King paimon tortures woman in hell

This kinda got me mainly because even Paimon calls himself half way decent sometimes lol.


I recall considering asking to King Paimon to help me manipulate some people cause that is what he does according to the goetia. I got these yucky dreams about eating meat (or fish in one case) with parasitic worms in it and decided against asking for his help. I guess I don’t really like the idea of being filled up with worms.


I wondered about this too. But What I have learned about the technicalities of evocation brings to mind the idea of the Ori in African traditions. This is the entity who sits on your head. You can have demonic attachments on other lower chakras but once they are on your head you have given them permission to run the show ABOVE your own volition. Michael has a lovely kind “cool” personality. I have seen him glide away when people embrace certain other fallen angels. It seems to be basically saying “I choose the other” “hot spirit”. There is some truth to the phrase “you can only serve one God”. Whatever is on your head controls you. I don’t think she understood the technicalities of her evocation. If only one could be there at a time, Archangel Michael has to respect her FREEWILL. He does not abuse freewill. But as a rule, anything that sits on the head AUTOMATICALLY starts to change your experience in alignment with itself.

Solution: fufill yourself so you can sit above your own self. Aka you have to grow into your divine self.


sarcasm intensifies

“drag me to hell” :joy::joy:

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There was a time period for like a month when I would do my daily chanting and affirmations, and I would mention each spirit that I worked closely with. I go to say “Lord Lucifer, King Asmodeus, Prime Minister Lucifuge Rofocale, Duke Dantalion and Duchess Bune”, and then I would hear “King Paimon” even though I didn’t say His name and I had never worked with Him before (and I still haven’t). It was like His name was being inserted into my thoughts and I just didn’t contact Him because it was weird.

I also recall a sexual incident with a demon that I did not seek, and He had long, shiny black hair, and a slight frame. He was dressed in beige/orange robes with gold accents and He had an elaborate headdress with three long horns/prongs jutting out from it. I felt like something was holding me face down by my calves and forearms and I felt… things. I am not sure if it was Him and tbh, I haven’t asked. It wasn’t “torture” and there wasn’t any screaming or rules or any of that (I couldn’t move or speak, so I couldn’t abide by them anyway.)


Stalked by angels ? Would you care to elaborate ? :slight_smile:

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I can’t remember the exact thread off hand, but someone detailed their experience of being harassed by angels who apparently wanted to force him back into the JCI fold.

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Lol, good to have a small amount of humor/sarcasm even when relaying a serious message. Well said!

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King Paimon gave me the most terrifying and disturbing dreams I ever had on the night I tried to evoke him for the first time. I didn’t use his title and I made stupid jokes.

It seems like he gives many people here some horrific dreams.

Demons aren’t all rainbows and sunshine, and they aren’t all awful and evil. They are complex. Don’t put them into a box. Get to know each one as individuals aside from being a demon.


I’ve never had him “snap my neck” but I do agree with you that he is very battle oriented.

He’s “tested me” before by asking what I would do if we were both commanding opposing armies and he asked me how I would beat him.

I asked him what kinds of armies we were working with in this scenario (as in what era) and he responded that it would be ancient style armies.

I replied that I would pepper his units using my archers and slingers, send in heavy infantry to engage his main line with spearmen standing by to fill any gaps in the lines.

I told him I’d move cavalry to the flank with more spearmen supporting them to destroy his heavy cav and eventually flank and destroy his army using a pincer maneuver.

He replied that he was very impressed with my knowledge of tactics but he said he would still beat me in somewhat of a cheeky tone.

With all of that said though, I still think the woman in the video posted by the OP is a fraud.

Edit* Also, maybe it’s weird but I’ve never personally had a “bad” experience with King Paimon, I’m surprised to hear a lot of these stories about bad experiences with him. Maybe it’s because our energies are so similar that we mesh well.

I’d say I even mesh better with the great King than I do even with Lucifer, this is probably why when I was working with Lucifer more he kept telling me I should work with King Paimon as well and since I’ve started working with him I’ve never once regretted it.

Second Edit* Actually, come to think of it, he did give me a “nightmare” once where I was walking with his camels through a horde of zombies but the nightmare ended with me inside a golden tower, safe from any harm and being given tons of money, so it really wasn’t even that much of a nightmare as it had a good ending.


Yeah, I have had to hold my own with Belial during my pathworking with him. He made a point to show where my defenses were weak

When I tried to communicate with him he basically showed me some weird ass shit and then said i wasn’t ready, before leaving.

Oh and he told me not to call him until i was ready so that’s a thing.

Honestly I have seen her videos of denouncing LHP or the people that work with other deities. I don’t think she is am open-minded person or a really good occultist. She idealize angels as perfect and demons as bad. This is unhealthy thing to do, if you are going to summon someone like King Paimon. I don’t think she truly respect him and I really don’t believe what she says to be true too. Honestly I feel she projected a fantasy with that story. I believe that angels, demons, and even god like entities can be both good and bad. Its how you choose to view and respect them that matters when summoning something.

Another thing, she came to talk to him with a negative mindset and half of the time during her video she said she had bad experiences with demons all the time. So, why did she even do this in the first place? You know if she actually read the goetia or any occult works, she known about the angel, Haziel being the opposite of King Paimon. Why not use Haziel if she felt frightened of King Paimon? You can also summon things safely through rituals if you feel uncomfortable too. In all seriousness, I don’t think she did even a little studying of him and this might just be something else she is dealing with or fantasy in her mind.


Haha, Belial would put that girl into a loony bin if she actually succeeded in evoking him. Personally, I would only evoke him in a dire emergency.

I watched this a couple nights ago, high comedy. Personally, I think she made it all up. She says she’s a rape survivor with serious baggage from childhood PTSD. She’s obviously damaged goods with a shit ton of baggage that she will allow herself to carry for, probably, the rest of her life because she’s got “fuck with me, I’ll let let myself be a victim” in every aspect of what I saw. At best, she maybe created a thought form because she was so desperate to see a man on a camel with a crown, and her damaged little mind took it and ran with it. Plus, as some in this thread mentioned, she’s plugging a book, so yeah, do the math. I could sit around and make a video with all sorts of crazy claims, that doesn’t make them true.

King Paimon helped me at a pain Dr visit a year ago. I had been in contact with him, asked for a small favor, and he delivered. There was no screaming, no feeling of dread, no drama, none of that BS she claims happened. He was actually pretty mellow. What she described is not the King Paimon I’ve gotten to know. It’s true that demons are neither your evil nemesis nor your best buddies, they are spiritual beings you can employ in your service. Did anyone else notice that she evoked him and made no statement of intent? No good reason for calling him? Like she was just evoking him to see if he was real and for shits and giggles. He’s a King, one of a powerful group of 9 spirits with that status. If somebody called me for a bullshit reason like that ( and I were a powerful, eternal being of great status ) I’d be annoyed as well. If she did encounter King Paimon ( which I doubt ) for no good reason, I’d say she got off light. Just my opinion

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