King Paimon's evocation and revelations

Hello, today I’m going to talk about my first evocation with the majestic King Paimon and the revelations he did to me after that. It’s going to be long, but I think it’s a wonderful experience. I’ll try to have my best english.

A few days ago, I asked @AdamThoth to advise me and help me with a special request. I wanted the right demon for it, and as I am new in this field I needed the opinion of a more advanced person. What he did.

He sent me several demons to help me, one of whom, The Great King Paimon. I wanted to establish a contact directly even if I did not have anything to make an adequate offering or a real welcome worthy of the name, because I was impatient to get to know him.

It was my second evokation (but the first with him) so I wasn’t expecting something big. I was just in front of my laptop looking at his sigil and beginning to meditate on it. I started to call him. After doing this for a few minutes (it was really rapid) I had a strange vision like everything was a little bit blurred except the sigil. I also felt something in my chest like a sort of “oppression” if I can describe it like that, and it was quite strong.

I thought that it was him so I welcomed him and I apologized for not receiving him as he deserved (with candles, incense, …) but I do precised that I was too impatient to get to know him so I didn’t want to wait. I told him that the next time I would approach him, he would be received the way he should be. I spoke about the fact that @AdamThoth send him to me, that I was thankfull for his help, that I could help him if he wanted and that I would thank him as he should be.

Naturally, I started to speak about me a little bit but then I thought that he might be not really interested in what I had to say so I just asked him if he could give me a sign the night in my dream so I would know that he was listening to me.

After that, really happy and surprised because it was really easy and quick to get in touch with him, I fell in the arms of Morpheus.

My request was made very quickly : three hours later I woke up in the middle of the night (4:33 precisely) and had a strange dream. Since it’s pretty long I’m not going to describe it here but I can tell you that my dream beginned with a demon, that it was related to my past and present and that I still need to analyze everything.

Second part

I didn’t want to sleep anymore so I decided to make research about him on the forum. After reading some topics, my interest went towards one of the topic of @AlphaC :

And one of his answer retained my attention :

This answer made me remember a detail of one past experience I had 7 years ago. To be short, I had visions for a month, every night, of people screaming and same as described @AlphaC, Hellfire. Also in the vision, the face of a man kept coming at me every seconds. You can read the full story here if you want :

Continuing to seek for informations about King Paimon, I found another topic this time, it was the answer of @dollarvaluemenu who was strange to me, I’ll mark in bold the passage in question :

It felt strange because actually, the men fixing at me in my visions, 7 years ago had medium length hair with a beard. I started to think that it could possibly be King Paimon. I was talking to @AdamThoth of everything, and it makes him wants to talk with him.

I asked @AdamThoth if he could speak to The Great King for me because since he has developped more abilities than me, he could actually hear what I cannot.

The conversation

Me : Tell him I already like him and I can’t wait to have a bond with him if he thinks I’m worthing it. I think he will answer you more easily because you developped your abilities, not me. We will see, maybe he’s going to say I’m not worthy

@AdamThoth : As I read this he was speaking to me saying you are not wrong in your assumptions. You are worthy.

Me : Tell him thank you so much for giving an answer, and tell him I can’t wait to serve him as he sould be. Just ask him if it was him when I was little please…

@AdamThoth : Got a huge fucking yes! And get this he showed me the woman in blue, Vapula, and get this it’s exactly what you need right now… The coincidence is in-fucking believable…

( In The Chronicles of Thoth, you will understand who’s the woman in blue. It’s related to Adam, but in this case, that woman was proposed by The Great King for me because she had the perfect ability to help with my request. I can’t tell you how much I was shocked to get finally the answer after 7 years. )

Me : My eyes are coming out of my eyes at this moment. Tell him, I’m so thankfull to finally meet him and having the luck of being helped by him. Also, thank him for Vapula so much. Tell him I can’t wait to be in contact with him, that I made some research about him and that now I know what he likes, I will do something really nice to please him.

Also, just ask him if my dream was something sended / related from / to him please?

@AdamThoth : He says yes. And to google love beetle Carlyle which I did and this came up.

Me : Wait… There’s writted I love you and everything… Is it for me? Tell him if it’s for me I love him too. And ask him (after that I’ll stop bothering) if it’s okay for him if sometimes I just want to spend time with him doing casual things like watching movies together not in a friend way, I do know that he’s superior, just to show him how much I love spending time with him and how much I want to bond with him. That’s the last request I’ll have for today after that I’ll let you speak with him. Don’t forget to say thank you so much my Beloved King

@AdamThoth : He says he can know your thoughts and already knows what is in your heart. And to expect another dream a test of your moxey. Moxey means courage, determination, and attitude. All in one word. But you need the woman in blue. And he loves you wanted you to know he cares about you like a daughter.

Me : Tell him my mom called me the cowardly dog one time it’s not for nothing but I will try to be really courageous for him.

After that, the conversation continued but that was the most important part. I don’t want the topic to be too long.

I can’t tell you how much I feel shocked by all these revelations, even more because it was all after one very simple evokation, when I was writing the post, I could feel the same feeling that I had when I was doing the evokation and it’s like he’s happy that I’m doing it.

I feel really lucky to have been able to make such a fast contact with him, so shocked about the fact that he care about me like a daughter… I’ve always had a bad and low vision of myself so I wasn’t expecting that he would say such things about me.

He feels really friendly and is totally patient and understanding with humans (I was complaining and talking useless things about myself and he didn’t even go)… He’s amazing. Next time I’ll go straight to the point with him (questions/answers not complaining,…) but I do want to spend time with him to build a strong bond.

Thank you for reading, don’t hesitate to contact him, he’s just perfect. That’s my opinion.



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I’m happy to be part of this part… Of your journey and path. I just know you will do well and advance quickly.


I can confirm that this definitely sounds like King Paimon. From my experiences with him, the description given is on point. He will help you.


That’s amazing! Well done @Freaya I’m sure you will have an amazing journey with him.


You’ll enjoy working with King Paimon. Great teacher and an overall wonderful spirit.


well done babygirl :wink:


@AdamThoth Thank you again for your help and support. I’m happy too that you’re a part of this!

@cyberseeker Amazing! I’m really surprised couldn’t believe it. When you speak about the description, is it about the global experience or the physical description? Because I’m really curious of how he appeared to you in this case.

@Flirtingflower Thank you!! I can’t wait to start this.

@dollarvaluemenu I can already feel that, he’s so great. I really hope to build a real strong bond with him. But he seems so friendly it was unexpected at all.

@ebdr merci chaton :black_heart:


je te love bébé


Et moi alors! :heart: