King Paimons daughter

Hey, I’m gonna keep this as short as possible.
Here are some background info.
Lucifer was the first spirit that came to me without my will, I was a faithful christian and very young so yeah you get the point. It was very intense between us but later we became super close.
So I started to read about the 72 Goetia a couple of years after Lucifer’s guidance. As fast as I read about Paimon I got stuck, he was the one but he wasn’t recommended for beginners so I started with someone else as a way to gain experience and understanding. Later on I started to work with Azazel. I also work with my guardian AA Gabriel to keep my balance and always being there for me whenever I need his guidance etc.

But recently I found out I am King Paimons daughter which is confirmed by another magichian that works intense with Paimon, Lucifer and Paimon himself. Obviously. I was very happy ofcourse and then time went on. Now I am under one of my “biggest” spiritual changes according to Lucifer, a sort of awakening but more intense. I started to question who I am, how it affects everything etc. Lucifer, Paimon and Azazel are going to guide me in this and shape me. I have to invoke Lucifer and the next day Azazel and then the next day Paimon, repeat. (It’s temporary)

So my point is that I’m trying to collect as much info as I can about my roots. Fine, I’m his daughter but how does that affect my soul and for other spirits and in the astral realm? Paimon has recently now told me so far is that I have demonic DNA in me (not biologically) I asked him how this affects my energy, he simply said " it’s more powerful, it’s empowered " But he wants me to find out by myself more, not him giving me a story about myself. So I appreciate anything helpful information about this. :blush:


More powerful than what?

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Compared to the typical human energy I guess🤷
What extraordinary stuff im reading those days in here :flushed:

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More powerful than what my energy would be like if I wasn’t his daughter. The thing is Ive gotten signs of it too, before. Years ago I was in an other forum for witches and I remember a couple of witches out of nowhere sent me a message saying that when they felt my energy it somehow “chained” them. I didn’t understand at all by that time and I was like never mind. Then I notice on me doing spell works, I don’t need to do much for getting a lot of results. But he also said to me lately " You are so weak compared on what you really are, you have no idea what you’re capable of. " There’s a lot of things going on rn and it sucks that there’s not much info about this to find.

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Exactly :neutral_face:

Haha you are sooo not the only one, same here. :joy:

Well in this case, we can’t provide you info,
YOU will tell us what you are experiencing from now and on and we re just gonna be like whaaa look at her :smile::pray:
Btw I love your father, he is so wise and easy going, just chill man. Yoo tell him greetings :rofl:🤷

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I didn’t know there was a measuring scale for energy and demonic energy is somehow above human energy. :thinking:
The “typical” human being has more to offer than many people recognise.


If King Paimon doesn’t tell you information about you or your background, why don’t you ask other spirits about it? I had a similar situation. Astaroth did not want to talk about it, but King Paimon, on the contrary, helped to find out about me, the world where my soul came from, and other information related to my life.


This is very interesting, I never thought King Paimon would have children!

As for your dilemma, only you can truly figure this out, you have Infernal royal blood in you, cool :smiley:

try working in depth with King Paimon about this, maybe he wants you to walk your path on your own to find out just how truly powerful you are

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A spirit’s children are basically other spirits that were created by that spirit. More often than not, a high ranking spirit creates multiple beings. These beings obviously share some of the original spirit’s energy, so it’s indeed more empowered.

In other words, if you create a servitor, it’s basically your child (even if you don’t call it that). So it’s not weird for a high ranking spirit to create multiple other spirits).


Well in this case is what King Paimon stated there :neutral_face: but i find it logical if she is his child to have something from his “gold” Identity and capabilities.
@Manosman you can call @Jug kinda sister then I guess :laughing:

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King Paimon is my godform in the sense that he’s me and I am him. But he has told me that he has created myriads of beings. Some of them serve him in his armies.


But I was refering to this statement, which talks about demonic energy in general.


What I know is that King Paimon can have children from other spirits. But I didn’t go deep into the topic of childbirth or children when working with him.

My bad then, i thought she meant the human not the demonic . Got confused here
So King Paimon compared it with the rest demonic, if the energy she @Jug has is more powerful.(?)

I have seen this used to mean a spiritual child, as a parent looks over and guides their child, but definitely still human (and not of direct lineage).

It also means you have a lot of work ahead to be “worthy” of it.


Exactly, spiritual. I never believed I was anything less humanly. Sorry if I wasn’t clear with that.

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This. :relieved:

And that’s why this:

Gives me a weird feeling. :thinking:


He semi possessed my father when they created me, he was there when my mom gave birth to me along with AA Gabriel.

Really? why? lmao I’m getting worried.