about letting your targets simmer for a while is that when you let them go, you’re used to not remembering them…