King Solomon’s curse

He mentioned names of who is going to do the curse and I should write them on paper. But do while making a pentagram?

(If you’re interested, type in Clavicule of Solomon pdf, and you will see a website called ‘tomegatherion’, once you’re at the pdf slide down to page 42, when you’re there could someone explain me how to carry out this curse?

Maybe you are not concious enough to use this sort of “magick”

but atleast you have been noted, you that was your will

I’ve done what you’ve done. Problem is, when left alone the person keeps going. I might as well ask for protection or deal with him myself. It’s really annoying when you think of leaving somebody alone they would stop. In this case the person might have to be destroyed. And I don’t ask people to do it for me, I accept it of course but if I do it alone I’m ensured the curse it done.

This is a black magick forum, right?

@rayparlour there are easier ways to do what you want to do, all that old magick still can be done but it’s a little outdated. I mean, I like to draw with nibs, but markers are overall better in most situations


Such as? What are powerful ways then? Cheers

Use the search button, this is a black magick forum, it is full of threads about what you are asking for

Ok thanks bro

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I would also advice you not to be so specific about the results you want, because that will make those results less likely to happen if you don’t have the skills. Take a look at what authors usually offer in their books as results of the spells they teach and the way they formulate the petitions

Ok bro thanks didn’t know about that.

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Moralising and preaching is actually against the rules of this forum. It’s easy to do - I’ve done it myself I’m sure - but it’s really not what we’re here for, and definitely not what the OP asked, which makes it off topic and thread-derailing on top of just being unhelpful from a magickal practice perspective.


Thank you bro.

You’re welcome.

Have you noticed this forum has different categories? If you use the drop down at top left, you can check out the entire Curses category.

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Yeah I did that

Well, from there you can search for keywords just in that category.

As far as the Key of Solomon curse goes, to do that you also need to buy three incenses, have two fires going, have pre-prepared consecrated pen and paper. It’s a lot of faff when there are much easier ways.

Get one of these books and try the methods in them:
Baneful Magik by E A Koetting
Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield
The Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove (look up Raum)

Or go to E. A. Koetting’s channel on youtube like I mentioned before, and search ‘curse’. He demonstrates several rituals start to finish on there as well with full detailed explanations.

I do NOT recommend the Lesser Keys of Solomon.
It attempts to coerce entities in the name of a god that isn’t you that you may or may not believe in, and tend to piss them off, making them shortchange you at best and trick you at worst. I find it very old patriarchal energy that might have been more effective in the age of Pisces, but is no longer appropriate or very powerful now we’re well on our way into the age of Aquarius, which is all about knowledge, cooperation and co-creation, not slavery.
Times change, and magick changes with it as new energy is anchored all the time. That’s my tuppence anyway.


Moved this thread to the baneful magick category. I personally do not work with solomonic magic (I work with the same spirits but a different style). Perhaps someone who goes to this category often will be of better assistance than I can be.

@Maulbeere makes some great points and references. I’d like to add Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield as another recommendation for baneful magick

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